1752 Ketty (Snow)

[List 189 C] Ketty (Snow)
Captain: Theophilus Barnes
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Portsmouth
Arrival: Philadelphia, 16 Oct 1752

In writing a history of the town of Edenkoben, Alfred Hans Kuby (with the help of Fritz Braun) found that 26 of the 74 families on this passenger list came from the town of Edenkoben and surrounding villages. He published an article about the origins of the passengers on this list, "Die Leute von der Snow 'Ketty' [The people on the Snow Ketty]" in Karl Scherer's Pfälyer-Palatines (Kaiserslautern: Heimatstelle Pfalz, 1981), pp. 79-95. References to this source will be listed below as Kub1981. Ten of these families were descendants of Swiss emigrants to the region.

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Friedrich David Jacquart, 25 Kub1981  
David Welsch    
Johann Diether Marckbach, 25 Kub1981  
Wilhelm Leonhard, 18 Kub1981  
Christian Closs    
Johann Daniel Mutschler, 50
Bur1992 To Philadelphia.
Johan Conrad Oestreich    
Johan Conrad Ruth    
Johan Christian Burg, 21 Kub1981 To Lancaster, PA
Philipp Betillion, 20   To Lebanon Co, PA. Possibly of Winden, Bayern (Pfalz).
Johann Christophel Volck    
Daniel Klein    
Johannes Theobald, 25 Kub1981 Debald, Dewald; to Lancaster Co, PA.
Joseph Mey    
Johannes Gachon    
Leonhardt Seuffert    
Geörg Schneyder    
Johann Peter Niedenthal    
Johann Jacob Neumeyer    
Johannes Hahn, master weaver
Elisabetha Margaretha (Forster)
Benedict, 2
Kub1981 Hen; there was also a Johannes Ludwig Hahn who could have left from Freckenfeld at this time.
Johann Phillipp Schneider    
Johann Wilhelm Strempel    
Jonas Rinderlust [?]   ** Note
Andreas Heck    
Heinrich Müller    
Johann Joachim Tölcker    
J. Georg Frey    
Christian Wentz    
Johann Bloat, sick on board    
Johann Georg Hartranft    
Philipp Scheffer    
Johann Michael Lind    
Johann Jacob Decker Kub1981 Single
Johann Peter Höll    
Johann Jacob Müller    
Philipp Albrecht    
Caspar Bauer    
Johann Henrich Heyl    
Philipp Jacob Wack, 47
Anna Eva Elisabeth (Jentzer), 38
Johann Wilhelm, 16
Anna Elisabeth, 14
Anna Eva Elisabetha, 13?
Friedrich Wilhelm, 8
Kub1981 Mack
Andreas Mack    
Johann Towias Eebele    
Christian Sand    
Görg Braus    
Johann Daniel Weisenberger, 21 Kub1981  
Georg Philipp Lind    
Conrad Thomas Lind    
Christoph Süss, abt 18   Lancaster, PA. Possibly of Rhodt, Bayern (Pfalz). The Christopher Süss whose wife was Susanna Anhausen emigrated to South Carolina in the fall of 1752. js850@hotmail.com
Joseph Weber    
Henrich Weidner, 30
Catharina Elisabeth (Betz), 30
Anna Barbara, 3
Johann Friederich, 1
Philipp Carl Schenckel, 35
Maria Elisabeth (Zimpelmann), 35
Philipp Jacob, 5
Maria Elisabetha, 1
Johann Jacob Hain, 35
Anna Barbara (Mayer)
Georg Michael, 15
Philipp Jacob, 13
Christina, 10
(step-son) Georg Michael Egert, 20
Kub1981 Haen, Hähn, Höhn, Hein, Hayn
Johann Jacob Heintz    
Georg Kerth
Anna Elisabetha (Müller)
Johann Daniel, 10
Johann Jacob, 8
Maria Barbara, 6
Anna Catharina, 1
Johann Wilhelm Andrae, 15
Anna Catharina Andrae, 13
Kub1981 Kopf, Kertt
Jacob Welde, 42
Anna Catharina (Croissant)
Maria Catharina, 10
Johann Nicolaus, 6
Anna Barbara, 4
Kub1981 Wäldy, Wäldi
Martin Grün
Maria Ursula (Gensslinger)
Kub1981 Wife married first to Johann Christoph Franck.
Michael Baker    
Friedrich Müller    
Nicholas Salathé, 20 Kub1981 Salladin, Saladé; to Tulpehocken, PA.
Heinrich Hess Kub1981 To New York; brother-in-law to Nicholas Salathé. 
Abraham Sontag
Johann Michael, 14
Maria Margaretha, 5
Yod1980; Kub1981  
Georg Gass Kub1981 Perhaps son of widow Gass who may have married Abraham Sontag in 1751/1752.
Johannes Kallenberger, 36 Kub1981 Callenberger; to Frederick, Maryland.
H. Georg Brenner   The mother of Henrich Weidner (above) was a Brenner, perhaps a relative.
Jacob Heyl    
Heinrich Süss
Maria Charlotte
  Sees; Lancaster, PA; probably a brother to Christoph Süss above. Possibly of Rhodt, Bayern (Pfalz).
Jacob Schuster
Catharina Elisabetha (Acker)
Anna Elisabetha, 7
Johann Philipp, 4
Maria Catharina, 1 1/2
Yod1980, Kub1981 To Nantmeal, Chester, PA.
Philipp Jacob Schenckel, 31
Maria Barbara (Acker), 26
Maria Clara, 2
Yod1980, Kub1981 Brother to Henrich Schenckel listed below and nephew to Johann Nicolaus Schenckel listed above. 
Geörg Wolfgang Welde, 36
Anna Maria (Geibel)
Johann Jacob, 2
Kub1981 Brother to Johann Jacob Welde listed above.
Henrich Schenckel, 34
Maria Margaretha (Müller)
Maria Catharina, 6
Johann Henrich, 3
Johannes, 5 mo.
Johann Nicolaus König, 45
Maria Margaretha (Stuber)
Gottfried, 24
Johann Peter, 21
Anna Elisabeth, 15
Philipp Jacob, 13
Johann Wilhelm, 7
Maria Barbara, 2
Kub1981 To Chester Co, PA.

Arlene Fultz suggested that you try to equate this man with Jonas Rudrauff b. 1729 in Doernigheim, Kreis Hanau, Hesse, Germany.

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