ProGenealogists Client Testimonials and Reviews

We love working with our clients and we strive to achieve the very best possible research results.  Below are some of the comments that we have received from the work we've completed.  We hope you enjoy reading through these testimonials and will consider becoming another of our satisfied and valued clients. has been pleased to work with ProGenealogists on several family history research projects. We are consistently impressed with the ProGenealogists team’s detailed experience in many areas of genealogical research, their professional, timely, and accurate manner in conducting research, and their willingness to meet deadlines in completing research projects. trusts research from ProGenealogists; the firm is our first choice for external family history research.

Fantastic! Your research far exceeds all of my expectations. I had searched for so long for information on Rosalind Watts nee Badham, and now the pieces are coming together.  ...  I will most certainly contact you in a few weeks to seek your assistance. My sincere thanks to you and Sherry Lindsay, who took the time to contact me personally by phone to seek information, a gesture that was greatly appreciated.  Thank you both so much, I will be in touch. - Evelyn C.

With your last report to me, the STEEBER / STOIBER branch of my heritage has been wonderfully expanded, and I thank you for that.  I doubt that I would have gotten this far on my own, and if I could would have taken a huge investment of my time.  I am eager to explore some separate areas of my ancestry. - B. Steeber

I received the packet. It is really amazing! Yes, I would like to proceed with the research for another 20 hours. My mother would especially like to find her cousin ... Please let me know what your schedule looks like ... - Jennifer H.

Thank you again - I really appreciate all that you did! I also enjoyed all of our phone conversations and I look forward to talking with you again sometime! You both are wonderful! - Courtney M.
I have received the initial research for the Lendt family tree and am very impressed with the quality and documentation of you and your associate, Amanda Sims's, work. - Bob Lendt Your report on Abraham Schmutz arrived here today ... you [wrote] an excellent cover letter and report to offset my waiting. So, kudos to the author(s) for such a high level of work and summary. My wife and I are very satisfied with what you sent ... You gave me a lot to consume, so it may take a few days before I comment more. Very nice! - Wayne S. 
The picture ... is where Anele Galinski was christened in 1901. The church altar is probably the very same one. They were having church on Sunday morning when I arrived and it was a very special day for me. Without your help and the help of your staff, I would never have found it.

Thanks again for a job well done! I will be contacting you again. I have another family that I am working on and when I hit the inevitable brick wall I will call on you ... - John B.

