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Need to know where a particular United States town, county, or landmark is located?  Try this wonderful on-line gazetteer (a geographical dictionary or index). The search is free. If you just want to know what county a place is located in, try this place name search instead.

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MapQuest is a world-wide online mapping site that provides customizable, printable and downloadable  maps. You may want to try the U.S. Government's Tiger Mapping Site, too.

Zip Code and Place Name Search

The U.S. Government Census Bureau supports this site, which includes a U.S. Gazetteer. It provides a link to the U.S. Government Tiger mapping site.  This is particularly useful if the SS Death Index (SSDI) yields only a zip code with no accompanying place names.

Search for a place in the US
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For all your genealogy correspondence, make sure you have the right zip code!  This query requires a street address and state and returns the zip.

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AniMap by Gold Bug software is an affordable software on CD that provides maps for each of the United States and illustrates the evolution of county boundaries over time.
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