Genealogy Research in Slovakia

Slovakian ancestry research can be pretty challenging, because of the border and governmental changes that have occurred over the past several hundred years, as well as the what is, for many, a foreign language barrier (or two). The pages on our Slovakian genealogy website are intended to help you access some of the latest sources on the Internet and in archives worldwide, as well as to guide you in acquiring the help of skilled professionals when you need it.

There are several sections to our Slovak genealogy site, and there are more to come. You may select the area that best fits your immediate interest in Slovakian family history from the list below:

1. Order Slovak Research: We are a group of professional genealogists, in the United States and in Slovakia, who use the resources at various archives across the Slovak region and in the United States, to compile family histories for our clients. Engaging our professional services is where you can take full advantage of our skill and expertise to research your unique Slovakian family history!

2. Learn About Slovak Genealogy: Here you can learn about some of the major Slovak record sources, as well as find the addresses and Internet sites for Slovak repositories. You can find out just what to expect from Slovak genealogy research. Articles about Slovak research are also available here.

3. Getting Help With Your Slovak Family History: You can find answers here to questions such as How Do I Get Started? What Do I Do Next? What Records Are Available? We also describe our various research services, including immigration research, research at the Family History Library in Slovak records, on-site research in Slovakia, and consultations. The possibilities and limitations of Slovak research are described in this section.

4. Resources Online: Many links to searchable databases relevant to your Slovak research can be accessed on this page.

5. Search Slovak Pages: You can search our Slovak Pages for a particular subject, repository, name, or any other keyword you would like.

Thank you for your interest in our Slovak Family History website. We would be pleased if we can help you with your Slovak research. Best wishes on your journey to discover your Slovak roots!


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