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Looking for information on Robert Ferrier (my GGGrandfather) born around 1807 somewhere in Ireland and died May 15th 1899 in Houston & Killellan Scotland. His parents were David Ferrier and Margaret McLachlan. His children were Archibald/James Blackwood/Alexander Blackwood/Flora/John Blackwood/Mary/John/Catherine/Thomas Burnett/Elizabeth born between 1846 and 1868.
he was born in Jeffersonville and died in Pa am looking for his parents name. He was my grandfather
2 Queries #1 My parents are Frank Ralph Eddy, and Eileen (Beter) Eddy. I was born 3/30/58 and am searching for relatives. My parents were both born and raised in Pa, near the Pittsburgh area. Both have passed. Mom in '94, and Dad in 2002. #2 My fiancée is Jason Todd Ellis, Sr. Parents Oval Frances Ellis, and Georgetta (Born) Ellis. He was born 6/28/62 and we are attempting to locate his nationality. He has been told he is part Cherokee. His father was born in KY, and his earlier years were spent in Portsmouth, OH ****Thanks for any assistance and if I may help you I would be happy to return the favor! :) Karen *****
I am in search of my biological grandmother Alma Overton. She gave my mother to a friend named Helen Beatty in N.Y.C between 1951-1960. Please Help!!!
I have been trying to find any information on my birth mother, I was in a foster home from 1960-1975.I am 46 now would like to known a little about her. I keep hitting brick walls. Help me..... thank you Missrobinbyrd {Osborn]
hi, I am trying to locate a Christine Hanson in California, in the Yuba city - Marysville area, she has 3 son named Aaron, Vernon and Harold jr. she is my aunt. thanks for any help
Jack Oran Mudrich from pa
I know he was born in PA in 1834 but I don't know where in PA. He lived and died in Sangamon county, Clear Lake, IL. Can anyone help? He and his parents are just listed as from PA but do not know where. HELP!!!
I am trying to find out about my great-grandfather Harry Johansen he lived in IL. My grandmothers name was Ellen she was born in Hazelcrest Il in 1891 May 10. They went back to Denmark and returned on 20 April 1895.
I need help finding the father or mother of William dement b 1801 in Georgia i can find him starting in 1827 in Mississippi but I don't know were he was priory to 1827 please if you can shed any light on him and his family please let me know thanks
I am searching for Walter Franklin Green's children and/or other family members. I am married to Kyle Green, Walter's son. Walter was born in Tennessee on May 22, 1928 and died in California on Feb. 9, 1974. He was married first to Mary Elizabeth Hale in the 1950s and they had four children, Kyle, Anna, Shirley, Bill. Walter was then remarried and had more children. Please help me find any info on them as Kyle wants to find his half-siblings.
I'm trying to find Andrew, Mary and Charles birth certificates. I thought they were born in Batavia but now I'm told the were born in Elgin, Il. Is there any hope in finding my ancestors. Vicki
Looking for any information about my great great grandfather.. Tom Tobin born in 1795. He was a scout for Carson.. He hunted down the Espinosa gang.. I need to know who my great great grandmother is? Who did he marry? ANY information regarding Tom or his family would be greatly appreciated!....Thank you Vada
Looking for my grandmother's sister Esther Sofia Ackerman b. 1.4.1888 in Australia but went to Finland as child. Between 1904 and 1913 she traveled from Finland to USA tree times. She married mr. NEWTON and they had two daughters Helen and Doris. She died in New York (county or city?) on 3.12.1931. Have anyone found this person in the databases. The US Census haven't found here records.
Bedwell searching for adoptee b. male July 4 1956 in BC Canada.
Looking for my cousin Anna Lee Berry. She was born Anna Lee Kroenke. Her mother was Mildred Berry who died shortly after giving birth to Anna. Anna was then adopted by her grandparents William and Dolly Berry. She may not know she was adopted. Her real father James Kroenke died when Anna was just a baby also. She is all I have on that side of the family except my mother who is 72. Please help me find Anna. She was born about 1943 in Detroit Michigan. This is very important to me. She is my only link to carrying on my mother's side of the family.
Are there immigration records of families immigrating to the u.s. from Canada around 1882? I can trace my Redfern family to Lambton county, Moore twp. I know they immigrated to u.s. about 1882-3. They then changed their surname to Robertson when they got to u.s. I am looking for any info re James Redfern m. Elizabeth Turnbull in 1867, grey county, Owen Sound??? They had several children (8-9 I believe) and moved to Cheboygan county Michigan in 1883-according to 1890 censes-the surname listed as Robertson. The fifth child is Janette, my mothers mother. I want to locate the Moore twp, Lambton county censes, hopefully the birth records of some of the children-which may be in Owen sound area. I would like to know if the 1871 censes lists this family in Owen sound area or perhaps in Lambton area. Also any death or cemetery records as three children died young and I think one named Thomas died while the family was in Moore twp., Lambton county just before they immigrated to u.s. I live in Florida and would love to visit your area but distance and $$ prohibits that. I would certainly appreciate any assistance you can offer me. thanks.
