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We are a close-knit team of family history experts, lecturers, and award-winning authors working in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

As the official research division for Ancestry, we perform work for TV shows including Who Do You Think You Are? and CNN Roots: Our Journeys Home. We are the largest company doing genealogy client work in the United States. And our researchers work with clients all over the world to help people overcome family history obstacles.

A client might ask us to track down an ancestor's wife - without knowing her maiden name. Or to find out what town an immigrant came from. Whatever the challenge,we can help people overcome family history obstacles of every kind. See our in-depth testimonials and case studies at

Positions Available

Genealogist Research Manager

This role requires genealogy research experience, project management, and client relationship skills.
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Genealogist Researcher

(Salt Lake City, UT)
Conducts in-depth and more difficult genealogical research projects, analysis, interpretation, and report writing.
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Assistant Genealogist

Assists the research process by gathering materials, clerical work, records dissemination, and support in client projects.
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Associate Genealogist

Conducts genealogical research, analysis, interpretation, source citation that aligns with client's stated goals, and report writing.
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Genealogist Researcher

(Silver Spring, MD)
Conducts in-depth and more difficult genealogical research projects, analysis, interpretation, and report writing.
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The Mission

Our researchers have spent years helping people trace their family trees, break down walls, and discover who they are and where they came from.

Using online and offline resources - and experts around the world - we have the experience and passion to help people achieve their family history goals, large or small.

AncestryProGenealogists Office

Salt Lake City office located less than 1 mile from the LDS Family History Library.

Increased Genealogy Knowledge

"Working at Ancestry ProGenealogists has given me the opportunity to work in so many research locations and time periods. The opportunity to increase my genealogy knowledge is limitless because of the diverse client requests."

Think Tank Environment

"The diversity in genealogical knowledge that our employees bring to AncestryProGenealogists creates a think tank environment and allows us to do the best work for clients."

Fantastic Environment

"I love working with co-workers who have a passion for genealogy and in providing the best research for our clients!"