It's been over a year now since you did some work for me on my Russell ancestors and I wanted to let you know - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL WORK YOU, AND EVERYONE, DID ON IT! You did a terrific job. Just recently, I was able to figure out that the next people above my John were Philip Russell born April 17, 1769 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and Sarah Allen. The whole family moved to Berkshire County ... Again, thank you very much for the wonderful work. - Janice Maxwell, U.S.
I couldn't wait to receive the package with my research. I then burst into tears when I started to read it. I couldn't wait to show it to my mom, who also burst into tears when she read it. You see, she thought that she was the only person left in her family, and has now found that she has cousins in America ... the detail is quite stunning!
The research that you and your colleagues did has surpassed all my expectations. You will never know just how grateful I am. Well that's not quite true ... you will, because I will be sending you more obscure details for you to sort out for me. Any time anyone wants to know how to get over their genealogy brick wall I will give them your name Neil D. Holden. You are a star. I now know that I will have a family tree. Many thanks - Linda Walker, U.K.
I got your WONDERFUL package in the mail yesterday. THANKS SO MUCH! I'm starting to piece some of the puzzle together on my ... family. - Judy I have received your report. It is outstanding and most impressive; excellent work! I bow to your very professional standards of exactitude and the needed discipline to unearth US documents ... - David Fortman
I am absolutely stunned at the report you sent me recently! It is complete, well documented and written in a superior style. My congratulations and thanks to you and your associates. The most fascinating document was, of course, the 1828 Will of Thomas Shaw that conclusively ties my ancestor, William Shaw, to that family and provides so much detail about Thomas and his family. I shall continue to pour over the report and documents and will let you know if I find anything that may need further probing ... My best regards and, again, many thanks for a superior report. - Robert Shaw
That was fabulous research ... equals the first one you did for me in information and the find of the newspapers brought some of the people to real life. It was particularly great! ... Thanks again for some of the MOTHER LODE here. - Larry W.
I am absolutely stunned. I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my ear. Thank you so very much! ... Wow ... - K. H. Thank you for all your research. It has paid off. I received my Irish citizenship and am applying for a passport. Big thanks and appreciation. - Jean Benton
Please accept my apologies - long overdue - for not having replied to this email, and the research results I had received ... I am extremely pleased with the results of your research, as are other members of our family. It appears to be very insightful, complete, and well-researched - everyone is very pleased! ... your research efforts were GREAT!! - Joe R.
I am tremendously pleased with the progress you have made in so short a time and the detail contained in the report. You have done a superior piece of work for which I thank you and those who assisted in its compilation." - Robert S. This letter will confirm our telephone conversation today in which I offered my compliments to you for exceeding my expectations with your research into my family origins in Germany. I would like to continue with additional research - B.Zimmer
I received your packet ... both amazed at the amount of information you ... were able to find. [We] are so thankful for all the hard work you have done on our behalf. [We] had hit a "brick wall" on the family for years, so you can imagine the excitement and elation we felt while reading that you had discovered several additional generations!!!!! ... I can imagine your frustration awaiting the documents with "our impatience" nipping at your heels!!!! I rather enjoyed the diplomatic phrase you once used to describe our impatience as, "excited enthusiasm"!!!! [We] are very fortunate to have found you. - Michelle H.
A huge thank you ... for the work done on the Fehr Ancestry. The report has eclipsed my expectation. I appreciate especially the documentation of data and readability of the report. I know that my entire family of origin will enjoy the presentation when they receive it ... - Denise Hall Well THANK YOU ... for some dang wonderful research! Because of what you uncovered and linked Henry to Garret for positive, I now have the line back 2 more generations ...
So thank you so very much! - T. Noye
I am very pleased with the report. You provided excellent documentation with very detailed supporting evidence ... During our research you always provided detailed answers to my questions.  We may have not agreed on every question or methodical approach, but we did find a working balance. The report, calendar, and letter provided were formulated in the best of quality. The writing was premier workmanship ... I look forward to further my research with ProGenealogists. - M. Moore
I want to express my deepest gratitude and frank amazement at the wonderful research that your team has done in researching the history of my paternal family in 19th century Hungary and Galicia. The time and effort that Wade and his team put into thoroughly documenting my ancestors, including all possible relatives with the same surname, is truly impressive. They also managed to unravel a variety of old family mysteries. It is wonderful that Wade put together all the research results, source documents, and relevant maps in a fantastic binder-book. I fully intend to continue using the services of Wade and his team in the future, for further research into my paternal and maternal lines in eastern Europe. Many thanks ... and thank you ProGenealogists! - Eric Friedman, Washington DC
Last Spring I hired your company to do basic genealogical research on my wife's father's family. You produced a good history ... and I have circulated it among relatives who continue to be amazed and enlightened by your findings. - John Z.
You guys do super work. Great work as always!! :) - Sharon E. Thank you!!! I can't tell you how much this helps me. It is exactly what I was looking for! - B. Hart

ProGenealogists has recently completed an initial search into my mother's family, the Shagshap and Curtis family of the late 19th century in London and Glasgow.

I wanted to extend my warm thanks to ProGenealogists for the report which was thorough and fascinating at the same time. There was a real sense of social history gained via the background notes on the times that my great grandfather lived. We have all been surprised at the hardships he overcame before settling happily in Glasgow, Scotland. It was with deep sadness that my mum read of his early life in a workhouse and realized that she had also lost an infant aunt many years ago. Despite these revelations, she has gained much comfort from learning about her roots and I know that she is grateful for the efforts you have made in preparing the report.

I look forward to continuing our search in the near future,
Yours sincerely,
Karen Thompson

... I want to also thank you for the exceptional job performed by you and your associate on compiling the information on my grandfather, Thomas O'Toole ... T. O'Toole
Thank you so very much. You have been most helpful and I really really appreciate the work you did for me. Totally satisfied. I am very happy with the work from Pro Genealogists and you have been so nice and patient. Thank you. Thank you. - T. Lindsey

Dear Sheila P___ and Mary R___, I would like to inform you that with the new documentation submitted for James Hiner & Abigail Lane I was able to verify the NSDAR application of Sheila P____. The research, documentation, and summary compiled by the professional genealogical consultants was well-organized, well-written, and made everything easy to follow considering the volume of information sent. I hope you enjoy your membership in the Society.

