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Looking for anyone interested in my new life and family. I'm the first born of Gary P. Perkins and Sandra Meeks (her name now). I was born 10-11-1973. Perkins family is originally from Harahan, LA. I know you guys remember us! Response would be very courteous and nice!

I am looking for any relatives of the deceased Willie Curry of Cleveland, TN. His mother Marie or Maria (the spelling may be a little off); however, she use to live in Palacios, TX. He has one brother still living named Tommie who lives in TX. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.

I am interested in any info you can give on one deceased lady named Anna Fitzgerald Lynch. She was the daughter of William J. Fitzgerald, who was born N. Walpole New Hampshire in 1889 to John J. Fitzgerald, who was born Ireland March 24,1855 and died Feb 3, 1939. John Fitzgerald and Ellen Golden who were married Feb 28,1876 and their children John P. Rochester NY, his sister Helen Patterson, Annie b May 30,1884 married1884 George Foster (born NS died July 1913 son of Dean Foster and Mary Smith). Harry died 1888 Wm. J. born Sep 19,1889 Earnst A born 1894 Cathrine born 1895 Blanch born 1896 Mary John P. married Eva Morinor (moran?). Children born in N. Walpole of John J. are Matilda, Eviline, Lawrence, Ernest, Laura, Isabelle, Dorothy Madalen married Charles Kassmann lives in San Diego has three children - Lawrence, Charlene, Gregory.
Looking for information on the family of Frederick William Wallace b 1878 Ipswich, Suffolk, England Married Jesse ? They had one child William Alfred Wallace All information is much appreciated.
Lemmon and Barfoot family: My grandmother was Clara Barfoot, and her parents were Malcolm Redding Barfoot and Julia Lemmon. I don't know anything past Julia, she was Indian. Malcolm's parents were John and Elizabeth Barfoot, from England. Any information on either family would be much appreciated. Thank you.
I need to know my grandfathers parents names. His was Gaetano T. Quagliotti, the date of his birth and death and his social security number. His name could also be spelled Gaitani T Quagliotti
Looking for information on George Lilly (Lille) immigrated from Germany on Billander Thistle. He arrived in Philadelphia Oct. 28,1738.
I am looking for any information on, Evelyn Brown, born July 6, 1906 in Alabama (Montgomery?). She may have married a Goodman and settled in Boston, MA. This would be around 1930. Any ideas at all appreciated.
I am looking for any information on Aaron Wallace, born circa 1803 in Wythe County, Virginia - died May 1884 in Franklin Furnace, Scioto County, Ohio.
Looking for Family of Edwin Ralph Schell Fremont,Gibsonburg Ohio area. He was born in 1919.
Will Lampert - Dubois County Indiana 1893 wed Alice Melchoir - Decendant of Felix and Helena....
I am looking for my great aunt Anna Poulsen (Paulson) Clausen. She was born in 1890 in Denmark. Came to America as an infant. Parents were Kristen and Maren Poulson (Paulsen). She was married to Claus Clausen who committed suicide in the 1920's or 1930's. Her younger sister Dagmar was my grandmother. Do not know when Anna died or anything about her family. Would like any information on Anna and her siblings, Paul, Lewis, Andrew, Mary, or Jens.
I am looking for any records concerning my husband's father, and am not sure how to proceed - any advice would be appreciated. Born Desmond E. Parfoot about 1930 and married Audrey McMillan 12.04.195x. He studied medicine at Otago University and emigrated to Australia 1973 or 1974 and then died in Christchurch, I believe, in about 1998.
My mother, Annette, was adopted in New Jersey finalized August 21, 1940. Born in New York to a Belle Gordon. Adoptive parents Dolly and Len Lishman. Belle live at 567 Fox Street, Bronx, New York at time of adoption.
Need information on a John Morgan born 1707 in PN married to a Sarah Lloyd. That is all the information I have. Thanks, Larry Parr
(James Edward Brittain, born 1908, Pike County, Indiana
Researching the origins of the DIGGS and MAGLOIRE Families who resided in the North of DOMINICA. They are as follows: Jean Diggs, Sr. Abt 1795 - 1856. He was married to Clotilde and they had children: Jean Diggs, Jr 1820-1898; Etienne Jean Diggs 1822-1899; Magloire Jean Diggs 1836-1901 and Jean Baptiste Diggs abt 1840-abt 1920. Any leads, please advise
I am searching for information about Mrs Molly Peterson. She was born 6 may between 1882-1890 roughly. During the fifties she resided at 39 Hanley rd Hornsey N.4 and later moved to 34 Mafeking Rd. N17. She had 2 sisters one of whom was Mrs. Bishop who had a suite at the Pavilion Hotel Southend during the sixties. She had a niece called Susan who was married and lived in Shoreham Sussex. Mrs. Peterson was put in a home in Hastings at the begining of the 70s. I would like to find her final resting place.
I'm searching for information on Elisabeth Neese who was born Riga, Latvia in 1846 Eugenie Neese born Riga in 1851 died Baku 1936 Louise Neese born Riga in 1853 and died 1914 (married to Adolf Hauffe) Emilie Neese born Riga in 1857 and died Riga 1939 Olga Neese born Riga in 1860 and died Pskow 1918. They're all sisters of Mary Neese 1838-1898 who married Loewenwolde and Nikolaus Karl Eduard Neese 1847-1932 who married to Alma von Iversen (my great-grandparents). I'm even searching for information on Elizabeth Van Der Neese born Riga 1836 died in Penza, Russia. She was married in 1862 to Emil Frederick Mayerhold in Penza.
Father-Alfred Allen Moore Born Nov. 1918
Relatives of Henry Younger. Cass county Missouri. Father of Thomas Coleman, Robert Ewing, John Harrison, and James Hardin Younger.
I am trying to find my family background for medical reasons. So all Know is that my Grandpa was a metis and his name is Clarence Chrest, he past away some time ago. He was married to me grandma for a short while and her name is Loreen Garvis. They had two kids together named Brendadette Chrest and Laverne (Bury) Chrest. My uncle was taken and adopted out when he was a baby and my mom was taken and placed in foster care. Hopefully someone can help. I look forward to finding out.

I would like to find my grandmother's death certificate, burial place, or even the date of her death. We lost all communications with her 15-20 years ago when she remarried at the approximate age of 83 ????   I am the only granddaughter and would like to know when she passed, where she is buried, or was she cremated. She married a Mr. Roy Jackson, her previous name was Dagmar Mason. Thank You for any-all information.

I am looking for my sister I have never met, born April 11, 1971, in Chicago.

Searching for relatives or information on ancestors. Family Name: Alpine. I am lead to believe some are still alive and living in Pennsylvania. My father was Frederick George Alpine but placed in a orphanage in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the late 1930's. I believe his mother (maybe grandparents) lived in Stroud, Ontario, Canada. I've located a head stone in a cemetery in Stroud and am presently doing research on George Alpine, Elizabeth (West) Alpine, Elizabeth Alpine to see if this is the start. Any little tidbit would help. Thank you

My grandfather William Patrick Kinney was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania between 1920-1926. He worked for the railroad and was Catholic. He died in the 70's in Johnstown. I have searched endlessly for any records on him. Is it possible the records were lost in the flood? Just curious. Thanks, Kim.

I am told my great grandmother was an Indian. Her name is Ethel Pearl Griffith born October 14, 1889 in Llano, Texas. Her mother's name was Polly Ann Coggins. Her father was Andrew Paul Griffith. Thanks for any info you may offer. Kind Regards, Kim.

Trying to find Tammy Lee Williams. She married and divorced my dad Johnny Pike. I would really like to find my mother. She left when I was one year old. Is there anyone out there that knows her? My dad lived at Siloam Springs. I think she might have family in Oklahoma but I am not for sure. Please email me if you know where she is. I would like to see my mom again.

William Harvel White, M.D. born 1810 in Franklin County, Georgia, died 1863 in Washington County, Illinois, USA.

Looking for Bernard Franklin Rourek (a.k.a. Roerk) born April 1842 in Ireland. I'm not sure where he moved to Indiana. He married Mary Miers. His son was named Frank Miller Roerk.

I'm looking for the parents of Irene Edna Robertson (she married Sam Brunk of Wythe County, Virginia on July 1, 1943).  She was born on June 25, 1924. This all the information I have except they were also were know around Little Walkers Creek Virginia, too. I would appreciate any help with this.  I can't seem to get anywhere. Thanks for your help in advance.

I am looking for my grandfather David Barbero who was last known to have owned a restaurant in Branson, Missouri 35 to 45 years ago.

