Third Germanna Immigration, c.1721

The following families settled in the Germanna neighborhood prior to 1725. They may have come under the direction of Zollicoffer. Ages are calculated for the year 1721. Before 1725 there was nowhere else for German immigrants to settle than at Germanna, although they were probably not connected with Governor Spotswood's ironworks. The base for this reconstructed list comes from:

  • "The Second Germanna Colony of 1717, Other Germanna Pioneers, the So-called Third Germanna Colony of 1719, and Late Comers to the Hebron Church Community" by B.C. Holtzclaw in The Germanna Record (1965) 6: 51-74. 
  • Before Germanna by Gary J. Zimmermann and Johni Cerny 

Research by Zimmerman & Cerny has shown that several who were thought to have come to Virginia in 1719-1720 were actually more likely part of the 1717 group. These include the Gessler (Castler), Kappler (Cabler), Wieland (Wayland), Willheit (Wilhoit), and Uhl (Yowell) families. The strongest evidence for this is the absence of any references to each of these families in Germany after 1716 and the fact that they would have left with others from the same town at that time. Perhaps Johannes Breuel (Broyles) Jr. also would belong to this group (What was the source of Dec 1719 and is it possible he could have remembered the date wrong?).

After taking into account the German evidence, it would appear that a third smaller group of Germans probably came to Virginia in 1721, rather than individual families coming every year or so between 1719-1725. The Germans who joined the Germanna colony after 1725, on the other hand, appear to have landed in Pennsylvania and then emigrated to Virginia from there. 

Perhaps others that came during this time were Henry Settler, Jacob Senzaback, Peter Ried, Michael Schower, Georg Wolf, and Johannes Richlu who were offered a grant in 1731 if they could procure 50 additional families within two years to settle the Shenandoah Valley.

Name, Age (as of Sep 1721) Place of Origin (Town, Province) Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Johannes Breuel Jr.   Broyles; Immigrated Dec 1719
Nicholas Christopher
Johannes (John)
Wilhelm (William)
  May not have been German.
Johann Michael Folg
Maria Sabina
Robert Gerber
  Tanner; 1720
Urban Gerber   Tanner
Georg Gerber   Tanner
Lorenz Greys
Maria Euprhosina Barbara (Schott)
  Crees; last mentioned in Germany 1720
Jost Kooper
  Cooper; may not have been German.
(Francis) Franz Ludwig Michael   May not have been German. May have been a friend of Christopher de Graffenried and come from New Berne, North Carolina to Virginia.
Johannes Michael
Johann Michael
Jacob Öhler
Magdalena (Schneider)
Dorothy, 8
Georg Heinrich, 3
Elisabeth Catharina, 1
  Aylor; last mentioned in Germany 1720
Johannes Rausch
Wilhelm Zimmermann
  Carpenter; brother to Johannes below. 1721;
Johannes Zimmermann, c. 21   Carpenter; brother to Wilhelm above. 1721;
Jacob Christopher Zollicoffer   Went to Europe in 1719 to get pastor and support for 1714 & 1717 groups. May have returned to Virginia with this group.


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