Sincerely, F. C. Crosley
Assistant Director of Genealogy, Applications National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

I started looking over everything this weekend. Thank you and Courtney for putting together the documentation ... Your work is always professional and well-researched. - T. Wells Am I thrilled with the research for my family! It's getting better and better. I can't believe how much has been found! - Gloria
I've thoroughly read and reread the latest report you and Gordon [L. Remington] have so diligently been working on and I'm very pleased with the depth and scope of the research. This is truly turning out to be great investigative reporting story not unlike what one watches on TV. [This] certainly seems to be on a roll right now and I'd like to see the momentum continue uninterrupted. ... The quality and professionalism of what you're sending me to review is very encouraging. Keep up the good work and hopefully bring this project to fruition - J. Forman
First and foremost, I want to thank you for the research you completed at Christmas. My mother was very surprised and pleased! I so appreciated your meeting the Christmas deadline and the fact we were able to reach you after hours when we became concerned about the arrival time of your package. Also, you do a wonderful job of presenting your research - Martha Johansen Thank you immensely. We are absolutely thrilled with what you were able to accomplish. You guys are amazing. I will share the information with the entire family. I noticed some interesting corollaries in the names you uncovered. ... I do want to get you guys back on the trail while it is still fresh. Very sincere thanks again. You guys live up to your name - Richard Daems
This is the best site on the internet for genealogists. Thanks to the person or persons who created it - Linde.
I wanted to give you an update on the ... Vermont [case]. I used your research when I filed my Petition with the Court. The Court was satisfied that a good faith effort was made to find the heirs and that further expenditure was not necessary. The Court granted our petition to correct the problem, and the property has been successfully sold. Thanks for your assistance in this matter and I will certainly contact you if I need similar assistance in the future.
Peter Morrissette - Morrissette & Young
Some years back I requested some information from you about the Graham Family. I received an extra bonus when I received the census. Not only did it have names of my great grandparents on it, it also had the name of my great uncle and family and low and behold it contained the name of my great-great-grandmother which in turn gave me a starting point in finding my great-great-grandfather as well. ... Thank you for such good information ... Vera A.
I was thrilled to receive copies of the book in the mail today. Thank you very much for your professional, swift and efficient service. I hope to give you a more challenging task in the future. Sincerely, Robert F., TX Kyle, you have helped me so much, please tell your team of people I love the work they do, and appreciate all the effort ... go ahead with the additional searches for me, ... and any other direction that you need to go ... Thanks again, you and your staff for a great job ... - R. O’Brien

Fantastic Work!!! I can't begin to explain how happy our family is with the excellent work you have done researching the Carlin family. Your report was the main topic of conversation this Thanksgiving and I am sure will be for many years to come.

There were many fascinating facts uncovered such as the fact that the Carlins have been in America from around the Revolutionary War period, maybe even before ... Also, the fact that Phillip Carlin had accumulated so much wealth (26,000 in real estate in 1860) was also very interesting. All your diligent work has just made me want to find out more and I definitely want to continue ...

In addition to being very grateful for the excellent job, I also owe both of you a special thank you for working extra hard and getting this report to me before Thanksgiving ... I went over your research report with her at Thanksgiving dinner and you should know how excited she was and how happy your work made her!! This was a great time for her to hear about the interesting history of her family and your work could not have come at a better time. I wish you both could have seen how excited she was when I was talking about the facts you had uncovered. Thank you both very much! - Sincerely, Lawrence Carlin

I refer to your recent research report dated August 16, 2005. I have been out of the country for a long time ... The report is really excellent work and I thank you for your time and effort. I want to proceed with additional research ... - Thank You, Allan T.

Dear Andrew S. Webb and Courtney Newton, I just received the research today, and I looked it all over. Fantastic Job! You found records that I would have never found on my own, and everything is pieced together logically. The report is first rate, and with all the supporting documents that you supplied, the conclusions about James W. Lyon's parentage and ancestry are correct. I will definitely order more research in the future ... Thanks again for the research, you both did a wonderful job! - Best Regards, Rick F.