Looking for any information on Frank & Jennie Jaworski of Bayonne, New Jersey.  They had 6 children, all of whom ended up growing up in a Catholic orphanage in New York.  Children are:  Angela, Christina, Frances, Anthony, Bruno and Edward. All now deceased.

Hello I am looking for lost family. I have tracked my family back to Henrich Ohlendorf (born) November 21, 1808 in the province of Hessen Braunschweig, Germany. He and his wife moved to Algerstorf, Germany in 1843. I don't know of any brothers or sisters. They are what I am looking for - Henrich's siblings. Thank you.

Looking for survivors and those who did not survivor the Holocaust by the name of Esselborn.

I am seeking any information for the family of Calvin Julius Durham who died Apr 2008. I have known this family for over 40 years and they are interested in details about their genealogy. Calvin's mother was Sallie Maude Hatcher Durham Nixon and his father was Luther Durham born 10-10-1919 died Jul 1972. Also, a brother, Turkey, or perhaps Charles who died June 1990-1992

Seeking information on Brenda Gail West Anthony of Georgetown, SC born 8 August 1948 died 21 January 1981 and married in Charleston about Oct 1969 to Roger Lee Anthony, died in auto accident in Georgetown. I wish to know details of her life and death, burial and obituaries. Please.

Eliz Boon born December 15, 1841 Ilton, Somerset, England and died November 16, 1893 in Boston, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada. She was daughter of Joseph Boon and Ann ? Looking to see if Joseph and Ann has other children. What are the birth dates of Joseph and Ann?

I'm looking for William H. Smith born 1840 in Canada. He married Sarah C. Smith abt.1861. I'm looking for them in Craftsbury, Orleans County, Vermont in the 1880 census or any other information you have. Thanks, Peggy.

I am searching for data on Mary Jane Carrigan, born in Tennessee, 1962. May have lived in Indiana and moved to Ohio.

Elizabeth Haustrath (from Germany or Alsace) emigrated in 1924. She was 19 years old. Does anybody know if she has children ? I heard about: Steigmann. She lived in Riedseltz. Then she emigrated to her uncle. Her father was called Hausrath Jean (or Hans or Johan) and her mother Marie Wagenblass. Thanks!

I am looking for anyone with information regarding the Garrett family. My understanding is that they were slabes and lived in South Carolina (somewhere around Laurens). There is a family cemetery on the old plantation grounds. The last name came from the slaveholder Garrett. Not sure reather it was James Garrett or Thomas Garrett. One of the Garretts married my ggggg-grandmother Ceelie (Dherokee Indian). I have some birthdates and will be adding more information later. The Garrett that married Ceelie was a freed slave. Two of the children were sold back into slavery.

I am seeking relatives of my great grandfather, Joseph Stein. He was born on 6 May 1844 in Bavaria. I think the town was Niedernberg. His father was Peter Stein and his mother was Catherine Ebert. He emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1859. I believe he had a sister, Magdalena Stein who was born on 11 August 1836. She also emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1859.

I need to find the marriage of: Joseph Wilfred SAUVE to Virginia Gilmore. Marriage would have taken place in 1929-30. Sauve was born in Canada in 1881, later in Syracuse, NY, then L. A. Calif. Gilmore was born 1908 Birmingham, AL. In 1929 she attended William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA. Both are now deceased. Appreciate any suggestions on where marriage might have taken place.

I am trying to find anyone who might have heard of, Evelyn Brown, born July 6, 1906 Montgomery, Alabama. Alabama did not register births until 1908. In 1930 Evelyn was in Boston, MA and NH. Have been searching for over 20 years. Any suggestions very much appreciated.

I am looking for anyone who may have known or heard of, Evelyn Brown. In 1930 she was living in Boston, MA and on June 16, 1930 gave birth to a baby girl, Evelyn Brown in Hillsborough County Hospital, Grasmere, NH, near Manchester, NH. At three months old, the child was abandoned at a hotel in Sanford, NC and adopted by a local couple who evidently was aware of her origins but are now deceased. The lady who left child at hotel name was Estelle or Catherine Calvert. Evelyn was born in 1908, possibly in Alabama but not sure. Also possible she died in Boston area in 1930-31. Any suggestions at all greatly appreciated.

I am looking for information on Cox Simon and His family. Cox was born in North Carolina in 1820. Moved with his wife Jennie Atkins to Newbern, Hale Alabama by 1840. His Children names are Cox, Henry, Martha, Emma, Clara, Mary and Dinah all born in Newbern, Alabama.

I am looking for information on General McCrackin who was born in South Caralina. He and Wife Dinah Hill also of South Carolina moved to Mt. Andrew, Alabama. I know of one son General who married Victoria and had one child I know of named Estelle.

I am looking for relatives of "Conrad Dietzel" & his wife "Elisabeth Fuss Dietzel." Their children's names were, Henry Dietzel, Elisabeth (Dietzel) Kreider, George Dietzel, Emile Dietzel, Margaret (Dietzel) Donner & Amelia (Dietzel) Bishop. The parents lived & died in Dearborn County Indiana. They were born Elisabeth in Schlitzenhausen, Germany Conrad in Neuswarts, Germany.

Surnames: Downs, Stallings, Hornsby, Dillon all from Pike County, Mississippi. Searching for African American family via any sources. Surnames: Jackson from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana and  Thompson, from Adams County, Mississippi. African American. White and black family connection info welcome.

I am trying to find my biological parents. I was born August 27, 1964 in Pittsburgh, Alleghany county. My birth name is Angelina Becker. My mother was a pianist and not married when she gave birth to me.

Trying to find out if my cousin Albert (Brodeur) Moore is still alive.  He was born in West Warren, Massachusetts in 1925. His mother died in childbirth when he was born, and he was raised by our mutual grandmother, Victoria Moore in that town.  He spent quite awhile in the Navy.  His mother's name was Elmira Brodeur and that is why he was given the middle name of (Brodeur).  His dad was also named Albert Moore and is deceased. He died of Lou Gehrig's disease. The last time we saw our cousin Albert was at our grandfather, Frank Moore's funeral in Warren, Massachusetts.  Albert was home on leave from the navy to attend the funeral.  Maybe someone in Warren, West Warren or other small surrounding towns may be able to come up with some info that my cousin Gigi and I have been hitting a brick wall on, in our search.  We would appreciate any assistance that a Genealogy Angel could come up with to smash that brick wall.  Thanking you in advance.  Marie and Gigi (Moore)

Hello, I'm looking for information on these people: Selina Harriet Hawley 1850 to 1870, married William Hite 1869. Margaret Rosanna McCulloch
married John Hite 1882 to 1957.


I am lookng for Herbert Wollium Wilkins. He had two sons named Solon Curtis Wilkins born in New Hampshire April 9 1890 died in Rhode Island 1976. This was my grandfather. Hebert also had another son named Lesly Otis Wilkins.

I am looking for information on my aunt Mary Alger born about 1900 in Gladstone, Michigan, USA and immigrated to Canada in 1910. She died at Tyvan, Sask. March 27, 1912. I will be grateful to receive a picture of her tombstone or obituary. Her father and mother were John & Emily Alger who farmed near Tyvan about 1910. Thank you - Phil.

I am looking for my birth mother. Her name was originally Robin Ann Groleau, and is currently Robin Ann Barnes. I do not know where she was born, but I know her family mostly lived in the Jacksonville, FL area, where I was born at in 1989. Link to newspaper article with photo: If anyone has any information, PLEASE help me get reunited with my long lost mother. A direct e-mail address for me is

Seeking information of the Godat family of Switzerland pre-1800

I am searching for relatives of Carl Jensen/Charles Johnson who came to northern Canada, settled in northern Manitoba and married Sarah Sinclair. He is my grandfather but passed away before I was born. We have pictures from Denmark but cannot find an address or name of the people in the picture. Sarah and Charles Johnson had 4 children (James, Albert, Frederick and Nellie). Charles Johnson was from Aarhus, Denmark.

I am seeking information or facts concerning Ebenezer Holmes. Ebenezer was born abt. 1848 in Georgia, U.S.A. He was married to a Mary Murrell. Mary was Cherokee Indian according to what I have been told.

I am seeking information/facts concerning James Asbury Rumsey who was born on August 26,1863 and died on February 10, 1946. He was married to Susan Ann Bailey who was born on April 19, 1864 and died after 1918.

Please help me find information on a past relative. He is my great-grandfather and his name is Curtis Moorman I. He died in Little Rock or Poplar
Bluff Arkansas. That was were he resided with a wife. My grea-grandfather was a mason and I'd like to learn more about his side of the family and where the surname Moorman originated. Thank you.

