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  • I have finally found time to read your excellent report on the genealogy of my father and grandfather. I am really impressed by the quality of your research and can hardly wait to share it with my siblings and relatives … I like your work very much!! and would like to have you assist me again. I am simply amazed at the resources you have been able to utilize to move me forward when I thought I was at a dead end – Roy Schmidt
  • A huge thank you ... for the work done on the Fehr Ancestry. The report has eclipsed my expectation. I appreciate especially the documentation of data and readability of the report. I know that my entire family of origin will enjoy the presentation when they receive it ... - Denise Hall
  • I just wanted to let you know I got your report today. I'm very pleased with the work that you have done and how it is so clear and organized. I do plan to continue with the suggested research that you provided. - A. Torres
  • My sincere gratitude is for you and Mr. Reed for your excellent research work. The volume and organization of the research content is great, and it has taken some time to sort through it all. I appreciate the organization I think most of all, as keeping the data that I have amassed in a findable structure has been a major challenge for me. I am slowly adding my information to the structure you have provided. -S. Tate
  • I am tremendously pleased with the progress you have made in so short a time and the detail contained in the report. You have done a superior piece of work for which I thank you and those who assisted in its compilation." - Robert S.
  • Well THANK YOU ... for some dang wonderful research! Because of what you uncovered and linked Henry to Garret for positive, I now have the line back 2 more generations ... So thank you so very much! - T. Noye
  • The package arrived yesterday and what a find! ... To say that I am over the moon at having found my relatives would be an understatement! ... so you will be hearing from me again soon. Thank you for all your hard work! C. Young
  • Last Spring I hired your company to do basic research on my wife's father's family. You produced a good history and I have circulated it among relatives who continue to be amazed. - John Z.