First Germanna Colony, Apr 1714

The base for this reconstructed list comes from "Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia, 1714-1750" by B.C. Holtzclaw in The Germanna Record (1964) 5. Holtzclaw also published an earlier article which included a reconstruction of this group, "Little Fork Colony from Nassau-Siegen" in The Story of Germanna Descendants in Reunion, 1960, pp.21-24. Mr. Emil Flender of Unna apparently helped him research these families in the parish registers from the villages near Siegen in Germany. The region known as Nassau-Siegen was later incorporated into the district of Siegen in Westfalen.

Name, Age (as of 1714), Occupation Place of Origin (Town, Province) Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Johann Justus Albrecht   Albright; Agent for ironworks emigrants of 1714.
Melchior Brumbach, c. 29    
Jost Kuntze, 40
Anna Gertrud (Reinschmidt)
Johannes, 8
Ann Elisabeth, 6
Catharina, 1
Philip Fischbach, 53, schoolmaster
Elisabeth (Heimbach)
Maria Elisabeth, 27
Johannes, 23
Harman, 21
Maria Elisageth, 18
Henrich Haeger, 70, former pastor
Anna Catharina (Friesenhagen), 51
Agnes, 17
Anna Catharina, 12
Johannes Hoffmann, 22   Huffman
Peter Hitt, c.31-34
Maria Elisabeth (Freudenberg), 40
Jacob Holtzclaw, 31
Anna Margaret (Utterback), 28
Johannes, 5
Heinrich, 3
Johannes Kemper, 22    
Jost Martin, 23    
Hans Jacob Richter, 40
Anna Elisabeth (Fischbach)
Johannes, 3
  Rector; Wife was daughter of Philip Fischbach above.
Johannes Spilman, 35    
Harman Utterbach, c. 50
Elisabeth (Heimbach), 52
Elisabeth, 25
Johann Philip, 22
Alice Catharina, 17
Maria Catharina, 15
Johannes, 12
Anna Catharina, 9
Johann Henrich Weber, 47
Anna Margaret (Huttmann)
Johannes, 21
Catharina, 17
Tillman, 13


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