... glad you made it back safely from Poland and Ukraine. You really get to some far off places! I have enjoyed reading through all the neat research you did. It was exciting to find that not all the family "hearsay" was incorrect and that there is definitely a record of my Haleys and Vardens in Co. Louth. I do want to continue the research ... Thanks again for all your good work ... that's a lot of research to pull together. I really appreciate it. When the package came in the mail I couldn't wait to sit down and go through it ... how cool! Hope all is well with you. - L. Henriod

ProGenealogists steered me in the right direction a few months ago by finding my Grandfather Burdett ... I just found that my fourth cousin three times removed was the Governor of Maine 1897-1901. But my greatest find was that my fourth cousin four times removed was Abigail Powers married to Millard Fillmore the 13th president. Many Thanks, Don Powers. Just finished re-reading the report you sent for a second time so that I could fully absorb the data. I must admit that I've been spinning my wheels needlessly for many years after reading what you and Wade have accomplished in a short period of time. No question in my mind that I should have hired a professional a long time ago to resolve this complex family issue. - Jerry F.
I just wanted to let you know that I received the final report today. I'm very impressed with the amount of information you provided. I'm also impressed with the amount of original documentation you sent along as well. I think I mentioned before that I'm big on documentation... Needless to say you've opened a number of doors for me to pursue... - Chris V.
I would love for you to stay with me until you run out of resources you guys are the best at this research and I feel very comfortable with your group ... - Pam A. We think you are doing a great job. We would have never been able to learn the things that you have already discovered. - L. Smith
As usual, your work was just what I had requested. I was thrilled that ... you could provide photocopies, and the copies from the indexes will certainly come in handy ... My sincere thanks for a wonderful job. - Laura D. Thank you ... for the extensive research on the Bridgeport land owned by the Vincent Owens descendants. I am satisfied beyond a shadow of a doubt that the lineage is correct. (How exciting!!) I will be in touch if I need more research for the project. Thank you for the stellar research - J. Owens
I wanted to thank you for your efforts on my behalf. The research that you did on my grandmother arrived in the post this morning, and filled in a further piece of her particular jigsaw that is now almost a full picture. The fire that had such a life changing effect on her is likely to have been the one you found in July, 1891 - Campbell & Elliot's textile mills. She returned home to Scotland and married in June, 1892. There was a Scottish census taken in April 1891 and she did not appear on it, so she must still have been in the States at that time. The date of the fire and her marriage narrow down the time of her return ... On the face of it the information that you produced may not have seemed significant to you but it means quite a lot to me. Thank you very much for your help. It must have been a lot of work. - Yours gratefully, Kathryn K.
I just wanted to say, "Thank you!" The support service and information your group has made available online has been a tremendous help in research, history and a greater understanding of my ancestors. Their history and places of origin have come alive for my family because of your efforts and dedication. Bless all of you. - Diane W.
I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the project. Your insights and suggestions were right on the mark! - Steve K. I just received the word that my grandson was just accepted into the Mayflower Society! I wanted to let you all know. I so appreciate all the work you did ... Thank You So Much - Sharon C.
We are really thrilled with the new research and want to thank you for all that you and ProGenealogists have done on Mom's behalf. We have written a letter to the cousin that was listed and we are looking forward to a reply. Should we decide to do any further research, we will contact you ... We are all extremely pleased with the research. - Again, thanks, Claudia L.
Thanks!! I received the package today and it's wonderful. - T. Noye Thanks for your work. I am pleased! I would very much like you to continue your research. - L. Stephenson
Meeting with you in Salt Lake City [for a research consultation] was one of the highlights of our trip ... The insights we gained through your consultation steered me away from incorrect assumptions and toward promising possibilities. A little boost from a knowledgeable professional can save time, money and frustration! Thanks again for your assistance. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again. - Cathy Herpich
[My cousins] are both very excited that I have, with your help, traced them. Needless to say it was a very emotional phone call and my husband and I have been invited to meet up with the three cousins in the New Year. This result is far more than I could have ever expected ... Without you, I would not have found the family that I have been without for all these years. - Susan Phillips
Wow. This is the first real opportunity for me to sit down and slowly read through the Power and Furlong report (have only glanced through the others at this point). You did a fantastic job and I am so pleased. Your research is very meticulous, comprehensive, and I like the way you propose further avenues of research. Thank you very much for making great inroads. I deeply appreciate all the work the team did ... Thanks again for great reports. - M. Kottner
I received your report concerning my grandfather Farrell Kane. It was so exciting to read! My father had mentioned Leitrim when he talked about his dad. I will share the information with my brother and sister and if we choose to have you investigate further, we will contact you. Thank you for a job well done! Sincerely - G. Hetterick
Just a quick update [on the mystery you solved for me]: I have now met my Aunt Hazel who lives in Wausau, WI, and am in touch with my brother in Texas as well as many cousins in various parts of the U.S. I belong to a wonderful family on my maternal side - loving, friendly people. My brother is especially pleased he has a sister and we will visit soon. The mystery is no more ... I want to thank your organization for helping me trace my roots - it is a powerful story and do feel free to share it with others, especially if it helps ProGenealogists, an outstanding organization for those of us who need help finding lost relatives. My Best Wishes - Emily Brown
I was thrilled to receive and read your package on my great-grandparents ... I am very satisfied with the work that went into this short project. Your careful and interesting cover letter made it seem somehow that I was following right along in your work. But, recognizing your powerful research capacities, I think the best thing is for me to initiate an expanded project with your group ... - George C.
I was really thrilled to get the package. Thanks so much for a great research job ... I am looking forward to reviewing the next research when completed. Thanks again - Sharon K. [re: Support] Thank you for your wonderful, prompt response! - Louise G.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I really appreciate the fact that you were able to get a marriage record for my aunt and uncle, ... I wasn't sure if you would be able to find them, but you did. Thank you - J. Maxwell
"I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful work you did for me. You sent me an 88 year old file on my grandmothers divorce. There was much more information than I had ever expected ... I just can't tell you how much I appreciate your help."
- W. DiCicco
I don't think I have told you how thrilled I am with the results of the research you have done. I had never thought you would be able to find so much information on a family with such a common name.
I have reread the report many times and always gain insights into the Young family genealogy. You have been very diligent. - H. Biondo
This research package is UNBELIEVABLE!!! It will take me days to go through and absorb everything here!! ... You really did a GREAT job for me an I appreciate all your hard and tedious work! S. Griffin
I took advantage of the free estimate offer and Mr. Betit contacted me by e-mail the next day. I was impressed. I have contacted other organizations with out-of-date contact information and often times get no response at all. In addition to that Mr. Betit was able to quickly tell me something I did not know about my ancestor, that to me was a significant revelation, and shows his level of expertise at what he does for a living. On the basis of this, I have placed my order. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - M. B. Browne

