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When it comes to your family history,
there is always something new to learn.

The answers to your genealogical questions and the solutions to your family mysteries
are waiting to be discovered. And our professional genealogists have the experience
and knowledge to make it happen.


How we get started.

Tell us your story
Include what you know and what you want to know for an estimate.

Talk with an associate
We’ll review your research needs and contact you to discuss feasibility and costs.

Retain our services
Once you decide to purchase our service, our representative can take your retainer over the phone.

Discuss details
Within 5-7 business days, our expert genealogist will contact you for an in-depth discussion of your goals.



How we make discoveries.
  • Determine your goals and set expectations
    Are you looking for the big picture or a long-lost relative? Would you like to learn more about your family's stories? We dig in to see if your goals are realistic - and let you know how long it might take to achieve them.
  • Analyze and organize your previous research
    If you’ve explored your history before, we start here. Oftentimes, you’ve done more than you think you have or have left clues our researchers can follow.
  • Check on the availability of records
    First stop, the Family History Library. Then we move to other libraries and archives.
  • Develop a research strategy
    Using what we know about you and what we know about research resources, we develop a comprehensive plan that can set us off on a successful path.
  • Search and evaluate documents
    We scour available sources and use our specialized expertise to look in more unexpected places too. We leave no genealogical stone unturned.
  • Track all sources studied, copy and source documents
    We keep a research calendar (bibliography) with details about the who, what, where, when and how of everything.
  • Summarize the research
    You’ll get an in-depth summary, including a description of the research process, the records studied and a brief analysis of the most important documents found.
  • Provide suggestions for future research
    With genealogical research, there is nearly always more research and learning that can be undertaken. We’ll give you suggestions for future research sessions and explain why they could be important.


What you'll get.
  • A seasoned professional
    Our genealogists have years of experience and knowledge and offer their expert time and attention to your needs. Their hourly rates are reflective of this level of professionalism.
  • Monthly updates
    As part of our research service, your genealogy professional will communicate with you about once a month to educate and update you about the status of your research.
  • An archival quality research document
    Once a research session is finished, we share our findings, the documents and research materials with you. See an example here http://www.progenealogists.com/tour.htm.


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Thanks for your work. I am pleased! I would very much like you to continue your research. - L. Stephenson


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