Working Together

The AncestryProGenealogists teams are made up of professional genealogists and family history experts with extensive research and genealogical experience—and more importantly, you.

The key to a successful project begins with you and the Research Manager. Close communication helps us determine the best way to meet your research goals.


No one knows your family better than you. Our partnership begins with you telling us what you know and what you want to discover.

Each project begins with an in-depth conversation between you and the lead Research Manager, where you’ll determine your goals. Research takes time. And your Research Manager will use their expertise and experience to figure out the best way to reach your goals and where researchers could best spend their time.

Your Research Team

Once we understand your goals, we’ll get to work. First, we’ll build a team using research specialists inside and outside the company. Then, we develop a research plan, and your specialists start reviewing the information you’ve already gathered. Now the hard works begins as our experts search for records. Along the way we’ll make note of where we search and what we find so you’ll always understand the process.

Throughout the project your Research Manager will contact you with timely updates and notify you when major milestones are met. Occasionally, research doesn’t progress as we’d planned. When this happens, your Research Manager will contact you to reassess your original goals, and together we’ll make decisions about how to proceed.

At the end of the project, your Research Manager can schedule a final consultation to summarize the findings or review any questions you may have.


Research Teams

Research teams are made up of a Research Manager and family history experts, who have extensive experience and knowledge in the history, language, and sources that your project might require.

Overcoming “brick walls” may take time

Whether you are a professional genealogist or just a hobbyist, at some point you’ll encounter a family history puzzle that you can’t solve. Maybe you’re looking for an ancestor’s wife but you don’t know her maiden name. Or perhaps you can’t figure out where an immigrant came from in Europe. Our professional genealogists have the experience to help you overcome most obstacles.

Keep in mind that no two research problems are the same. And solving difficult problems takes a lot of time and effort—even for professionals. There may not be the results you desire behind that brick wall, but our associates are the best resources to try.

Start with a Free Estimate
One of our genealogy associates will review your information and be in touch with an estimate. You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-596-3230.

Setting Proper Goals

Our research service is billed hourly and is conducted in a minimum of 20 hour blocks of time. This minimum time gives us the ability to review any previous research, develop a research plan, identify and locate records, search for family or related persons, write a detailed report, and assemble the documentation.

Documenting one ancestral couple that was born after 1850 typically takes about 3 to 5 hours of research. As you go back in time, research time increases; one ancestral couple born between 1780 and 1850 takes on average 5 to 10 hours. Before 1780 you should plan on 10 hours or more.


Just like your family, every research project is unique. The ability to discover family stories depends on a variety of factors:

  • The time period being researched.
  • The area where your ancestors lived.
  • The availability of records and documents for the time and location.
  • The number of family lines being researched.


While we’re happy to spend time on several family lines, our best results occur when we focus on only one or two ancestral lines. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective and efficient use of our research time.

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