Our Professional Genealogy and Family History Research Services and Products

Professional Research Is Our Core Product

When you hire AncestryProGenealogists to research your family, you will receive the highest quality service and attention to your goals. The minimum 20 hours of research time is devoted to learning as much about your ancestors as possible by accessing a variety of record collections, newspaper archives, and other resources.

Ongoing updates as research progresses

Detailed online family tree

Email summary of the completed research, referencing all documents and details found

A comprehensive research journal, detailing all avenues pursued in the research process

Copies of all images, documents, photos, clippings, articles, or other items uncovered

Analysis of DNA results related to your research goal (if available)

Additional Products and Services:

  • Academic Report

    Some of our clients ask for a professional's help primarily to confirm that they are on the right track. They are seeking irrefutable evidence and documentation for ancestors who appear in their family tree.

    Others are intrigued by the search process and want to know why our researchers looked in a particular collection, or they are fascinated by the analysis of each record that our experts are eminently qualified to provide.

    These clients often prefer to receive their results in a formal academic report with full citations.

  • Family Narrative with Graphic Design

    Some clients are so delighted with the new details revealed about their ancestors that they want to share the story in the form of a compelling narrative.

    What wars, natural disasters or cultural happenings affected these early family members? What was life like in each time and place? How did they experience life’s joys and tragedies?

    Using facts revealed in the research, a professional writer adds context about events your family members likely experienced. Then a graphic designer adds photos, maps, images, and other design elements to help tell each story in a unique way. Bring your ancestors’ experiences to life in a way future generations can enjoy.

  • Family History Book

    Give your family the gift of a lifetime by sharing the stories of all your ancestors in one elegantly bound book. As the collection of stories about your ancestors grows and more generations are added to your family tree, you may want to assemble the details into a book. Elegantly bound and completely customized, a family history book balances descriptions of the family from one generation to the next with photographs, quotes, anecdotes, maps, and copies of records to present a comprehensive understanding of each ancestor’s life. Personalized design adds to the priceless nature of this keepsake, guaranteeing readers will turn the pages for years to come as they learn the history and legacy of your family.

  • Custom Wall Chart

    Keep your family history displayed beautifully in your home or office by choosing a customized family tree chart. You can select the size, style (traditional, fan, or circle), and color scheme of your chart, as well as the paper or canvas on which to print it. Accommodating up to five generations, we can include your ancestors’ names, birth and death dates, and even photographs. Easy to read yet elegantly presented, this is a perfect heirloom gift for your family members.

  • Oral History

    Our experienced oral history team can help you preserve your precious family memories. Using fine-tuned interviewing strategies, we ask thought-provoking questions designed to capture the voices and stories of your family members. Upon completion, we will provide a high-quality audio recording of the interview and, if desired, a full transcript professionally designed as a keepsake. Some clients who have also ordered family history books ask us to incorporate quotes from these interviews into the text, coloring those stories with a personal touch and bringing them to life on the page. Give a priceless gift to your descendants and preserve the wisdom, humor, and heartfelt storytelling of the people in your life.

    Listen to an oral history sample below:

  • Special Offerings

    You may have living relatives with memories and stories to share. We can conduct interviews with them regarding their early years, life-changing events, older or deceased family members, captivating moments, etc., to preserve their recollections for posterity. By asking the right questions, we mine the rich remembrances of times gone by held exclusively by your relatives.

    Whether you want an audio file to capture their voices or a transcription of their responses—or both—we can help you archive these precious details. Go beyond the documented records to bring their stories to life.

    Portions of interviews added to your legacy book can also bring even more vitality, emotion, and color to your family’s story.

    Apply for Membership to a Lineage Society

    Some clients dream of being accepted into a lineage society such as the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Mayflower Society. Our researchers can guide you through the process of applying for membership, ensuring you have the documentary proof you need.

    What Else Can You Imagine?

    If you have an idea, we can help you create it. Talk to your account manager regarding options about how to present your family’s story, or to explore any of the options listed above.

Gift certificates are available upon request

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