I'm searching for any information regarding the death of Ruby Hennigan b. Jan 1899 who married Mitchell Elonzo Foshee, then W.C. Sinclair, a Baptist minister. She may have died during the 1970's in or around Jasper County, Texas, perhaps Beauregard Parish, LA. She was the daughter of James Jesse Hennigan and Eliza D. Milstead. Thank you, Beth LaGrone

Searching for any information regarding Reason Bell, born 1817, South Carolina. Married Louisa (last name unknown - although some online information states the name is Donovan - which we strongly believe is incorrect). Louisa was born in SC about 1820. This Reason and Louisa had children: Mary, born 1838; Martha, born 1840; Letty/Nettie, born 1842; Julia Ann, born 1847; John T, born 1848; and James David, born 1853. All children were born in Georgia - exact location is unknown. This family migrated to Cherokee County, Alabama by 1860 and was still there in 1866. By 1870, Reason is apparently died. We find Louisa living in Calhoun County, Alabama, as well as her children. I need information for this family PRIOR to 1850 - Gilmer County, Georgia. Thanks in advance.

Family Historian (non-professional) is trying to determine who the parents were for CHARLES MARTIN GOOTEE, b. abt. 1827 in Indiana and d.7 Feb 1873 in Daviess Co, In. Charles m. CYNTHIA ANN SMITH (1830-1900) dau of Richard Smith Jr and Cinthia Edelen, on 13 May 1848 and had 12 known issue: Barbara Ellen 1850; Martha Jane 1851; Sarah Sabina 1852; Angeline Sabina 1855; Charles A 1856; James Silas 1858; Lewis (Lineus); 1861; Clara Emily 1863; Irvin Emanuel 1864; Anna alice 1867; Charles Walter 1869; William Arthur 1871. All supposedly born in Daviess Co, In. Any help appreciated !

I would like some guidance please. My ancestor John Gootee, b ca 1640 in France came to America (Eastern Shore of Maryland) from England in Feb 1661/1662, sponsored by Antoine LeCompte. His wife Margaurite ??? arrived in 1666 with sons. Parish records of St Helen Bishopgate(Guildhall Library Ms. 6830/2) "Anthony LeCompte of the Parish of Marke neere Callais in France and Ester S Dottande of Deepe in France weare maried the 11th July 1661"). John Gotee and Margarett his wife and Stephen Beson from the Kingdon of France were naturalized on 19 Apr 1671. (MdA-2.270) Vol II County Court Notebook: List of persons naturalized by particular acct- from Bacons Law- John Gouttee, Dor Co, 22 May 1695, John and Joseph Gouttee, his sons. 7 Aug 1675- Indenture between Stephen Beeson and John Gootier and William Ford (mentions Johns wife Margarett). Sold "Carlyle". signed Ettiene Beeson, J. Gautior, Margaurett Gautior. ; To Maryland from Overseas by Bacon lists naturalization.; On 16 Mar 1677, a 100 acre tract of land called "Cauta" was laid out for John Gootee, located on the west side of Fishing Bay adjoining Roasting Ear Point. On 12 Feb 1680, a 450 acre tract called "Callis" was surveyed for him, located on the western side of Blackwater River. 26 Mar 1711 Will of John Gouty to son Joseph, dau Judith Coale and G/S Joseph . In 1675 the spelling of the name in an indenture between Stephen Beeson, J. Gautior and Margaurett Gautior leads me to believe the name is Gautier. So, in French the names were Jean and Margarette Gautier and Ettiene (Stephen) Beeson. Any assistance will be appreciated. I've tried for several years to determine what part of France they came from but have never found an answer.

Looking for death in Storrington Township of Edmond O. Doherty in Frontenac Company, Ontario, Canada who died between 1840 thru 1845. His son was Phillip Doherty who owned a farm and died in about 1894 leaving a wife Margaret (McBride) Doherty.

I am Trying to find the parents of my grandfather, Leon Keplinger. He was born July 3, 1903 in Grant county WV. He married Mary Margaret Ayers. They had Earl JR., Paul Clifton, Jesse E., Goldie Francis, Virgie C., Linda L. Rosalie, & my mother Eula Mae(born Ulla Mae). I have found him at 6 years of age living with Harry S. Sears & Ellen F. Sears Grant County WV. If you can tell me his parents names, I would be gratefully apprecciative! Thanks, Mary

I am looking for records of my Grandfather, WILLIAM DENNIS. Supposedly is part Mohawk Indian. Lived in Bay Shore, Suffolk County, New York in 1914-1918. Lived with a woman named Phebe (Brush?). William Dennis had a son, Thomas W. Dennis b. 1910 and a daughter Gladys b. 1918. He worked for a telephone company and climbed telephone poles. May have had relatives named Stanley Dennis (nephew or cousin) also of Bay Shore area or close by. Would appreciate any help.

I need to find information on my mother during her youth. Margaret "Mug" Elizabeth Elliott, LaJunta, CO she had 2 older brothers Bill and Jim (James A. and William L. "Larney" and a sister Catherine "Kat."

I have been searching (forever) for some relatives in England so hopefully someone will see this and respond, I know the chances are slim but here goes. We are working with 2 last names here. My grandfather Benjamin Holloway (Oliver) was born February 5, 1889 at 9 Andover Place, District Paddington County of Middlesex. He had a brother born December 7, 1896 at 2 Kilburn Park Road, District Paddington, County of London, his name was James Charles Holloway (Oliver)? The parents of these boys were Benjamin Holloway and Margaret Holloway (maiden name was "Green"). However, the one boy immigated to Canada in the early 1900's and got married here and my dad was born in Canada and all his siblings, BUT we can't seem to locate anyone that's still alive and knows anything. We have a picture of James Charles and his daughter Francis born in 1930 so I was hoping she might still be alive and well and could give some answers. At the time of this letter they were living at 31 Blenheim Terrace, Abbey Road, St. Johns Wood, NN8. We think that Benjamin Thomas Oliver (as we knew of him) James Charles's brother, changed his name from Holloway to Oliver when he immigrated, but we have no proof, except that a cousin (from my mom's side) has been helping with research and went to the address on the letters and found the information to all match except the last name. SO IF ANYONE SEES THIS THAT CAN HELP I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.

George Aaron "Brack" Whatley (Abt 1857 in Tallapoosa County Alabama) Brack is my Great Great Grandfather. Race is white. I am looking for sibling relatives of Brack. Some one that can tie in the 1860 Census (listed below) with proof. FACT: Located in 1910 Census in Poplar Spring, Tallapoosa, Alabama. Brack was listed here with wife Cordelia McGuire & 3 children. FACT: Located in 1900 Census in Poplar Spring, Tallapoosa, Alabama. Brack is listed here as Buckhanor B. Whatley. This is the same family listed above in the 1910 Census with wife Cordelia McGuire & 7 children. Trying to tie in Bracks parents in 1860: 1860 Census (Western Division, Tallapoosa, Alabama) I found listed the following people: William Whatley (HH) Abt 1818 in GA Nancy (Wife) Abt 1822 in Georgia Richard Abt 1843 in Alabama Augustus Abt 1844 in Alabama Sarah J. Abt 1848 in Alabama Major Abt 1850 in Alabama Woody Abt 1952 in Alabama Etta Abt 1854 in Alabama Buckanan B. Whatley--Abt 1857 in Alabama. This is my great grandfather "Brack" - I believe.  I need to know how this William Whatley ties in. I need to know if Brack was married more than once? Had 2 families? Need to know a DOD for Brack. Any and all help is appreciated. Can email me directly at Thanks! Jan White

Looking for a connection to my WHITE line. Race is white. If my searching is correct, Caleb (born in South Carolina) would be my paternal Great Great Grandfather. Records show Caleb married Rhoda Ann Whiddon in Georgia. Found in 1860 Thomas County Georgia Census with wife Ann & several children including, John, Martha, Harriet, Carolina/Caroline, Thomas & HENRY. This HENRY I believe is my WHITE line and my Great Grandfather. His DOB is thought to be 1854, Thomas County Georgia. Unknown DOD. Anyone know who this Henry married? Possible he married twice? I'm looking for a connection. Anyone having one to anyone I've mentioned, please leave me an email Thanks Jan White

I am looking for any info on Marie Rose Geyer along with any family members from Johnstown PA. She was born 3 years after the flood. She was born in 1898 and died in 1981. She is buried at All Saints Cemetery on Route 58 between Mercer and Greenville PA. Her father was Albert Geyer and mother was Lena Zolmer. Brother was Charlie and sister was Lizzy. I know they lived in Johnstown PA. She married William J. Mueller and had William, Herbert, Cathrine, Ruth, Audrey, Dolly, Orca, Edward, June, George were their children. They moved to Milvale by Pittsburgh then to Gibsonia PA then to Route 19 north of Mercer PA. If you can help me out I would really appreciate all that you could. Thank you so much.

