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"Deep connections to people and communities begin with a true understanding of
our origins. We build upon the strength and wisdom of those who came before us.” - Danamichele Brennen, General Manager

Corporate Team Building

High-performing teams know and trust each other.

For diversity-minded corporations that are dissatisfied with status quo team-building events, Ancestry® We Make History™ events reward attendees with a fresh meeting experience that builds upon the power of diversity, culture, and family history discovery to increase engagement, trust, and accountability among employees by up to 50%. Unlike unfulfilling event entertainment, We Make History™ is cost effective, highly engaging, and makes an indelible impact on people and organizations.

Founder Stories

Founding members of your company set the tone for culture, courage, and commitment.

If your company is struggling to tell its story in a way that boosts your engagement internally and your profile externally, our experts in historical research and writing can help. We uncover the history of your founders’ courage and commitment as they created the company’s culture, sharing rich detail and meaningful context. The result will clarify your vision and mission for employees while also creating a narrative for your external marketing efforts.

Customer and Employee Rewards

Tired of giving meaningless corporate gifts?

Your outstanding performers’ desks are already crowded with awards, and the last thing your top clients want is another tchotchke taking up space in their homes. Show them your gratitude with something beautiful and enduring—the opportunity to explore their own family history. Our gift certificates can be used for family history research or any of our other products and services. These gifts won’t sit on a desk collecting dust, but will have a meaningful impact on your best employees or clients and their families for generations to come.

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Take it from our customers

Unknown Parentage Research

"You have no idea how much I appreciate what you and your team have done for me. I've been on the phone almost every day with my sister and both of my cousins. Carol and I are traveling to Tennessee to see my cousins and their families and friends. I can't thank you all enough!"

- Wayne

Ancestral Travel

"We all enjoyed very much our ancestral home visit with Gabriele this morning. It gave us exactly what I wanted it to do, to put some ‘flesh on the bones’ of the vital records, and put my wife’s ancestors in the context of what they did and where they lived and what their world was like when they were in Palermo. Gabriele himself was a pleasure to spend time with and I was impressed by the work he did preparing for our tour."

- Mark

Genealogy Research

"Our sincere thanks for the expertise of your team. The extent of their research shows why professionals are needed when lay persons reach the end of readily available resources or miss what is or should be obvious."

- Ronald

Family History Book

"The writing and editing of my book went better than expected. Your entire team made the process very enjoyable. Your patience, cheerfulness, and professionalism helped create a beautiful legacy for me and my family."

- Greg

Genealogy Research

"I want to thank all of you for your time, effort, and focus on our ancestry project. We have reviewed the summary, journal and supporting documentation and I wanted to write to you to express how very happy we are with the end product that the team has produced for us. AncestryProGenealogists truly went above and beyond to make our project come out right, and in the end, you far exceeded our expectations - thank you!"

- Amy