Your folder received and with great expectations opened and a source of wonder at your researcher's findings. The money involved was well spent and covered the outline of tasks presented on your web site. Thank you. - J. Woodruff

After hearing for years that there is no way to find anymore about the family's origin, I have to say as they might say in Ireland, your work is brilliant, I wish I had this done years ago. I always suggest to people that seem interested in family research to contact you, they can't have the work done better anywhere else! Sincerely, K.Kelley

Your Research Report completed for William Stonebraker and family arrived on Monday, Sept. 15, 2003. I was so delighted to read the wonderful work done by Arden White and Kory Meyerink of ProGenealogists, Inc. Now William Stonebraker has a hometown - Grossropperhausen, Hessen-Nassau, Germany. It is such a mental relief to think of him arriving at the Port of Baltimore in 1838. William and Anna's baby, Adam, must have been just a newborn when they arrived in America. I have wanted to know these facts for over thirty years. I think I really got a lot of new information for your ten hours of work!!! Thank you.

These features of your research were particularly meaningful to me:

  • The four-page Research Report was a great review of exactly what was found and not found.
  • The three-page Research Calendar was very professionally done. I can now use your excellent Source field to transfer this information into my PAF software on my home computer. Of the 17 sources cited, I had never heard of 8 of them. The book by Inge Auerbach, 943.41 W29a V.2 sounds interesting. Glad you can read the German language. Quite a bargain - you reviewed 17 sources in ten hours ...
  • The "Thermal", "Xerox", and "Laser" (computer) copies of the key documents were of excellent quality. It was a joy to see them ...
  • I absolutely loved the logical steps you took in tracing the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 Census in order, looking for what was needed in these families.