I was told that my Great Great Grandmother Susa Fager was Choctaw Indian. She married my Great Great Grandfather Henry Small in Dayton Ohio in 1863. I want to find if the Fager family are members of the Choctaw Nation

I am interested in verifying if Johann Zimmermann and Anna Pulfer are the parents of Maria Zimmermann born or Christened the 18 August 1841 in Wattenwil, Bern, Switzerland. Maria Zimmermann married Christian Messerli on the 18 Dec 1880 in Bern canton, Switzerland as his second wife. Christian Messerli was also married to Elisabeth Pauli and Magdalena Bohlen. My Grandmother Elisabeth (Elise) Messerli is the daughter of Christian Messerli and Maria Zimmermann and was born 11 May 1882 in Rumligen, Bern, Switzerland. Her mother died soon after her birth and her father remarried, then her father died not long after that on 3 May 1885. Elisabeth Messerli married Johann Germann on the 27 May 1904 in Frutigen, Bern, Switzerland and then in 1907 they immigrated to the USA. Their first two children were born in Switzerland, that was my aunt Marie and my aunt Alice. If someone could help me trace the Zimmermann line, I would most appreciate it. I would be happy to help in return with reserch in the USA or with information from my other Swiss lines. Three of my Grandparents all came from Switzerland in the early 1900's.

I need in-depth info on William Elliott, b. 1764 son of Capt George Elliott b. 1728, Ireland. William was married to Margaret Arnold and George was M. Charity Jane Diddle Any information will be appreciated. Bev

I'm looking my fathers side of the family. His name is Charles C. Devoe who was born on july 27,1920?. His fathers name is Paul G. Devoe or Deveau born in New Brunswick and his mothers name is Florence Cyr their birth dates are unknown. Any information would be helpful, Thx.

Born 7/14/53. Adopted by Frank and Mary of Lowellville, PA. Would like any info for medical reasons. No info from adoptive Mother or relatives.

Seeking info on any Finley / Findley's in either West Meath or Meath, Ireland. Other possible tie-in would be the Cohan's same area. My Gr grandfathers name is Edward Finley. Arrived in the USA abt 1888. Lived in Brooklyn, NY. Any info would be helpful.

Looking for info on John Hydock (Hyduck, Heiduck) born 1855 Peterswalde, West Prussia. Came to PA after son Frank was born in 1884-1886. Moved to Michigan after death of his wife in 1915.

Thomas Musson born abt 1745 in Finsbury, London, England. Thomas died 22 July 1832 Etobicoke, York, Ontario, Canada. He married about 1784 or 1789 to Mary Elizabeth. Mary died 1 March 1846 Weston, York, Ontario, Canada age 77. Children who survived to marry and move to Canada were Mary Musson (Paris), William, Thomas, and Edward. Children who died young were: Elizabeth Mary, Susanna Matilda, Susanna, Thomas, William, and Susanna Elizabeth. Need to know the maiden name of Mary Elizabeth and who her parents were, and where married?

I am looking for information on Eddie (Edward?) Hunzeker, born in 1894 in Nemaha County, Kansas. Possibly lived in Pawnee County Nebraska

Charlton: I am searching for relatives from my father's family. William Harrison Charlton was b. 17 Oct 1915, d. 18 Nov 1993. His family was from the Washington, Pennsylvania area. He was career military (USAF) and was married to Sylvia from Montana. I am his youngest son, 62. I have a wonderful son, 7 y.o., and we are in Thailand right now. I am seriously ill and I want my son in the U.S., preferably with blood relatives. I am his sole relative, so their is urgency to this query. I hope to hear from someone ASAP. My regards, Richard Logan Charlton.

I am searching for numerous persons in my family. My birth mother Mary Elizabeth Baldwin that used numerous aliases. Daughter of Warren and Gertrude (Hoover) Baldwin. Gertrude was born in 1900 and died in 1940. The parents of William H. Adkins. He was born in 1895 and other connections to William. Mother supposedly Minnie Bearfoot/Barfoot and father supposedly Charlie Adkins. There is Native American history here so searches are difficult. William was an only child that went to live with an Uncle Bill around 1906 after his parents death when he was 11 yrs. old. He was supposedly born in NM or within 30 miles of the Gulf of Mexico on a reservation. Info on the reservation would be most helpful also. Any relatives out there looking for the same individuals. Bert B Bedford relatives. Relatives of John Beasley spouse of Cynthia Clouse. And Clouse relatives related to Moses Clouse and Pina Anne Plunkett or his other wives.

I am searching for Schiemann ancestors from East Prussian villages including Klein Baitschen, Gerwischkehmen, Wilpischen See, Kasenovsken, Albrechtsdorf, Redden and Blandau. All assistance is appreciated. Ervin Schieman

I would like to know if Violet Richardson (nee Walton) died a violent death on 16th August 1936. She was 32 years old and laid to rest in Tottenham cemetery grave no: 1192

Looking for the parents of Bryant Cameron born 1778 in North Carolina. Married Sarah McCutcheon moved to Williamsburg County, South Carolina and was there in the 1810 census.

I am searching for a Denver and Andrew Hill any information will help. They just disappeared in the early 1900's. Father's name was William Obra Hill and Eliza Jane Dunlap Hill was their mother. They lived in Boone County West Virginia. Their brother's name was William Moody Hill. He died while trying to get some information on them.

My Grandpa Claude Charles Lemon was born 5-1-1905. He was put in an orphanage in Steele City Nebraska and was adopted by Donald J. and Alice Witt Richbourg. His brother Warren was also adopted by the Richbourgs. They lived in Gainesville Florida. Warren had a twin brother but I have no idea who adopted him. My Grandpa had 2 sisters that I know of named Margaret and Katerine. I'm not sure if they were Lemons are born Richbourgs. I don't know my Grandparents first names so that hinders me alot. I do know Grandpa had cousins George and Annie Lemon. Other names I've heard are Ida, Ira, Dorothy, Mickey, Ray Bill Jr., Minnie and Harry Lemon. If anyone has any information I would appreciate it so much. Cathy Miller

I am looking for information about Carl Olsen, born about 1863 in Varmland, Sweden, died Jan 1926 in New York, married to Alvine Olsen (Olevine), born 1869 in Norway. Her twin sister was married to Fred Martin and lived in Boston, daughters Gustava, Victoria and Annie. Carl emigrated from Oslo (Christiania), Norway, probably in 1888. Does anyone have information about these persons? Ellinor Oland

Information on the ancestors of Henry Thomas Hill, who was born in Tredegar, Wales, England on September 08, 1857. He came to West Winfield, Herkimer, NY, USA as a young man and became a minister of the gospel. His father's name was Henry Hill, also of Tredegar, Wales. I believe he was a coal-miner. Henry Thomas Hill was married to Margaret Thomas who was born in New Jersey, USA in 1860. He remarried after her death at age twenty-seven, this second wife was Jennie Thomas, born in 1867 in New Jersey.

I am Clarece L. Heard and I am looking for my birth parents.

I am looking for relatives of Joseph Adams, he lived at 8057 Emily in Detroit, born, 2-17-1896 and owned the J. Adams Moving and Cartage Co. He served in World War II, his wife's name I belive is Emma Adams and she was born 28 Mar 1902. The LaRue family is also I believe the daughter's married last name. I have a box of old pictures and written material that someone may like in the family.

What is the correct way to list place of birth? I usually put Ede, Fors Parish, Jämtland County, Sweden. For those born in America I put Powell, Park County, Wyoming, USA

I am trying to locate anyone with information on the late Rufus McBride born in 1903. His ancestors were from Ireland. He was my great-grandfather of he McBrides from Chesterfield, South Carolina. Their surname was McBride (also spelled MacBrihde), from earlier MacGiolla Bhrihde (irish - son of the servant) from County Donegal in the 1700s. So if some can enlighten me further, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Hi! I'm a descendant of the Van Cleef family, a family who I feel has a very interesting story to tell. Unfortunately, their story has been hushed up quite well, and I only have a little bit of it. The Van Cleef's lived in Fayette, Tyre, and Seneca Falls. The the first of the Van Cleef to live in Upstate New York was Isaac and his wife Femmetje, of Phebe, Quick. Their son, Uriah, is my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, and he died 1830 in Fayette. He is buried in the Burgh Cemetery. His son, Tunis, married Maria Alleman. I have a some interesting stories about their son, Devereaux, who married Harriet White, and also their grandson, Elwood, who married Ethel Bordner. I was wondering if anybody had any stories, notes, pictures, or information about them that they could share? I'm willing to send my info on the family as well. Also, does anyone know if any letters or journals of theirs exist still, which I could possibly scan or type up? Thank you so much. I'm a high school student living in France, so learning about my New York ancestors is a little difficult. I go back to Upstate New York every summer. Once again, I would be willing to share information I have on the family already. Thanks again!

