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Zooey Deschanel

Soon after Zooey Deschanel’s fifth-great-grandfather Thomas Henderson married Elinor Brinton, Elinor was disowned by the Quaker society she belonged to because Thomas was not a Quaker. To complicate matters, the Quaker families in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, were actively involved in the abolitionist movement, and at the time of his marriage, Thomas was a slave owner. The 1800 Pennsylvania Septennial Census, which was a register of slaves for taxation purposes, lists a 23-year-old enslaved male in Thomas Henderson’s household.

Whether it was Elinor’s influence or a state law that called for a gradual abolition of slavery, tax lists in the following years show that Thomas no longer had any slaves. This may have contributed to his wife being readmitted to the Society of Friends in 1802.

Elinor’s beliefs certainly appear to have influenced her daughter, Sarah Henderson Pownall, who, along with her husband, Levi Pownall, was also a member of the Society of Friends. She actively and publicly supported the abolitionist movement and also famously opposed the Fugitive Slave Act many years later. 

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