Appreciation is a small word for all that you have done. Best wishes, Bonnie King

I received the packet on the Rokenbrodt project and have since read your summation over twice. It appears that the project is worthy of your talents. You can readily see how an amateur like me had so much difficulty with this search. Your work product, which is deserving of a commendation for the quality of the detective work, has resulted in new information, raised some more questions and given a direction to additional work ... Dick Freis

Thank you very much for filling my order so promptly. I received the requested materials late yesterday. Your work is excellent. You provided me with everything I requested ... I'm sure that a follow-up order will soon occur. Thank you again. Sincerely, Larry J. I appreciate all the help from ProGenealogists, which I would highly recommend ... just outstanding work. Thank you with all the gratitude I can muster. Sincerely, Emily Brown.

A family's legacy is among the most treasured things any of us can possess. Folklore and tales of yesteryear are rich with intrigue and are often passed down from one generation to the next as people mature from children to parents to grandparents and even great grandparents.

Today the long standing tradition of passing along the legacy or rich history has many challenges. For one, verbal tales can be incomplete; they are easily twisted and embellished over long periods of time. Secondly, with the unfortunate social practice of divorce, step relatives and mobility - our true legacy of who we are can easily be lost forever ...

The research process justifies a methodical, professional, scientific protocol that when done correctly, can document a family's legacy in writing forever. This assignment set the stage for my search for a qualified genealogist. Through extensive research; I began to work with Natalie Cottrill of ProGenealogists, Inc. over two years ago.

In our Morris clan, I am the third consecutive only child, I have my parents living (no immediate cousins, or siblings) and all my grandparents passed away long ago. Additionally, the archive for our family records in Monroe County, Ohio suffered two fires at the courthouse destroying important records. Further, with the common surname Morris, one can imagine the challenge of tracing a family's heritage. For reasons even beyond these amazing facts, Natalie and her associate, Linda Turner, have been challenged with a formidable task of uncovering and reconstructing our history which I will pass along to my three adult children.

Time and time again they have used sound logic, a scientific methodology and other genealogical tools to build a rich story of my branch of the Morris family. The project is still underway and I can say with extreme confidence, no one could find better qualified professional genealogical researchers than ProGenealogists and staff of Sandy, Utah.

Evan L. Morris
Denver, Colorado & Portland, Oregon

I am extremely impressed with your Web site. It explains in detail what I can expect from you. I am not left wondering what professional services you will provide. It allows me to feel confident that you perform a a thorough research. I also am very impressed with all of the researchers credentials and acquired knowledge. Sharon K.
The developments on the Engel line are very pleasing, as I have been trying for twenty years (using four different research companies over that time) to break this particular nut. I must congratulate you and your team on your perfectionism, professionalism and perseverance (if you will forgive the alliteration!) ... Kind regards, A. Higgins.
The certificates have just arrived, and I felt that I wanted to thank you not only for your sense that they would provide more pleasure than an email, but for your truly brilliant and intuitive research ... You were right about it being a gold-mine ... There will certainly come a time when I'll need your help again. Meanwhile, my family thanks you for the thrill of discovery which you made possible.  Best wishes, Noel Purdon.
Good quality [image] ... and very exciting to read. Thank you. I am very pleased with the results of this project. You guys are easy to work with and get results.  K. Murphy I was indeed very impressed with the genealogical report you submitted to me ... I am happy to say that your service was far and away the best out there.  Thanks again, C. Coxe

I received the wonderful folder containing the research that your staff completed for the Mergen family on Friday, June 16, 2000, and would like to tell you that it was a pleasant experience from start to finish. I thought the odds were against having such efficient people in one organization.

I chose Cottrill & Associates in the first place because of you; who responded to my first e-mail and gave me the feeling that you were extremely knowledgeable regarding my questions, very helpful, and agreeable to reach the answers to the immigration of my early family members. ... The estimates, findings, the little surprises and information provided exceeded the cost - everyone did and excellent job.

I ... will be back in touch should I have any questions or require additional help.  Thank you for a professional and positive genealogical experience.

Michael Mergen     

What a wonderful job you did ... It was so clear and concise. I'm sure this will give her the proof ... needed. I so appreciate you're hard work and the ability to organize and yet stay in the budget. Then turn around and present it in such an understandable way. Well, I was very impressed and grateful.
-Jan G.
I called Calvary Cemetery and got the info that I think proves that the James you found is really our James! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! We are making plans now to go to NY to see the actual tombstones! You have made my Dad a very happy man! We're grateful for your help! - Vicki B.
Many researchers have gone after this problem but you are the first person to produce results. I'm impressed! . . . Thanks for all your great work!
- Larry H.
I'm impressed with the speed and accuracy of your services (of 146 copies, only 2 pages were copied twice and only 2 were apparently skipped). Having worked with directories myself, I know how hard it is to get a clear copy, but your researchers managed with flying colors. I will definitely be back with another order. Thanks again for your thorough and professional services.
- Satisfied in Brooklyn, NY
Never underestimate the power of a woman -- and never underestimate the advantages of professionals!