I am researching Christopher Stumpf born in Germany and lived in New York, first wife Mary Lynch, second wife Roseanna and children: Christopher, Carrie. They are just 2 of the children from the 2nd marriage

I am looking for the family of Charles Hughes one of his sons was James Vincent, from Brooklyn NY

After finding my husband's birth mother after 60 years and attending 2 family reunions, it has been revealed to us by my husband's birth mother that there is another half sister. We are trying to find the half sister. Susanne Wiley married to Emanuel V. Ledecky-Janecek. Susanne had a daughter Nina. Susanne should be around 70 years old. She may have been born in Indiana or Illinois. Susanne's mother's name was Katherine (nickname: Kenna) Schroeder Wiley. Susanne's father's name was Robert James Wiley. Could you help us? Beside my husband there would be another half brother Scott Wiley. This request is made by Mrs. and Mrs. Samuel Z Rothfield. My husband, Samuel, was adopted. His birth father was Robert James Wiley.

Looking for info on Charles C. Johnson, born 1855 in Sweden d. abt. 1930+ in Wisconsin or Michigan. He married Carrie (a.k.a. Caroline) Anderson of Denmark b. 1865 d. abt 1924. Lived in the upper penninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin and Minnesota. Had children Mathilda, Edward, Annie L., Clare, Carl.

I am looking for the birth parents of my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Wade, who was born on February 6, 1884 in Kentucky - maybe Glasgow or Clinton County, Kentucky. All I know is that she was orphaned and lived in a Catholic orphanage in Kentucky. At 16 or 17 an "Aunt?" came and took her out of the orphanage. She lived for a short period of time with an Alfred Ballenger Wade and his wife. Thank you.

I am trying to find some history of my grandfather Harry Pearce born 21st of September 1922. He was born in Portreath, Cornwall, England. I cannot find any information for free. As it was his funeral last week and the information the vicor was telling us all of him being in the navy and on submarines was very interesting and I would like to find out more information about my grandfather.

I am looking for my brother Terry Jerome Jackson. His birth certificate name is Terry Jerome McCargo. He has been missing since 1994. He was last seen in our hometown of Moline, Illinois. He has resided in the following states as well: California, Arizona, Texas, and possibly Tijuana, Mexico. He has a history of alcohol addiction and tends to roam. Please help me find my brother.

I am looking for information about my great grandmother. Her name was Lillian Whitecamp at one point. I think she was from Mexico. She married my great-grandfather, Charles Whitecamp and had a daughter Louise Cecila. Louise married Oval E. King of Tell City Indiana.

I am looking for more information on my side of the Poppen family tree. I end my linbe at Ubbe Albert Poppen born 1843 in Germany (where exactly I do not know), his son Folkert Poppen (1874 - 1933 died in South Dakota) and his son Elmer Poppen (1971 - 1975). If anyone is of the Poppen lineage and can shed some info, please let me know.

Looking for information on Gotthalf Benjamin Wiesehügel of Döbeln and Bautzen, Saxony, Germany.

I am looking for the name of a 3rd wife of James Harvey Holland, a rancher in Achille, OK in the early 1800's. His first wife was Nannie Chaffin, his 2nd was Dovie Haney, the 3rd gave birth to 3 children, only 1 survived. His name was Walter Bradford Holland, deceased in 1971. I can find no mention of her anywhere and Walter had no children. All help appreciated!

My name is Heather Barnhill. My father was Alvah G. Barnhill. He died on the 4th of July in 1997. I am trying to locate my family, I have never met them but I know I have a few half sisters. If any one knows my family please contact me.

Edward and John Stein both German Jews immigrated to Denver around 1920's from Germany. Families from the uncles moved to New Mexico primarily the Las Vegas area. The family believes that they are Ashkenazi Jews and not Sephardic. The last name of the current family is Edward Sanchez, his father was Arturo Sanchez and Clorinda Sanchez. These were Arturo's uncles. We want to know more about the uncles and who preceded them.

I am trying to find any living relatives of my paternal grandfather whose name was Alexander Davis. He immigrated from Jamaica more than 50 years ago. He settled in a small town in southern New Jersey called Port Norris. He married my grandmother. Her maiden name was Easter Smith. She was originally from Virginia. My grandfather never had any family come over to the states not even when he died. So we assume that all of his family is still in Jamaica. I would love to find how I can go about finding this information.

Wanting to know something about Walter V. and Agnes M. Smith. Last address, 1930, was 2300 Aiken St. Baltimore, MD. He was a Captain in the Baltimore Fire Department.

Francis Herbert Harwood born 1874 Akaroa, New Zealand. His father John Harwood; mother Maria Elizabeth Magdalena, known as Elizabeth nee Lange or Boeckmann. He married Rose Baldwin in New Zealand 1899. Then, rumour has it he left them and went to Canada about 1918 and had a new family there. Very interested in any info on him or his new family.

Look for Faith  (Fay)  Mathews. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Fay Mathews (last married name) who is from Parkersburg, West Virginia. She lived in Jacksonville, Florida for several years and last heard from she was back in Parkersburg, West Virginia. She is about 51 to 60 years old if she is still alive. She may have remarried. Contact Bob Carroll.

Researching surnames: Gernhauser, Blessey/Blessig, Dirmeyer, Roselius, Crumhorn, Yochum, Talen, Templeton and McStea in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I'm looking for a marriage between a Gaffney and Versola in Genesee County NY. The year was 5 July 1928. It was in the Daily News.

Searching for my Grandfather, Charles R. Jones. Born in Cleburne, Texas. Married Ola Mae Hartline About 1905. Two children. Thomas and Lillie Mae.

I am trying to find Lillie (Divilbless) Walker - her email is I have information about your grandfather, Humbert Walker. You can reach me at Donna Iser, Rt #5 Box 813, Keyser, WV 26726 or call me at 304-788-1528.

I am seeking information on the WALLENBROCKs of Westerkappein. Our line is Herman Heinrich Wallenbrock born 22 February 1818. They came to North America in 1848. He fought in the civil war for the union. Settled in the Femme Osage area outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Garnet Murphey

My family is looking for the records of birth or any record of Carles F. Harris born in 1885 in Ravenswood, New York or placed in adoption there. Any records of his parents or family line before his birth. We are stuck at this point in our search. Any information would be greatly appreciated since we have been stuck at this point for close to 5 years now with no help from anywhere. We have tried thank you and I hope someone can help.

I am searching the history of the Maxwell family under Thayer O'Neil Maxwell. Any info would help.

This is my new e-mail address. I'm looking for any information on Elisha B. Witherell. He was in Sharon, Connecticut in 1850 census with wife Polly and five children. They also lived in Amenia, New York.

Need to find the parents of Nathan Curry b. 1860 or 1861 in Illinois. Shelby, Edward co.? Don't know anything more about him, until he got married to his first wife Louisa Shipley (her first husbands last name) m. 11 December 1881 in Evansville, Washington co., Arkansas.

My grandfather Franz Geiger (he said that he was born in Oberbayern Germany. My father says that he was from Munich. He was born on the 12th day of March 1850. He came to the USA on the Ship Smidt in 1870. I also had a great uncle Martin Geiger who was a musician and owned the Zither Music Publishing Company at Reidermarkt (not spelled correctly) 2l/11Munich, Germany. Does anyone know someone born in 1850 where they would be from when you have Munich and Oberbayern. Can anyone give me the name of the person, their email address and regular address who takes care of church records in Munich and surrounding areas? Thank you.

Swedish relation: Lind family-Johan August b.1-19-1855; Johanna Margareta b. 2-11-1857; Charlotta Mathild b. 1-1-1860; Christena Ulrika b. 5-8-1862 all immigrated on 7-15-1867, with parents Carl August Lind and Anna Stina Larsdotter.

Grandmother lived in Alabama she had 3 children with a man name Augustus Ceasar in the year of 1930's. He remarried again in 1939. Their children names were Deloris, Lucille, Jim

I am seeking parents name to my grandmother's parents. Her name was Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth Anthony. Her parents were Benjamin Laton Anthony(1852-1923) and Minnie Belle Short (1861-1932). And of course any other info from the names would be appreciated. Thanks so much Nina

My sister Angela Mitchell left Trinidad at about the age of seven or eight with her mother for Texas. Daddy is now old and ill and would like to meet with you. You address before you left Trinidad was Point Fortin. Please assist me.

