Corporate Connections

"Deep connections to people and communities begin with a true understanding of
our origins. We build upon the strength and wisdom of those who came before us.” - Danamichele Brennen, General Manager

Team Bonding

High-performing teams know and trust each other.

  • You select a team, executive group, or board members
  • From that group, you provide a few participants who are interested in their family origins
  • We assist your participants in conducting research and creating family history profiles
  • A professional genealogist will attend your corporate event for a cultural discovery that brings the group together as they share their family stories

Founder Stories

Founding members of your company set the tone for culture, courage, and commitment.

  • We work with your founding partners and executives to research and write the history behind your founder(s) and the company
  • We create a company narrative with historical context
  • Your marketing and corporate communications team has professional, proven history for internal and external communication

Meaningful Gifts

Tired of giving meaningless corporate gifts?

  • Give something beautiful and enduring – the opportunity for someone to explore and learn about their own family history
  • Gift certificates can be used for genealogy research or other available products
  • Perfect for outstanding performers on your teams or for your top clients
  • "AncestryProGenealogists’ high-performing leadership team practices what we teach – we admire and thrive on our diverse backgrounds and have a deep commitment to each other, our employees, our company and our clients. We have a unique courage to move our division forward every day!"

    -AncestryProGenealogists Management Team