Father: Jerry David Waite Sr, Mother: Linda Hunt (currently Papin). Two brothers, same mom and dad. Charles D.Hunt(1/9/69)and Jerry D. Waite Jr.(9/10/72).Father has several other children with various mothers. Looking for any info on paternal side. Know little about. Grandfather: Willard Wesley Waite. Grandmother: Hilda Waite (unsure of maiden name). Believed to be near Watertown area. My father currently lives in Theresa, NY
Info on great grandparents Frank White married to Frances King had a daughter named Clara G. White, Dora White , Allie White and a son Floyd White , Clara married Harry H. Nuttleman ,Clara was born in Nebraska and Harry was born in Pennsylvania, they moved to eastern Colorado
searching for info on great grandparents from Russia. Henry Hessler married to Anna Hessler, Henrys parents are Henry Hessler married to Louise Dietz {not sure of spelling} Annas parents are Conrad Hessler married to Louise Yekel they all came from the Volga region of Russia
i am searching for davis ancestors ! hobert davis 1898-1976 my dad , george buchannan davis my g-paw , married mary jane horn , james davis was his dad ,my gg g-paw , he was married to amanda (?) i need all the info. i can get on george and james and amanda and also mary jane horn ! names , dates , etc. thanks a bunch ! gene davis
From Lacedonia Avellino
Micheal Leback and Laurina Della Penna
Looking for family information on Thomas Bourke born 24 Jun. 1821 in County Mayo, Ireland. Thomas moved to Ontario Canada in 1838 and may have had a brother Michael who moved to Boston.
i'm looking for abeldano or avendano cherokee .born in the u.s and fled to mexico in the 1800's were he married and had some of his children my great grandma was born in mexico and my grandma was born in texas
I'm trying to find the "definition" and/or historical basis for the French name Billiou. I'm not researching that family, just the origin of the name. Thanks for any help.
I am looking for information on where in Germany Valentine and Jacob Blaesser came from. Valentine's death certificate shows his mothers maiden name is Heinz. He came to New York in 1882, and worked in the family bakery with his wifes family Catherine Stumpf. Valentine's brother Jacob must have come over to USA before and married Catherine's sister Mary. They all lived in the Bronx New York.
I am looking for information on the Hughes family from Brooklyn New York, my grandfather John Francis Hughes, was the son of James Vincent Hughes. John Francis married my grandmother Alice Blaesser around 1918.
Hi, I am looking for BARBARA J HUGH, how had a son that was adopted By the Wagner Family when he was 3mos old, DOB 3-18-57. Micheal Hugh is born around 1955 in Tomca washington and, Dawnrene Hugh, Born ABT 1959or60 in tomca Washington. Half brother /sister to Albert. Albert C Wagners trying to find his real family. Please Call 1-760-251-2038 Between 8am and 3pm Pacific stander time, ask for Judy Thanks
I am looking for info about my grgrandparents and my grgrgrandmother. Joseph & Winfred Harney were my grgrandparents. Born somewhere in Ireland maybe Mayo. Joseph's mother must have been married before because Joseph had a brother named John Gillin , br Ireland abt 1845. He married a women named Kate, br ireland abt 1853. They had 2 sons James, br Ohio abt 1877 and Joseph H br 1879, Ohio. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I'm looking for information about the Cherokee mother of my great grandfather, Joseph Baltizar Vetsch, born Jan.6,1870 in Dayton, Minnisota. He married Susan Wheeler on Nov.24,1891 in Aunoka, Minnesota. He worked for a railroad.
I am looking for information about the Cherokee mother of my great grandfather, Joseph Baltizar Vetsch. He was born in Dayton, Minnesota on Jan.6,1870. He married Susan Wheeler in Aunoka, Minnesota on Nov.24, 1891. They had 6 children: George Theodore, born Dec.25,1892; Roy Leo, born June 4, 1896; Arthur Leonard, born July 7,1898; Mary Anna (or Agnes), born July 18,1902; Rose Myrtle, born Nov.22,1910; and Richard King, born Feb.14,1915. Joseph Vetsch and his family eventually moved to Portland, Oregon.
I am looking for family members of Amos Clayton or Clayton Amos Wisdom born 1829 and married Susan P. Oakley in 1856, they resided in Milan Michigan. Amos's parents in 1830 on the brig William. His sister Ruth married William Y. Chamberlin. He is my Great, Great Grandfather. Thank you for any help you can give me.
seeking family members of John Wisdom of Wiehensburg, Arizona. He served in the civil war and is the son of Elizabeth and Amos Wisdom. His parents and older brother started out in England and sailed to America in 1830 on the brig William. His sister married my Great Great Grandfather William Y. Chamberlin Thank you for any help you can give me.
Eugene Ascher, Winnebago, IL
I am looking for information on Adolf Jellinek born 1854. Most probably in Poland.Died 1910 - Perhaps in Wien Austria. And his wife Ida Beer born 1869 died 1924.
I'm looking for more info on my greatgrandfather John McKenzie & his brother Thomas McKenzie. John was born 1825 & Thomas was born 1806. John & Thomas were buried in the Labelle, MO cemetary. They both lived in Lewis County, MO when they died.
