Probate Matters


Learn how to streamline your genealogical research with these 3 steps of due diligence for probate matters, plus tips to save time.

As an attorney dealing in trusts and estates, you're well aware that state laws will determine the type of probate that may be required when someone dies. Reconstructing a family tree for the decedent is helpful during the probate process to satisfy the applicable state laws.

Yet, even with the good intentions of decedents who arrange affairs in advance, you may not know how to identify their next-of-kin and may feel overwhelmed with the time and resources involved with the amount of searching necessary to account for everyone.

Download this white paper and discover 3 steps of due diligence in genealogical research for probate matters, and the benefits a professional can bring to the process. Topics include:

  • Obstacles in locating all estate heirs
  • Determining which people meet the relevant relationship criteria
  • How a professional genealogist saves time and frustration

Start streamlining your genealogical research today and free up your time for more pressing matters.