Ancestral Home Visit

Interested in personalized travel? AncestryProGenealogists researchers are now using their expertise to take people to the very ground upon which their ancestors once walked.


The Ancestral Home Visit is offered to all clients with more specific goals,
whether they are taking a guided trip or traveling on their own.

What You Can See on an Ancestral Home Visit

Using 19th-century and modern maps, along with other sources and local knowledge, an ancestral home visit with an AncestryProGenealogists team member may include the following, based on your ancestors’ circumstances:

  • The exact plot of land where the family once lived. You may find an existing house, the ruins of a dwelling, a new structure, or even an empty field.
  • Meet the people who live on that land now or any relatives living nearby.
  • Talk to any local resident who may be an expert in the history of families in the area.
  • Visit the church the ancestors attended.
  • Visit the cemetery where the ancestors were buried and see their burial plots.
  • Visit the school the ancestors attended (or the site where it once stood).
  • Visit the town hall where your ancestors would have congregated with neighbors.
  • See unique attractions in the immediate area. For instance, visitors to Ireland might visit a holy well, ringfort, famine house, bog or peat gathering place, or mass rock. Visitors to Italy may take part in festivals for the local patron saint or visit a shrine in a village church. Battle sites, historical markers, geographical attractions like lakes or rivers, or markets may be tour stops in any country.
  • See where the local landlord lived.
  • Have a meal in a restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine.
  • Visit a local museum to learn more about your ancestors’ daily lives, housing, and trades in which they may have worked.
  • Ancestral Home Visit Experience

    Vicki Stuber went on a trip around Ireland that was filled with remarkable places that her ancestors once lived. She was even able to meet one of her cousins in Galway. Despite it being their first encounter they connected immediately, and consider themselves to be close friends for life. Ancestry heritage tours combined with an AncestryDNA test can provide eye-opening insights with family you never knew you had. We are traveling to Germany, Ireland, and Italy in 2018!

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