Looking for any information on John Chrest and Genevieve Chrest/Johnson in North Dakota or Wisconsin
I'm trying to find important information on my great great grandparents, enos and myrtle pego, when were they married, when they died, where year they were born and were they were buried. I would love to find out who their parents are also. thank you
Need info on George Folsom/Fulsom who died in St. Francis Co. ARK in 1849 or 1850 and is supposedly buried in Littlr Rock ARK cemetery. Any help on parents or siblings names would be appreciated. thank you.
I am looking for any information about Samuel Burton Adams he worked for a hydro company in Rochester New York he was killed while working he wasn't married he died on Feb 1927. He was born on Jan 18, 1904. The rest of his family lived here in Canada. Looking for possible friends of his or old newspaper clipping of the accident or an obit thanks.
Beatrice Ann Lewis born 04/09/1919 Married Tony Valeri born 05/13/1916 married March 1948 Any info on family lines on both sides. Beatrice mother Anna (Salow) Lewis, father Frank Lewis. Tony- father Julius Valeri from Falaria Italy, mother Margaret (Schonia)Valeri, Falaria Italy.
Looking for information on my grand-father Loyd Abb Ray and his father William. Lived in Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois and possibly Indiana
trying to locate brothers and sisters and parents of Lily Houghton nee Cruttenden born 19 April 1909 in Kent, England, UK.
I am trying to find information on my grandfather William Green. My grandmother was Phoema Green. I believe they lived in New York State, and possibly died 1960-1970
At New York on 19 Mar 1874 the ship "Goethe" arrived, departed from Hamburg: Passenger # 170: Henriette Eggeling, 54 Passenger # 171: Richard Saenger, 22 Passenger # 172: Pauline Eggeling, 22 I need the place of the last residence and/or birth of the three passengers. Can you help me?
I am trying to find a family tree for the "Ramirez" family for my niece. She needs to do a biography on the Ramirez ancestors! if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thank You!
I am looking for Strasser family in Switzerland. G-G-G grandfather Gotlieb Stasser immigrated in 1853 from Switzerland at age 5 and was born in 1848, in Wangen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.Fathera.ka. Mr. Strasser) immigrated in 1854(to Ohio). We have no first name or who he was married to.
I am looking for information about my great grandfather and his father. Samuel damron born in martin co. ky July 8 1862. His father was John j damron he was in the14th union Calvary volunteen infantry. Please help.
Louis Parmelee Harold Parmelee Elizabeth Parmelee (Clark) Would like to find relatives of Robert Parmelee
Searching family tree. Mothers side came from Finland. Last name: AHO but changed to AHONEN in US. Fathers side: PIERCE. Thanks.
Trying to locate my younger brother, Joseph Arthur Ledkins. Last known whereabouts was Sacramento, CA. in the year 2000. Owner of Capitol Heating and Air Conditioning.
hey, Im trying to find out what my last name (Gray) means... my father's relatives are all from Britain. He was born in Wales. please email if you find the answer
what's the coat of arms and meaning of the surnames
Looking for Steele family members in IL, IN, MO & OK. Descendants of Jonathan and Barbara nee Winkle Steele, connected to Combs, Hitchens, Clapper, and Evans.
Looking for information on Samuel Manahan, b.7June 1777;d.3 Sept.1829. He was married 26 Sept. 1806 to Sarah L.Murphy, b.15 Jan 1778,d.Aug 1855. They had 6 children. If anyone has information on Samuel please contact me. I will be glad to share the information I have with you.
i am looking for information on my father. his name is Donald Hal hawthorn. he lived in the years of 1928 to 1965 .
Researching Frank Bananto & Vincenza Castellana who lived in Watertown, New York in 1910. I would lilke to know when Frank died or what cemetery he is in. I have try everythilng I could think of to find my Grandparents Thank you
Searching for my mother's 1/2 brother. Probably born in Shamokin, PA.around 1926-27 to Emma Frazier - father was Raymond A. Smith. Grandfather was Joseph Frazier (not sure of spelling). My mother's name was Rose Mary Smith and her brother was nicknamed Billy or Jackie. He moved to CA.but we have no clue where, or even his proper name. Can anyone help?
Searching for Wife, siblings, parents and family for William Dupe born 1815 in England, he died around 1881 or 1891 in Ingonish, Nova Scotia Canada, he had one son we know of James Thomas Dupe born July 6,1848 Newfoundland, Canada he married (1)Margaret M born 1856 died 1891 or 1901 (2) Sarah MacKinnon born Dec.18,1873
I'd like to know the origin and nationality of the last name "Mayo". I know there is a Mayo county in Ireland, and it also means May in Spanish. Thank you for any help.
My birth date is August 26, 1943. I was born in Matthews, IN. Adoption was facilitated by Dr. Fred Langsdon in Gaston,IN. Adoptive parents, Bill & Mary Campbell. Looking for any 1/2 brothers and sisters that I may have. (Don't know if they know I exist.) Have given up on locating birth mother & father.
I have just discovered my father was born in Castleford, Yorkshire, after always believing it was Leeds. His name was John Rycroft. His parents were George William & Ruth (nee Marshall). I'd like to know who were their parents and where were they from please? Thanks.