I am looking for my cousin, a male(?) born in Philadelphia or Brooklyn NY to Marva Commings. She is the daughter of Keren Cummin(ing)s and Claude Cummings(deseased). Our family immigrated from Barbados. You might be in your early 50's and given up for adoption when you were born (not sure). Also might have the last name of Pilgrim hope to hear u soon. I been looking for u for a while.

In my possession, a box of letters, post cards, school reports, informal agreements, etc. that concern a George T. O'Dell who was a dentist, probably in Indiana. Based on information found in this box, George T. was the son of John O. O'Dell of Fountain County, IN. John's father was Telemachus Odell, whose biography appears on the Genweb site for Fountain County, IN. This box was given to me in hopes that it might add to my own Odell genealogy, but it obviously does not belong in this branch of the family. George T. and wife, Elizabeth (born in Canada) were enumerated in St. Joseph County, IN in the 1930 census. In that enumeration, they were the second family living in household #161 (ED #71-33, Sheet 8B). The first family enumerated in that household were listed under the surname "Marley". Other names appearing on papers in this box are Dale A./Dona A. Rigdon; Emma Dell Odell (sister to George T.)and Thomas P. Cifaldi. Letters concerning the latter are written in French. I would like to get this box to someone who has some family connection to those mentioned in the documents. Interested parties please contact me at e-mail: Please provide some evidence of family connection to Telemachus, John or George T. Odell.

Hello - I am searching for any information regarding Alzona Josiphine DeLapp - Born 1877, Died 1956. She is buried at the Belcrest Cemetery in Salem, OR. Her husband's name is John DeLapp and he had worked in the Salt Mines and came to Oregon from Joplin Missouri. Their Children were Russell DeLapp, John Lester DeLapp (my grandpa), Francis "Dick" DeLapp, and Floyd Samuel. Thank you!

Looking for more info on Carrie Johnson (aka Caroline Maiden name Anderson) Born abt 1865-66 in Denmark, died at Pine Lake Wisconsin home 4-16-1935. Her childrens' names were Edward, Anna, Clara, Emma, Carl, Matilda (Tillie). Her ex-husband's name was Charles or Carl Johnson b. abt 1855 in Sweden. I think all the children were born in Michigan. Any and all info appreciated.

Florencio & Serafia (Nepumoceno) they had 8 children and there names are: 1. Florencio N. Leling he married Cecillia Alojado. 2. Emilio N. He married Aurella Alojado 3. Catalina N. She married Florentino Montilla 4. Elisa N. She married Simeon De Los Santos Alojipan 5. Edward N. Danding. He married Pilar Cadiao 6. Antonio N. He married Rosario Cadid 7. Augustine N. He married Nieves Paclibar & Abigail Weed 8. Rosita N. She had a child from an unknown De Bury and his name was Enrique DeBury this is what I know about my grandfather Augustine. I really would like to know more. In this day and age I am hoping some family member sees this and wants to help. I would like to know more about my great-grandparents and all my grandfathers' brothers and sisters and I would like to get pictures of him and his family when they were young. I have never seen pictures of him or anyone from his family. I am hoping one of my cousins from the Philippines or the mainland reads this and knows it for real and would like to help me.

Juana C. Calaro she married Proceso Alcon Sabido and they had three boys named Daniel, Mario and Rogelio. She also had 6 other siblings that I know and there names are Cirilo, Refina, Estelita, Encarnation, Rosita and Santos. Juana's parents names are Emilia Calicalin and Everisto Calaro. Emilia parents are Leon and Estacia and his parents are Marcos and Prudencia. Any other information and photos anyone is willing to share would be greatly appriciated and wanted. I have been searching with no luck for a few years now and my mother in law Juana doesn't remember much. Thank you for helping.

Looking for information on the Thede family from Ribnitz Mecklenburg, Schwerin immigrated to U.S. about 1868.

Hello, I am looking for my sister. My mother gave her up for adoption years ago, her name was Judy. My mother's name, who is now passed on, was Carol Morgan. Morgan was her maiden name. I am one of 6 children she had including Judy. She was born in British Columbia and was given up at the age of 5. That's all I know. I am 39 years old and I think Judy would be older than that.

Searching for my husband's grandfather Ebeneser (Ebb) J. Madden, born August 1857 in Tennessee, died 21 November 1932. Parents were George W. Madden and Elizabeth. Wife Mary Eugenia (Parker) Madden born about 1870 in Alabama. Children: Emily 11/1886, Bennie 1/1900, May 1891, Luther 1893, Ida Mae 24 May 1894, died 22 October 1975, Sam 1903, Minnie Etta 6 July 1904, died april 1984, Jessie 1908. We have the death certificate on Ebb Madden showing he was buried in Reville Grave Yard. No one in Reville, Logan county knows a Reville Grave Yard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Searching for my husband's grandfather Greenberry Hall who was born January 1847 in Mississippi died 22 March 1912 supposedly in Ferguson Township, Yell County. Wife Florence (Madden) born 1856 in Arkansas, died 1 Jan 1912. Married 19 December 1872, Yell County, Arkansas. Children: William Asberry DOB 12 Dec 1876 DOD 21 July 1953, Geroge H. DOB March 1882, Clemma (Emma) DOB 1887, Annie B DOB 2 April 1893 DOD 1902, Isabell (Marry I.) DOB 2 April 1893, Fannie DOB September 1879. Parents of Greenberry Hall Were Perry C. Hall abt 1823 Georgia, Emaline (Elizabeth N.) abt 1828 Alabama. Trying to find the cemetery and burial place for Greenberry, Florence and Emaline Hall. Any information is greatly appreciated.

I am looking for any information on Elmer Parson's family. They lived in Clay Co., WV in the 1940's in the city of Procious, WV. He had four children. His wife was Shirley Parsons. Elmer died 1977 in Hubbard, Ohio. Looking for his obituary. They had four children, Teresa, Delores, Jarrell and Ledora, who is still living. Please, if anyone has any information, please email me. Thank you so much.

I found a picture of a happy couple in their 50-year wedding anniversary. Read in back: Karl and Esther Henke, 3.7.1983. She was my grandmother´s aunt´s daughter(?) who moved from Finland to USA (lake-area?) They cannot be alive anymore, but their children or grandchildren are, maybe?? My mother is Rauha Reponen (JOUTTIMÄKI)

Looking for information on the descendants of Jeanne Blosser. Would be children once named Michelle, Rosslyn, Rodney, Robin, Justin, and Jaylynn. Any information about the mother or children would be appreciated. The family was located in Pittsburgh in the 90's.

I am searching for 2 items. One goal is to find relatives of the Wilhelm Wolff family. He married a Maria Schulz. She had been married before had a son Hermann Augusta Frederick Schulz. She had several children with Wilhelm. They arrived in America on April 18, 1885. The second goal is that I'd like to know more about where they came from, which is the Mellentine Province in Pomerania (Germany). Does anyone know of this area?

We are trying to find the name of my grandmother's father. Ruby C. Ransom was born in 1908 around Harrison Co. Indiana. His name is not on the birth certificate. Her mother's name is Cora Adaline Voyles Davis. Cora's father's name was Alford Voyles. They lived in Palmyra at the time Ruby was born. Ruby said that her father lived in Palmyra and had dark hair and was short. Thanks

I am searching for cousins in Canada or Scotland who were and are related to Joseph William Eynon or Christian Duncan Kerr Scott. There was a brother of Joseph named Earnest Edward Eynon who lived in Canada until his death. Anyone who has a relationship with the above I would love to hear from.

I am looking for information regarding the paternal side of my family. The family surname is Babcock. As far as I know, the family resided in Western Michigan, specifically, Grand Rapids, Newaygo, White Cloud etc. There were several siblings including a deceased sister named Rose. My grandmother's first name was Lulu. Sorry, that is as much as I know. If you have any information it would be appreciated.

I am looking to meet up with any Hoffecker relatives. My great-grandfather was William Denney Hoffecker. He was born 12/26/1883 in Cheswold, Delaware and he died 01/01/1940. His wife was Helen E. Hoffecker. He also had a brother named John Irving.

Marvin Henry King from Oklahoma. He married Carolyn Risener in 1956. A child was born in 1957 by the name of Donna Earlene King. Please help. This is my father. I don't know anything about him. He was 23 when I was born. My mother was 17. They were married in Oklahoma.

I am looking for records regarding the Bauer/Baur family of Oberflacht Germany in the 1850 to 1945. My grandmother was Paulina Bauer 1905-1990 born in Oberflacht but died in Canada. Her father was a breadmaker in the village named Josef Bauer. Paulina married Christian Gremmelmaier in 1927 in Switzerland. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

I am looking for my Irish ancestor, Thomas Milton, born about 1815 in Leatrim. He arrived in Castle Garden in 1857 and married Margaret Gallagher in Brooklyn. He had an aunt, with the surname Reynolds. What ship did he arrive on? Who were his parents' names? Any info.?