Until about three years ago, I knew little about my background except that my father's family had come from Ireland. He was the youngest of seven children, did not marry until he was 34. I was not born until 17 years later By the time I even thought about my ancestry, there was no one to ask.  Through laborious and time-consuming research I unearthed a few facts, but quickly realized that at 78 I had neither the time nor ability to make significant progress.

Enter Natalie Cottrill, and in less than a year, amazing results. First came the startling news that my father had been born in Ireland, not in the U.S. as we had assumed. Then Paul Hefti, her partner who specializes in Irish research, found records that traced the family to the townland of Lickeen East, Kilfenora Parish, County Clare.  On a visit to Ireland he located the ancestral home, talked with townsfolk who had known the family and made contacts that made it possible for me to experience a fabulous "homecoming" a few weeks later.

One of the best decisions of my life -- get the help of professionals! 

Helen Tierney Bale

You did a great job.  We are really pleased with it.  We want some more research done ... Thanks again for a great job. - Don R. The research was frankly a lot more than I have gotten in the mail from my genealogist in Scotland, quicker and more thorough as well. It was also more fairly priced.  Brent F.
I received genealogy info today and was very pleased at what you found. You covered all the areas I was interested in and more. - Carolyn K. You're awesome!!! :)  I can't believe you found the paperwork on my grandpa. I have absolutely nothing on him. - Deborah P.
I wanted to thank you and your company for the fine job you did on this research for me ... It was very complete and gave me the information needed to apply for my wife in the DAR! I will no doubt contacting you again in the very near future to do some more research for us. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer. - Terry G. Kyle Betit's research report and CD arrived today, and I wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with his research. It is just about the best Christmas present I've ever received. Please pass along my thanks and compliments for a job well done. ... Thanks again - if you ever need a reference, I'd be happy to provide one. You folks did an absolutely wonderful job! - John C.
I'm happy with the results! ... The idea that the genealogist made good progress fast, and had to stop because of time is reassuring for thoughts of future family research. I do plan on having you continue the research ... Thanks for going the extra mile for me, it's much appreciated. The paperwork and research was well organized, easy to read and understand. I thank you and Wade for all of good work you've done! I'm looking forward to seeing how much more is out there. - John R., New Jersey
I just received the [research] packet. It's awesome! I spent about an hour last night reviewing it and it will certainly take me some time to absorb. I am overwhelmed with the amount of detail you provided.  - Larry H. Ed was right.  You are very good.  Thank you for responding so quickly.  I will be using you much more.  -  Dick J.
I received the research packet that you completed and all I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for your thorough, detailed report on my family history. Although all of the mysteries are not solved, it gives me great hope that I will be able to accomplish further results in the near future. I really appreciate all of your documenting as it makes my files much easier to keep track of information. I had a good feeling about you doing the research and I wasn't disappointed - especially with the information arriving today, right before Christmas. - Holly S. Let me first say you are good. If I would have found you earlier I would be enjoying all my lines today. - Don M.
You don't mess around. You actually do what you say you will do. You sure did a fine job! I guess you are qualified to be an excellent professional. - Paul M.

I am in receipt of your packet of information, and am impressed with your speed of delivery. I actually received it before I received your electronic receipt for final payment, which is quite generous of you. - Satisfied in NY

Returned home from yesterday to find your mailing..... GREAT! It still amazes me that when one knows what they are doing, and knows where to look... there's a wealth of information readily available. Thank you so much. - John P.

I've been perusing it all morning, and it is wonderful research, thank you so very much!  Ted N. First of all let me say, a job well done! I'm pleased.
-Doug H.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-David B.
. . . received the papers today and been going through them. I find them very very interesting, you sure have done more for me and more detailed than the other researcher did and I'm really pleased with this information. - Fawn S.





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Your folder received and with great expectations opened and a source of wonder at your researcher's findings. The money involved was well spent and covered the outline of tasks presented on your web site. Thank you. - J. Woodruff


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