I am looking for several people that my sister and i just can't find. 1st. Robert Alfred or Alford smith McCall b.4/22/1864 married Ellen Victorine holt in Arkansas. they had 2 boys Charles and Arland. 2nd. our gggrandfather who was married to Martha Obera Johnson in Texas, limestone county around 1898.she later married john mhyer. his name in her obit is spelled Livvil Davis but could also be spelled Leavel, Leveal. l. Davis was born 9/6/1878 in Limestone co., Texas. we have letters he wrote his daughter Vera but he signed them just l. cannot find anything on him or Martha and Vera who was our grandmother who married Charles w McCall son of Robert Alfred smith McCall. thank you for any help you can give us.
looking for any you can give me on James Pinkerton born 1741 in Camden south Carolina died in Fayetteville Tenn. in 1823 served in rev war as private under Capt. McCulloch in battle of brair in 1779 /mar/3 resided in Charleston South Carolina looking for wife. children etc thank you
Looking for any information on Radfords in Devon, but particularly Betsey - born 1833 in Eastdown, and Charlotte - born 1791 in Shirwell.
konnerth family with roots in Romania and Hungary ... villages of Pretai and Schoenau
Looking for Gaffney family history - Ontario Canada - also looking for Smith history - Harry Smith of England - Norman Smith born in England 1909 Stratford on the Avon Any help is appreciated!
hi I'm looking for my father whom I have never seen. my mother has given me little info. on him I know that his name is William Henry Lowe and was born in Wachuls fl. in 1948. he has 2 sisters, he married my mother Carolyn Ann Chalmers in 1970, my brother William Henry Lowe jr. was born jan.24,1971. I have prayed for some help I have no money so it is hard asking for help any info would be great! god bless you. thanks
Looking for Joseph Randall b.1833 p. Canada d.1907 p. Iowa buried: Ross Cemetery, Iowa
Looking for any information on the James Mills family who lived in Washington County, MD in the early 1800s. James and Henrietta Mills were both born around 1805. They had sons named Benjamin and Abraham, among others. Trying to ID their parents.
looking for Rodger Trunzo born Oakland to June silvery I am you sister there are 5 of us somewhere, I know where I is your full brother, please get in touch I'm listed in Oakland sheri6-2004
I'm looking for my son's great grandfather his name was William R Murphy and he married a person with last name of Banks in or about 1900 to 1915, not sure about dates. I'm doing a family tree for my son and grand daughter. They had 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy. They all could have been born in Arkansas. They range from 1927 to 1921, not sure about boy's birth year. If anyone knows of family we would be so grateful for your help. Thank You Linda
Ernest Tessier
looking for information on Helen Marie Burchett, was B. Sept 1932 D. aug7,1994 was married to James Floyd Pemberton B. June 6,1919 d. June 06,2000 she was born in Harlan county Ky. was raised in Washington co. KY. I'm trying to find out when they got married and where. her father was William Burchett, mother: Helen Marie Burchett. I know nothing about her she is my mother-n-law. the family was not a close net family. there was 8 children born of this marriage, and none of them know anything about her life. any and all help would be greatly appreciated. ROBIN
searching for aunt--Mary Baxter-born 1932 in Brooklyn, NY (parents: Elizabeth (Jackson) Baxter/Samuel Baxter ~~ Mary, married in 1951& moved to Virginia (don't know her married name) Mary is Mohawk Indian & Irish ~~ any info would help! thanks!
Looking for any family of Richard J. MINTON from Kentury. Married Laura Mae Thomas about 1897. He was born abt 1864, died in 1922. He had 6 children. They were in the 1920 Nevada, Vernon Co, Missouri census records. If any one has any information on his family please e-mail me. Thanks Nancy
I'm looking for my grandmother's family in Hobart, Tasmania. Her maiden name was Ella Watts, her sisters were Julia, Kate & Dolly, her brothers were Peter, George & Bob. My grandmother's mother's maiden name was Lawler, apparently they built a Church in Hobart. I have a photo of my Aunty Ngaire, aged about 6 months, sitting on Ella's knee. All the abovementioned aunties and uncles are in the christening photo as well, probably taken around 1910 or so. Ella & Ngaire came to live in New Zealand around 1915, firstly in Wanganui and then in Christchurch. She had three children, Ngaire (born in Hobart), Mary & my Dad Bernard (born in NZ in 1923). Her married name was Fox. My aunty Mary spent a lot of time in the early 1970's with the family in Hobart but unfortunately she has long since passed on. Her married name was Mary Palmer, married to Jim. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for my mother, Madian name Heling Margret Weedling. Was separated from her at 2 years was married to Tomas Andrew Curley in Ohio please contact with any info PLEASE
Hi, I am looking for my Great, Great Grandmother. All I know is her name was Anna Lottermann (not sure on spelling), she was born in Prussia, and she eventually married Adam Kaus.
looking to find a death date for my grandfather, Elijah "lige" Duncan he was born in Floyd co,va.1869.married my grandmother Jennie Williams 1908 in clay co, WV. he died sometime late in 1930's -early 1940's .in clay co, Nicholas or Fayette co. WV. help please! Alice
Looking for relatives of my grandparents, Loren and Marcella Roberts. If you have any information, please e-mail me ASAP. Thank You. Melody A. Roberts-Ellis
Hi! I'm looking for any information for the following surnames: LUGTU MITO/MITU VINAS (spanish n)
Hi! I would like to know any information for the surname: POON ( originally from Canton, China) thanks!