I am looking for anything I can find on my great grandparents. Their names are John Bixby born 1838 in ohio, and Margaret (Collins) Bixby born about 1842 in Illinois. The last census I find is in 1880 and they lived in Hardin, Pike Co. Illinois. I would like to know more about the names Bixby and Collins and where they originated. Any help would sure be appreciated. Thank you.

Looking for any ancestors of Charles/Charlie/Carl Johnson b. abt 1855 in Sweden. He lived in Wisconsin and Michigan and married Carrie/Karen Anderson who was b. 1865 in Denmark. Their children, who may have all been born in Michigan, are Anna Lorraine LaRoche (m. Frank A.), Carl Johnson (m. Estella Fry and may have been married more than once), Edward Johnson, Emma Edwards (m. Hiram), Matilda Bengston (m. Gust), and Clara Maule (m. David).

I am looking for Lottie (Charlotte) born 1866 in the States. She married Caesar Herman Raab in 1887 and went to live in Jersey City, on 72 Hutton St. She had four children: Christina, Julius Caesar, Elisabeth and George. She used to stay (after losing her husband) with her daughter Elisabet in Atlantic City. I think her father's surname was Levay and her mother's surname was, Lennard. Charlotte Levey is my great grandmother. I should be pleased if I can know about her ancestors.

Looking for current contact information on Kathy Horner of Longmont, CO. Horner is her maiden name, but she married sometime in the last 7 years and I don't have her married name. Up until 6-7 years ago, she worked with abused/homeless women shelters in Longmont, CO, and probably still does. She was a case worker/therapist. She is about 49-54 years old. Sorry, not much info, but it's all I got.

Continuing with family tree of Freiedrich Ludwig Hocke, departing from Roffhausen, Germany on May 1896 to America. I can't find the ship and arrival site. Some say the records are destroyed. Can anyone help?

Searching for the surname Lowin from Babienten, Aweyden Kreis Sensburg. Possibly Konigsberg East Prussia also. Family was of Protestant Lutheran faith. The surname originated in Pomerania. Any information helpful. Regards, Ann.

I am looking for any information on Hugh Erwin Long born in Fayette County, WV. I think he was born 1939 and died 1985 in small plane crash in New York. His late mother was Veda Skaggs Long Dufour. His father was the late Orville Long. I hope some one can help. Thank you.

I would like to know more about Robert Lee Wirth (born 26 Apr 1887) married to Magdalena Helen Wirth. He was a rancher near Miles City, Montana in the early 20c. I would like to find out what his brand was and any other details of his ranch.

I am the daughter of Charles Sandefer. I have brothers Ernest, William Asbury (W. A. or Bill), Ronald, Toby. Father is William Asbury Sandefer and he was married to Berdie Cantrell Sandefer. I have cousins Teresa, Cay, Lisa, Keith, Blane, children of my Uncle Bill. I do not know the rest of my family, but I do know Goldie Hawn is a family member.

My grandmother was Camryn Doris Goddard. 12-6-1908 to 2-4-1969. Her mother was Alta Olive (Garris) Goddard 8-1888 to 1-28-1956. The 1900 census shows Alta, a widow, Camryn 1 yr old. Alta's tombstone says Goddard so I dont think she re married. I cannot find him on census records, marriage, death or birth. I have Camry's death certificate and social security number, they have no records of her father. Can anyone point me to another direction to find Ralph Goddard? If that is his real name.

Winsor family: Clarence Thomas Winsor ancestors. Marion, Ohio census "dipper maker." Father Joseph Winsor.

I am looking for the parents of Zacheus H. Norton B-12-17-2788 RI, son of a Joe Norton. Zacheus died 1839 in Gerry, Chautauqua Co., New York. Also need parents of his wife Sylvia Thompson V-1794 in VT. Died 1842 in Gerry, Chautauqua Co. and married Geneseo, NY abt 1811. Zacheus was a private in the War of 1812.

My great grand-father's name was Bernt Heissenbuttel. He was baptised (I thought) in 1836 Bremen Hannover. He came to New Zealand in the 1850s. He settled in Canterbury, New Zealand. He was naturalised in 31st Jan 1857. He had nine children. They were all born in NZ. My great grandmother was from Sunderland, England. Her name was Elizabeth Thompson in abt 1865. I have been told that he may of been related to the Haacks. I know they were from Pomerania. That's about all the history I have I'm afraid. I sincerely hope you can help. Kindest Regards Diane Moore [nee Heissenbuttel]

I want as much info as possible about my great-grandfather Mr. W.A. Howie grandparents Alexander, Mary and Jamini. Please contribute if you can. Genelogical Query W.A. Howie (William Howie) Nationality;- British Occupation:- Tea Planter at Dejoo (Dijoo) Tea Estate, North Lakhimpur, Assam, India. Parents: Someone was engaged in construction work in UK Baptism: ?? Birth:- (c) 1875 to 1892 (Scotland or England) (+/-) Death:- Died on a steamer ship while travelling to UK (c) after Dec 1913 Marriage: Assumed to be in Lakhimpur or Assam with Jamini ? in either 1909 or 1910 (+/-). She was Miri (Assamese/Burmese) Children:- 1.Mary Euphemia and 2.Alexander Norman. Both born in Lakhimpur. CHILDREN 1. Mary Euphemia Howie Birth: 24th August 1910, Lakhimpur, India Death: in UK (date ??) Nationality: British Education: St. Andrew’s Colonial Homes (now Dr. Graham's Homes), Kalimpong-734301, West Bengal, India. Admission Date: Dec 1919 Occupation: (Dairy Farming-not sure) Baptism: ?? Marriage: Married to Leonard Hamilton Duffield in ?? year ?? (c ) 1928-1930 (+/-) Children: Daphne, Keith, Bruce, Owen 2. Alexander Norman Howie (A.N.Howie) Birth: 15th nov 1913, Lakhimpur, India Death: 3rd November 1969. Cemetery: CNI burial grounds near RPF ground, (Bulsar) Valsad, India Nationality- Anglo Education:- 1.St. Andrew’s Colonial Homes (now Dr. Graham's Homes), Kalimpong-734301, India. Admission Date: Dec 1919. 2.Ford Motoring classes in Calcutta,India Occupation: 1. A.R.P. Officer (Police) in Saurashtra, India 2. SIPF at RPF (Railway Protection Force) Valsad. Joined in 4th Dec 1961 (Grade:-130-212, Administrative Staff). Duration: 1961 to 1969 Marriage:- 1.Shanta 2. Sarah Solanki. Both wedding took place in CNI (Bretheren) Church, Bulsar, India. First wife marriage date: ?? Second wife marriage date: 9th September 1944 Children: 1.Shanta's- (a) Dennis and (b) Patrick 2.Sarah:- Steven Sarah Howie Birth: 29th Sept 1919 Death 4th July 1990 Cemetery: CNI burial ground, near RPF ground, Bulsar, India a. Dennis Howie Birth: 8th September 1937 Death: 4th January 2005 in Valsad Cemetery: CNI burial ground, near RPF ground, Bulsar, India Baptism: ?? Nationality: British Occupation: Male Nurse Marriage: Subhashna Tendal on 12th June 1970 in CNI Church Valsad, India Children: Wendy and Cindy. Both born in UK. Shubshna Howie Birth: ?? Occupation: Nurse Nationality: British b. Patrick Howie Birth:- 17th January 1942 Occupation: Service. Atic Industries, Atul Ltd-396020, India. Nationality: Anglo-Indian Baptism: ?? Marriage: wedded Kanta Dadlani 20th February 1971 in Civil Court of Valsad. Children: 1.Kenneth and 2.Anthony Kanta Howie Birth: 8th Oct 1949 Baptism: ?? Nationality- Indian 1. Kenneth Howie Birth: 27th July 1972, Bulsar, India Occupation: Software Engineer Nationality: Anglo-Indian Education: 12th- St. Joseph ET High School. Degree in Computer- Aptech Education, Bombay, Baptism: 16th March 1991 Marriage: Neha Tailor 2.Anthony Howie Birth: 23rd September 1974 Occupation: Service Nationality: Anglo-Indian Education: 12th- St. Joseph ET High School, Valsad. 1 year hotel course. Basic Cabin Crew Training. Baptism: 16th March 1991 Children of Sarah Howie Steven Birth: 21st Oct 1949 Death: 14th Aug 1998. Cemetery: CNI burial ground. Valsad. Nationality: Anglo-Indian Baptism: ?? Occupation: Business Marriage: Jasmin at CNI church, Valsad, India Children: Kelvin and Ronny. Both born in India. Abbreviations 1. C= Circa Names Bulsar= Valsad

Looking for mother and father of Hassie J. Grant (Brumitt) (born MAY 3, 1895, died MAR. 28, 1954) Tennessee. Her husband was John M. Grant (born Mar 28, 1882, died May 5, 1971).

