Second Germanna Colony, Apr 1717

This emigrants left their villages in southern Germany (Baden and Württemberg) about 12 Jul 1717 enroute for Pennsylvania by way of London. Starvation took the lives of several of the passengers (probably 50 people perished, most of them children) who had been swindled by their captain who was retained in London. The ship held about 138 passengers and did not land in Pennsylvania but to Virginia where the passengers were sold as indentured servants to Governor Spotswood.

The base for this reconstructed list comes from:

  • Before Germanna by Gary J. Zimmerman and Johni Cerny
  • ÄThe Second Germanna Colony of 1717, Other Germanna Pioneers, the So-called Third Germanna Colony of 1719, and Late Comers to the Hebron Church Community" by B.C. Holtzclaw in The Germanna Record (1965) 6: 51-74. 

Research by Zimmerman & Cerny has shown that several who were thought to have come to Virginia in 1719-1720 were actually more likely part of the 1717 group. The strongest evidence for this is the absence of any references to each of these families in Germany after 1716 and the fact that they would have left from others from the same town at that time. These families include the following:

  • Matthias Gessler (Castler) Family
  • Friederich Kappler (Cabler) Family. Although he stated in Apr 1724 that he came to this country with his wife in Jan 1718. It is likely that he was off by a year and came with others from Sulzfeld, Baden in 1717.
  • Thomas Wieland (Wayland) Family
  • Johann Michael Willheit (Wilhoit) Family
  • Christopher & Nicholas Uhl (Yowell) Families
Name, Age (as of 1717), Occupation Place of Origin (Town, Province) Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Conrad Amburger
Andrew Ballenger    
Christoph Barler
Hans Balthasar Blankenbühler, 34
Anna Margaret
Hans Matthias Blankenbühler, 32
Anna Maria (Merkle)
Georg, 2
Cyriachus Fleischmann, c. 64
Barbara (Schöne), 53
Maria Catharina, 14
Peter, 9
Heinrich Schlucter, 20
Lorenz Beckh, 40
Anna Maria (Hirn), 40
Lorenz, 14
Maria Margaretha, 12
Johann Georg, 11
Anna Catharina, 5
Hans Michael Mühleckher, 30
Sophia Catharina (Wimmer), 30
Anna Margaretha, 7
Anna Catharina, 3
... (Wimmer) of Bonfeld [wife's sister]
Hans Michael Klaar, c. 30
Maria Barbara
Agnes Margaretha, 5
Andreas, 4
Johann Georg, 1
Matthäus Schmidt, 25
Regina Catharina (Schlözer), 25/30
Matthew, 4
[Anna Margaretha, 1]
Philipp Jost Weber, c.30
Susanna (Klaar), c.26
Hans Dieterich, 7
Maria Sophia, 4
Waldburga (infant)
Hans Michael Schmidt, 28
Anna Margaretha (Sauter), 28
Johann Michael, 5
[Christoph, 2]
[his in-laws]
Georg Scheible, 47
Maria Eleanore (Berger), 48
Anna Martha, 20
Anna Elisabetha, 17
Anna Maria, 6
Johannes Späth
Anna Maria (Brickhmann), 52
Michael Hold, 20 [step-son]
  Spade, Holt
Wolf Michael Käfer, c.22   Keiffer
Georg Wegmann
Anna Maria (Sellgle)
Sophia Margaretha, 29
Maria Gottliebe, 18
Michael Koch
Heinrich Schneider
Johann Georg Utz, 24
Anna Barbara (Mayer)
Maria Sabina Charlotte Barbara Volk, 7
Louise Elisabeth Volk, 6
[Maria Rosina Volk, 5]
Ferdinand Utz, 2
Johannes Utz, 1
Christoph Zimmermann
Anna Elisabeth
Johannes, 6
Andreas, c. 4
Johann Martin, 2
Andreas Kerker
Anna Margaretha
Barbara, 8
Nicholas Jäger
Anna Maria (Sieber)
Adam, 9
[Maria Barbara, 10]
[Maria Gertrud, 6]
Anna Maria, 3
Anna Margaretha, 1
Johann Breuel, 38
Ursula (Ruop)
Hans Jacob, 12
Conrad, 8
[Georg Martin, 6]
Maria Elisabeth, 1
Georg Mayer, 43
Christopher, 9
Johann Melchior (Michael), 8
Maria Susanna, 6
Catharina Barbara, 3
Philipp Paultisch, c. 42
Rosina Margaretha (Schneider), 46
Margaret, 12
Maria Catharina, 9
Johannes Moltz
Maria Appolonia (Maubars)
Johann Hornberger
Anna Barbara
Jacob Kriegler   Crigler
Johann Thoma, 31
Anna Maria (Blankenbaker), 30
Johann Wendel, 5
Anna Magdalena, 2
  Thomas; Brother-in-law to above Blankenbaker.
Georg Lang
Johann Michael Willheit, 46
Anna Maria (Hengsteler), 32
Tobias, 9
Johannes, 4
Christian, 2
Christopher Uhl
Georg Friedrich, 12
Magdalena, 11
Anna Catharina, 8
Friedrich David, 5
Anna Barbara, 3
Hans Jacob (James), infant 
  Yowell, Owell; c.1720
Nicholas Uhl
Jacob Michael, 8
  Owell; Both parents probably died early.
Michael Stoltz
Maria Barbara
Margaretha Barbara, 2
Thomas Wieland, 35, blacksmith
Maria Barbara (Seppach), 26
Hans Jacob, 3
Anna Catharina Clara, 1
Matthias Gessler
Susanna Christina (Schnell)
Matthias Friedrich, 4
Anna Magdalena, 1
Heinrich Friedrich Beyerbach
Anna Maria
Anna Catharina, 1


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