Trying to start with my maiden name, Brashear. My grandmothers maiden name was Lura Blackburn and my grandfathers name was John Brashear. I know they were buried in the Lisman, KY cemetery but I cannot find a monument. I was an only child of Gay B Brashear and I wasn't born before their death
Looking for info on a Antonie Matthias, who came to Canada from England around 1890. He was taken from his mother when he was a baby. His mother came from Paris, France to England. Any family out there?
Looking to contact other pimbers out there to help trace family name and it's origin. Thank You.
I am not sure exactly what info you have access to so I will give you a bit of info on my grgrgrandparents that I am researching. William Cook(e) was born aprox 1798-1802 in Ireland (my Mom always thought Armagh but who really knows), anyway William married Alice or Alica Morton (born aprox 1807-1811) and they came to Canada aprox 1836-1840 with children Fred, John and William. It is thought William was born on ship from Ireland.. We think they came through New York but that also is not verified. They settled around Allen Park (Mount Forest) in Bentinck, Grey County Ontario. They had children Fred, John, William (my line), Mary, Elizabeth, George and Thomas. In the 1890's, son George moved his family to Michigan around Neebish Island and it is thought that William and Alice went to live with them and prob died there. We have no idea if this is true and it is thought they might be buried on Neebish Island around the Soo.. I have written to Michigan for death record but they said they could not find anything. George (the son) married Jane Ball and they are buried in Pine Grove Cemetery , in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. I have found some distant cousins still around that area and they think Wm and Alice are buried on Neebish but not verified. It is thought William died around 1900. I have written you a whole history here but I was hoping maybe a 1890 or 1900 census would show if they were still living and where. I would like to know where they came from in Ireland and what their parents name might be. I would appreciate any little bit of help or lookup you might think possible. If nothing I appreciate your offering to do lookups. I have helped a few people looking in Vancouver/Richmond, B.C. and would reciprocate if I can. Thanks for any helpl I can get. regards
Farquhar Louis McRae, born Feb, 6th 1882 at Brechin Ontario, Canada, moved to Tyvan Sask. in 1908. History for Ontario unknown.
Looking for my great grandma, name is unknown she was full blooded Blackfoot, married at 16,to an older man, with one son Cal, His name was James William Julius Miller a preacher, they had sons named Ray, Guy, Rem, an daughter Lavina. after James passed she wed an Ames had daughter Lula. Wed an Inskip last. Any info appreciated.
Looking for information on my Grandmother Mary DeGloria Correira DeSilva Medeiros born March 1, 1900 St. Michael, Azores, Portugal and Grandfather Antonio Medeiros born August 1, 1899 Ponte DelGada, Rebeira Grande, Azores, Portugal. They arrived here by boat either 1916 or January 1921. They settled first in New Bedford, Massachusetts. My Grandfather's mother came to America and remarried to Bento Moniz. Grandfather's siblings are Eddie Moniz, Urania Pereira, Mary Medeiros, Urselina Roberts and Linda Montega of mainly New Bedford, Massachusetts. My late Dad was Manuel Medeiros. Doing family tree and would like to know more about my Grandparents who are both deceased. Info such as what boat they came here on and on what date their arrival was. Thanks!
I am researching the family of my maternal grandmother ~ Martha (Norman) White born in 1910 in Pike Co. KY, she is the daughter of John Norman and Florence (Mounts) Norman with siblings named ~ Thomas, John A., Florence, Molly, Homer Patti?, Vicy and Macey ~ she married Thomas White in 1928. They both died in Richmond, IN in the mid 1970's. I would appreciate any information out there! Thank you!
Desperately looking for information on my Gr. Grandfather Wesley Henry Heslop born July 1859 in Ontario Canada. Taken to the Hamilton Foundling home in 1868 or record of his parents but his marriage certificate shows them as Mathew & Mary. The 1871 census lists him as "Scotch" while the 1901 census says "German". He married Rebecca Miller Hood also of Ontario. Please, please help. any information greatly appreciated.
I am looking for someone with this last name
Looking for any info on Robert Mathis Bryant. He was married to Bertha V. Simmons around 1932 in Tennessee and had a son Bobby Bryant. They divorced before 1940. Any info would be appreciated.
I am looking for any information on Eugene Babler from Wisconsin. He died sometime in the 1960's, and I believe he was married to Merlene Babler from Wisconsin. ANY information would be helpful. Thank you.
Hi I'm looking for William Lindsay born 1870 his father was George Lindsay William Lindsay married 1904 to Esther davenport in England and they both died on the Lusitania ship in 1915 and that's all i know hope you can help me Lois Lindsay
I am trying to find the real parents of Marvin who was born on Jan.5th,1908 in Texas and Died Jan. 1983 in Washington. Please any help would be welcome!!! thanks in advance Sandi Davenport
Anyone with the last name Moilanen. I am from PA.
Thomas McGill Thomas P. Russell Samuel T. West William J. Freeman William E. McCall John Goff
Trying to extend by ggggggrandfather Christian Shuman back to Germany. Born abt. 1730 Pennsylvania, died 8-3-1807, Rowan Co,. NC. Patriot Rev. War, records at DAR. Looking for father, and any siblings. Believe father came to American in June 1710, arrived in England 5-3-1709 according to family records, no name listed as page partially torn away.
