About Csesznek, Veszprém, Hungary

E. Wade Hone, 2002

Located in Veszprém County, about 35 kilometers north of Veszprém City on highway 82, Csesznek is one of the most humble, yet fascinating places in Hungary. Though not tourist oriented in the sense of having accommodations for non-residents,those that have ancestry from this medieval settlement will want to visit or have photographs to help capture the vision of it's culture, and the site is encouraged for all tourists traveling through the area. For the many tourists visiting Lake Balaton, this town is only a short drive and makes an excellent morning or afternoon excursion into Hungarian history.

Records first mention Csesznek as early as 1234, with it's castle having been built by the Csák Clan soon after the Mongol Invasion. Added to and changed by several families over the years, including the Garai and Török families during the mid and latter 1400s, the castle last served in a military manner in the early 1700s housing Habsburg troops. By the latter 18th century it was considered the district seat, having served as a fortress throughout centuries of conflict, including those with the Turkish/Ottoman Empire. It is said that an earthquake in 1810 damaged the castle, which has been under excavation and restoration since 1967. 

By 1881, Csesznek boasted a Roman Catholic population of 619, all part of the Veszprém Diocese. Though it had it's own Roman Catholic church, the second largest ecclesiastical majority, those belonging to the Reformed Church, had to attend their services in neighboring Bakonyszentkirály, whose borders merge with Csesznek to the north. The Reformed Church population in 1881 was listed at 298. Other religious representations there at that time were thirteen Jewish inhabitants, who attended synagogue in Várpalota, and seven Evangelical worshipers who attended their services in Bakonyszentlászlo. The Roman Catholic church in Csesznek is said to have the oldest bell in the Bakony region. 

Surviving records for each religious denomination in pre-twentieth century Csesznek are as follows:


Population @1877
Attended services where?
Records begin...
Roman Catholic 619 Csesznek Birth-
Reformed Church 298 Bakonyszentkirály Birth-
Jewish/Iszraelite 13 Várpalota Birth-
Evangelical 7 Bakonyszentlászlo Birth-


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