I have an ancestor listed by the name of Jacob Fredrik HERFT (JFH), said to have been from Hungary. There are no dates of birth/marriage/death or a spouse listed for JFH. The next lot of names listed are that of his children: Jacob Daniel, George Reiner, Fredrik Magnus and Helena - all of the children are said to have been born in Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) during the time of the Dutch occupation of Ceylon. A search of numerous websites has drawn a complete blank as to where Jacob Fredrik Herft might have actually originated from. A recent search showed a Jacob Harft, a soldier from Stettijn, which was a province in Pomerania. If anyone can assist me with this long, drawn out search it would be most greatfully appreciated and gladly welcome. Thanks Sylvia

Looking for the Samuel Peter Martin Jr. Family. The family left North Carolina (Stokes County or Rockingham County area) in the early 1900's and ends up in Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio on the 1920 census. He has 3 children at this time Clara B. age 19, James age 17, and Joseph age 13. Samuel Jr. was born in Sandy Ridge, Stokes Co. NC Feb. 19, 1880 to Samuel Peter Martin Sr. and Mary Frances Richardson Martin. He married in Patrick Co. VA to Locky Ann Bullin on Sept. 5, 1899. Would love to get in touch with any remaining members of this family! Please email me at Thank you.

I am searching for my half-sisters, daughters of Roy F. Sykes (Sikes). Birth dates would have been after 1947 and before 1955. These two half sisters were at his funeral and I actually spoke to them, but due to my mom's aversion to my having further contact, I broke off contact.

I am still trying to find information on my German great-grandfather. I new him as Fredrich Wilhelm Paul ARNOLD, born 16 October 1890, Harburg in the province of Hanover (Fredrich Wilhelm Paul Arnold could have been an Alias name). He may have been about 13 to 14 years old when he left Germany. I know very little about his German back ground and I would like to know if he had any brothers or sisters and who his parents were. He has named his parents on his naturalization paper as Fredrich and Olga. I was told my grandmother "Freda" was named after his sister, but once again I cannot be sure of this. He worked on several stations once he arrived in Australia. When he married he lived and worked on the mines in Broken Hill Australia. Thank you so much for reading my e-mail. With kind regards, Debra Staker.

Looking for Mary Ellen Rogers who married Brent or Brian Wilson. She grew up in Millington Tennessee and her husband was in the military. She may be working as a cosmetician. Have been trying to locate her for years - please help.

Nora Emily Thompson, born and died in 1958 in South Africa. Florence is her daughter and has been looking for any information on her mother for over 50 years, if anyone has any information please let us know immediately

My grandfather and grandmother according to family knowledge crossed the Mexico border into the US in Texas approximately in 1919 +/- 2 years. His name was Pedro Herrera (DOB 1894) and hers was Catarina Herrera (DOB approx 1899). According to US Cenus data of 1930 it was listed that both of them were born in Texas hence my confusion. I have found supporting info based on US Border crossings that they both crossed. Also based on the Texas Vital Statistics of 1937 for my fathers birth year her maiden name was Catarina Montavbo. Due to most of my fathers family having passed away I can not verify the border crossing or for that matter if her name was Montavbo or Montavo. The US Census data of 1930 appears to be the most accurate as it does list all my Uncles and Aunts except for my father who wasn't born until 1937. I would like to find a good research site for Mexico's census or direct knowledge of my father's side in Mexico.

I'm looking for the names of the parents, or any other siblings of my grandfather Marius Olaff Wilhelm Olsen born 4th February 1878 in Helsingor in Denmark. He arrived in the Port of Adelaide South Australia on the 4th August 1905 on the ship "Wandel" and stayed there the rest of his life. Any information would be most helpful.

I am seeking information regarding my grandfather and his parents. My grandfather died when my dad was only 5 years old, so there is no known information. The info I do have is as follows: Charles Henry Van Ness, born Jan 5, 1913 @ Paterson General in Paterson, New Jersey. Mother is listed as Rose Van Ness, father is blank. I was told by the Paterson Vital Statistics that it is listed that Rose was 19 when she gave birth. She was either born in 1893/1894. My grandfather died in Paterson on Sept 23, 1951. I have found a census record from 1930 that places my grandfather with the McManamey family (Charles, Ella, & Peter C McManamey) and it has him listed as "newphew". Aside from that, I have not been able to find records of my grandfather's whereabouts prior to 1930, and have found no information on his mother Rose. If anyone could help me out with this mystery, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Does anyone have any information at all about a baby boy that was left in Parkgate near the area of Churchbank not far from the centre of Bradford. He was my Grandfather and all I have been told was that he was found by two night soilmen. The baby had been well dressed before being left in a cardboard box. He was taken to St. Lukes workhouse from where he was adopted six months later. His date of birth was registered as 1st January 1896 and he was given the name John Parkgate. Parkgate being where he was found and I think perhaps John was one of the night soilmen. Over the years, I'm thinking that someone may have had the need to talk about this. Perhaps someone who left the baby unwillingly and was later troubled by their actions. Anything at all you may have heard, however small, would certainly be of help. He was later adopted by Bella Wilkinson and given the name George Wilkinson. She was not allowed to drop the name John Parkgate and officially he was known as George John Parkgate Wilkinson. I know it wouldn't help in searching my family tree, but I would just like some idea of who he was. At that time I understand there were many Irish immigrants in the area and perhaps travellers, and young lasses in service. Anything at all could have been possible. Please can you think? Were you ever told anything about the baby? Please pass it on to me if you were.

Looking for descendants of Thomas Alexander Robertson, born NYC, according to records, 1 October 1883. Married to Florence Anna (maiden name unknown) 28 Dec., 1922, formerly of Schenectady, NY. Please contact with ANY info regarding either party.

I am trying to find the true parents of my grandmother. We knew her as Georgina Atkinson nee Coulman, born in Hull 1889 June 4th, but her death certificate had her as Georgina / Georgiana Atkinson nee Coulman / Cammell Laird born Hull in 1889 December 4th, 1889 June 4th. Both state that her mother was called Georgina Cammell. My research shows my great grandma became the housekeeper for Mr. Coulman. When her daughter was one year old she later married him. My query is about the family rumor that my grandma was the result of the downstairs maid (Georgina Cammell and the upstairs gentleman Mr. Laird) or did Georgina Cammell disgrace the Cammell Laird family by getting pregnant out of wedlock and get banished from the family and dropped the Laird part of her name. The Cammell Laird family were shipping magnates in Scotland. Please can someone help, I keep hitting a brick wall.

I have traced the Pauze name to Jean Pauze (Pose) in La Rochelle France born abt 1613. He was married to Isabelle Hebert and had a son named Jacques (b.1609 France d.1709 Quebec. Does anyone have any information going back further than that? Does anyone have any information as to how/when they came to Quebec Canada? I appreciate any help. Bryan Pauze

My name is Emily M. Matthias and I am a doctoral student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at New Mexico State University. I am also a family historian, working on my own family (hi)story since 2000. The purpose of my Doctoral study is to explore ideas surrounding cultural identity formation using the pursuit of genealogy as one lens. I am interested in hearing from fellow family historians who are working on their own research. Please go to my website at , “Take My Survey.” and tell me about how your search has helped to define your sense of cultural identity.

I would like to know what Catholic church my grandmother had a funeral Mass given for her,and what Funeral Home held her last rites. Her name was Agata (Aggie) Bernas (Barnas)(Barnarz). Her maiden name was Galus. She is interred in Tier 7 Grave 13 Section Old West, died April 15,1888.She died of Typhoid fever at the age of 31 years. She is buried in the Mt Elliott Cemetery in Detroit. I do not have any information about her other than what I have written. I do not have the exact date of arrival to the United States other than she and her husband Wojciech and their daughter Aniela came here in 1884. I would be so pleased for any help I may receive in the difficult times I have had. Cordially, Jerome Kowalski

Seeking place of birth, parents names, stories, and photos of John Myers Eichorn, who lived for many years in Johnson County, MO and died in Glendale, CA on 1/12/1941. He was employed by the railroad for many years and was married four times to Alice Hickey, Josie Kissee, Hattie Anderson, and Virgin Mary (Crabtree) Cole.

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