I am searching for any info on the surname Dolley. Anything on an Alfred Dolley would be of geat help. Thank you
I am searching for my birth father who was in Detroit Michigan in 1953-1954 his name is Thomas Anthony Mac Donald I have one picture and a very few stories. Anyone knowing anything would be appreciated. Thank You
I am looking for any information on McDonald in Alabama, mainly Clarke County. 1890's -1930's. Grover Cleveland and Minnie Lee McDonald, their children- Grady Taft, Grover Cleveland, Milton Herman, Joe Melvin, Charles Rayford (my father), Margie, Willula Adel, Mertyl Lee, Maggie Luciel, Mary Edna. All born in Alabama except for my father, Charles Rayford. Grady Taft lived in Alabama all his life.
I am trying to find a record of my father. Oscar Eugene Fairbrother. He married Catherine Anne Rice in 1941 ( She came from Ireland) I may have found a record but not sure It states that he was born in 1895 & lived in Sussex. I know that he lived in Wallasey Cheshire, Berkshire & towards the end of his life in Brixton Hill in London. I really would appreciate any help. Many thanks.
Looking for surnames: Barlow, Slaughter, Turner, Proffitt, Webb, in Va, Ky, Tn, etc.
I am seeking information on my mothers family. Her father was Orrin Miles Sprouse he had a brother Alvah Sprouse their parents Lola Sprouse and John Sprouse of Pickaway Co. Ohio and Johns mother was Mary and father was Walker Sprouse of Shennadoah Valley, VA. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
I am trying to find out the name of my biological grandfather. Wife named Barb Irons, three children: James, John, and Jeff. Jeff died when he was two. Divorced in 1960's I believe. Either in Youngstown Ohio or Florida.
I am looking for any information on John Wiggins from Escambia County Ala.Would love to have any help that I can get. Also would like to know if anyone has any pictures are obit. of any of his family. Thanks
Looking for who I was told was my biological father.... J.D. Rayburn... Is the only name I have.. My mother is Linda (Blanzy)... my information is they met in Pontiac Michigan - I was born October 11, 1969 in Pontiac, Michigan - The only information I have on him is he may have worked at GM - was friends with Wilbur F. and was only around for the summer... any information would appreciated...
I'm looking for pictures of my dad when he was in www11 he was in the army station in Germany
Betty Rogers married Thomas Martin in Armagh between 1820 and 1830. Weavers ,I think. All dates and ancestors info would be appreciated.
I'd like to find out as much information as possible on Betty Sloan Maiden name Smith in Cincinnati, OH 1960's
I am looking for information on James Laws, born 1792, Delaware. 1820's married, Margaret ________, born 1810. James had won, James, born 1828, Phila. PA. noted physician and explorer. James (father) died in Philadelphia in the early 1880's. Looking for his marriage and death record. any suggestions appreciated.
seeking any info. on George Gill, father of Harry George Gill, in England. I have a marriage certificate of Harry George Gill, who is my great grandfather. He married Margaret Pauline Corringham in 1882 Greenwich, greater London / Surrey/ Kent
where did the name powell originate i know it has a family crest so it should be great briton can you help?
I am looking for the ancestors of Johann Phillip Meckel III. He came to the USA from Germany on the Hershel. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
i am looking for my grandpa's brothers or sisters. he was born in rosebud, TX in the 30's till 1945 when he moved north TX. he has a sister I know of named Pamela, and a brother who died some yrs ago, I knew only as veto. he had 12 siblings from his dads 1st marriage and 12 more from his dads 2nd marriage. my last name is spelled Torrez. but his siblings for some reason unknown is spelled Torres. if anyone could help me find my kin folks I would appreciate it.
Researching Isaac Minard Nichols born in MD sometime between 1832-1842. The range comes from his death certificate, marriage certificates and military documents. He was married in 1863 to Jane Ennis in Oregon, divorced, no children. Married to Mary Cramer Brown, Polk county, Oregon in 1870; had one son. Mary passed away. Isaac then married in 1874 to Cordelia Crismon in Eureka, Humboldt, CA. They lived in Smith River, Del Norte, CA, raised their children, then moved to Myrtle Point, Oregon where they both passed away. Isaac died in 1928. His death certificate says he was born 1832, his father's name was Isaac Nichols-born in MD and his mother was born in MD but no name was put in mother's name spot on certificate. Maryland kept no birth records during time frame that Isaac would have been born. I have been told by a relative he was born in Baltimore. I search through church records when I can find them. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Cordelia Crismon's family is from Missouri; they moved from Oregon then California. Thank you for any help you can give me!
I am looking for the descendants of Guss and Sara Ellison. She was a Cherokee Indian. In the 1900 Sara was listed in the census as head of the household. Sara Ellison was bury in Winnsboro, SC. She is my great-great grandmother. Jean Barber
Looking for information on the families of Millan and Nieves from Puerto Rico. I seem to have relatives that are or were in New York and California. Carmen Millan and Serafine Nieves.
Can't find Gottlieb Merkner past 1930 census. To USA 1890. Married to Augusta (my g-grandmother). Lived Muskegon Ave., Chicago, IL and died ?1942?
Can someone please do a lookup for me? The book is Germans to America 1875-1888 and the name is Joseph Metziere. Thanks in advance!
Does anyone have access to the 1871 census for Sunderland Co. Durham England. I am looking for Luke Cooper Starling father is Thomas Starling. I would like to know Luke's birth place and his mothers name.
Hello, I am looking for a death record for my aunt Clara Leona Brown. She was born in Vaughan, Nicholas co, WV 7-24-1913. She married Arthur Brown, they lived Clay, co WV. Moved to Standard, Kanawha co, WV. She died in Gore hospital in Hopemont, Preston, co WV in the early 1940's she was the daughter of Elijah Duncan and Jennie "Williams" Duncan.any help or suggestions would be appreciated. any help you can give me! thank you. Alice "Duncan" long
Searching for birth and death dates for Willie Pride Bostick and John Claybrook Bostick, married 1884 in Nashville, Tn
Ola Lee Emery from Arkansas. She is my great grandmother. Her mother lived in Black Hills, AR. I am trying to trace Indian blood for tribal enrollment, and to build a family tree for my children.

I am looking for Charles Thompson who married Anna Sronce on 9-1-1897 in Alexander Count Illinois. They had 4 children Gerdie, Ruth, Eva, James. They are from Illinois I can not find anything on them. Please help I don't know what to do? James F Thompson married Bertha Melton in Biggers Arkansas. James was born on 4-15-1905 in Illinois. Bertha was born 12-27-1905 in Pocahontas, Arkansas. They were m in 1921.

I am interested in learning about the Biddle family who lived in Philadelphia. I know Nicholas Biddle Born 1786,son of Charles Biddle & Hannah Sheppard is on our tree. I know that he married Jane Margaret Craig. I have gaps for the 2 generations below them and know nothing prior to Nicholas's parents names.
I am looking for any Mace related to a Willie Albert Mace who worked for the Chinese Maritime Customs between 1888 and 1920. I would love to know how the Maces came to be in China and if there is any Chinese blood. Thanks
Good Morning! I'm looking for the parents of my great-grandfather, Conrad Fulmer, b.: 1840 in: Maryland. Conrads' father may have the name Cardell Conrad Fulmer b.: 1822 and he and his wife (I have no name for her) were both born in Baden, Germany. I would imagine that the senior Fulmer was a farmer after immigrating to the US but that's unverified, of course. This is scant information, I know, but it's all I have. Any bit of information which I can use to further investigate my family would be very much appreciated. Barbara Fulmer Huggins
I am looking for any one related to Clifton R. Hebert and Aimee Estelle Dyer Hebert. They have a daughter named Linda Susan Hebert and two other Kids. Clifton was born aroun 1909. and Aimee around 1914. not sure where Linda was born in New Orleans in 1949.
Henry Hess Hayes children with Mildred gray father William mother Edna born possibly abt 1909, believed in fort smith area.
We are searching for the following surnames Byrds = From Illinois and Missouri (around Dexter) Vaughns = From Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri Carsons = From Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri DeJournett-Dejarnett = From Indiana, Illinois and Missouri other states also
Owen and Annie [Hart] Hannigan
My father is Steve Franco he use to live in Whittier, CA 14 years ago on Union St. That is all the information I have for him. I am 14years old and would love to finally meet him.
Pedro Machado
Find birth date of my father Almon W. Jackson, born Naples, Maine
Need the obituary of my aunt Hazel Maxwell Click. She died in Missoula Montana after 1975.{I think about 1985}She was born in Butte. She had 3 daughters. Their maiden names where Jean, Maxine, Marian Jaquette. I have pictures of their family that I want to find a good home for. They grew up in the Darby, Conner of Montana....Any help would be appreciated as I'm new to the net and new to type and I seem to be surfing in circles. Their father was Frank Jaquette. He died in Hamilton after 1970.His obit. would have info about surv. also. Thanks lmw
I am searching for Alexander Bruce of Caswell Co., NC, born 1745-1755?? He was in the 1777 tax list of Caswell Co. he is the father of James born 1783 in Caswell Co., he married Margaret Cobb. Alexander was married to a lady named Ann and that is all I know, who are Alexander's parents and when did they come to United States. Please help, I have been searching since 1978 and still to no avail. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am looking for information on Annie Beatrice Weaver the daughter of Frank and Mary Weaver who was born in Portia Arkansas in Lawrence County abt 1918 and married John Andrew Bandy in abt 1934. If you have any information on this family please let me know. Thank you
I am searching for Jo Eturagay (I'm not sure about the spelling or the last name). He used to live in Blind River Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Manley Tosh
Searching for date of marriage of Sarah G. Williams to Enoch C. Cass (son of Daniel - born Exeter, NH Aug. 2, 1767 who married Mary Jenkins Oct. l7, 1790 and died at Cornville, ME Feb. 2, 1843)
Looking for simmons Charleston SC, john Simmons his mother was mamie cumbie
Does anyone know about my ancestors? My grandfather, James Milward, walked away from home at age 16, never to speak of his family again. Does anyone out there have a missing Milward family member/ancestor who walked away from home about 100 years ago? He would have been from the Missouri/Illinois/Kansas area. I would really like to find who his family/my family heritage was/is. Thank you, Nancy Milward G.
This was my (4th) great grandfather--born sometime after 1785, died sometime before 1833. Son was Henry Britcher (note change in spelling) born 15 March, 1817, died 8 Nov, 1905. His son was Howard Britcher, born 1862, died 1913; married Mary J. Parks.
I'm searching for the parents of my great- great grand parents. I believe my g-g-g-grandfather was born in New York, and my g-g-g-grandmother was born in Virginia. My great great-grand father's name was George Washington Howe and he was born 1835 in Rochester, Monroe Co., New York. Nothing is known of siblings. He lived in Michigan (my great grandfather, Lester Altho Howe was born there, on 11 May1868/69 Freemont Co., Michigan. George Washington Howe was married to Phoebe Ann Dunn, born in 1842,in New York, Michigan, or possibly England (conflicting censuses and family reports). They lived in Sheridan, Newago Co., Michigan in 1870.The family lived in Ayr, Adams Co., Nebraska in 1880.George Washington died in Nebraska in 1880.He was a soldier for the Union side during the Civil War( from a unit out of Blendon, Michigan). Phoebe married James Polk Corbin in 1882 in Adams, Nebraska, and I've been told that the family moved to Putnam Co., Missouri, where she died in 1907. Another account has her dying in Adams Co., NE. Thank you for any help you can offer to solve this mystery. Thank you--Deana J. Henry
I am trying to locate a Frank Roark that lived in Jackson county Mo around 1900-1915. Was also in Green County Ark in 1895. Children were Gertrude, Viola and Charles [Charlie]
looking for family history of august weidlich who lived in nassau queens n.y and was fron budapest hungary. He was born in 1901.
what does louviere mean?
looking for any body who has any information on the last name fawlks or flippin-flowers for free
last name of grandfather
Looking for information on my biological grandfather whom is deceased. Only met him once as a child but would like to find out more information on him. His name was Zone Winkler Bolton. I would also like to find info on my other biological grandfather that died before my birth. His name was Franklin Royal. Both of these men were from GA and died there. They live in and about Millen, Sylvania, Swainsboro, Augusta, GA.
How do I find ancestor who was put in a work house, may have had a baby
Woermer: I've traced my ancestors (who were book printers) to Jochin Woermer born about 1690 in Hamburg, Germany who married KIRCHNER, LUCIA Barbara. They had for children - Jurgen Martin, Johan Leonard, Anna Maria, and Niklas Conrad. Niklas Conrad married Catharine Ultsen, then married WITTE, Anna Dorothea. They had four children - Nicolaus, Barthold Anthon, Ilsah Catharina, and Conrad Joachim. He then married LANGE, Anna Magdalen and they had two children Siegismund Wilhelm and Polycorpus Dietrich Zacharias. Siegismund Wilhem married SEUMNICHT, Maria Elisabeth and they had four children - Jurgen Wilhelm, Johanna Maria Madgalena, Anna Maria Johanna, and Johann Jacob. Jurgen Wilhelm married PAETZMAN, Johanna Elisabeth and they had two children - Johan Conrad and Heinrich Gottlieb Wilhelm. Heinrich married HARTMANN, Berth Johanna. They had a son by the name of Johannes Georg Victor. Johannes Georg Victor married GRUNDKOETTER, Catharine Johanna Abeline. Their son John August WOERMER is my father. If any of these name are familiar in your family, please contact me at guswo -at-
Ancestors of: Louis Richard, b. abt l806,LA. m. Marie Thibodeaux, b. abt 1809, LA.
I am trying to find the birth of Joseph Black who was married to Catherine McShane about 1830 in Ireland, possibly in Londonderry.
I am looking for any information on Susan Reed and her family. I believe she was born about 1746 in Lenox, Hampshire, Massachusetts and died 26 July 1786 probably about the same area. She was married to Paul Dewey. Please let me know if you can help make the connection. Thank you, Michelle Morris
Joseph Peter Fortune born 15.1.48 in Australia died in New Zealand may 1991
Looking for information on James F. Hogsett, Jr. of Georgia (Lilly, Brunswick, Dooly County), born 9/19/1918 and further back the ancestor line.
I am trying to find Pennington, my grandfather was John Ferris or Ferral Pennington, he married Maurine cross of Burkett TX. he was a Coleman policeman late 30's early 40's am trying to work back from there. My dad said we came from the Virginia's Pennington gap? I am the last of my fathers line, am I alone in the 21st century? I have a son, I want to tell him where we come from, who he is, thanks for your help
I'm trying to find our where the name "Schollian" is common in Bavaria. My ancestor, Frederick Schollian, left Bavaria around 1850 and immigrated to New York. Any help would be appreciated. JJS
Looking for info on George R. Reams, parents, siblings, etc.
Looking for any information regarding the birth of my Grandmother, Laura Petrea Lauritsen/ Lauridsen, born in Denmark, 1866. She had a twin sister Aurora that died in 1876, cause, unknown. I have her emigration information but no place of birth or parents names. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for ancestors of Lena s. lynch (maiden name Lyons) lived in Clarksburg area in West Virginia until 1980s.

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