1751 Anderson

[List 161 C] Anderson
Captain: Hugh Campbell
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 25 Aug 1751

236 Freights. 50 Roman Catholics.

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Lorentz Durst    
Hans Jurg Hummerle    
Johannes Frick    
Mathias Rost Bur2000 To Lancaster & Berks Co. Georg Valentin Fehl also from Niederhochstadt.
Hans Georg Hook    
Jacob Maud    
Joseph Strohle    
Michael Chrisback    
Hans Martz    
Johannes Bower    
Georg Hoozer    
Ludwig Werner    
Sebastian Greim    
Adam Greim    
Hans Riter    
Johann Friedrich Geyer    
Hans Georg Eisinberg    
Peter Breuhlinger Yod1980 Breilinger, To Pennsylvania with daughter, with Peter Wehrner.
Peter Klein    
Martin Clain    
Anthony Yauble    
Joseph Voltz    
Abraham Rinhart    
Hans Adams    
Hans Schaver    
Georg Valentin Fehl, 19 Bur2000 To Lancaster Co.
Philipp Kinder    
Andreas Hyder    
Peter Wehrner Yod1980 To Pennsylvania with wife and mother. Also with Peter Bruehlinger.
Ulrich Bernhart    
Hans Scheffer    
Hans Jacob Bernaht    
Michael Moritz    
Lorentz Leble    
Hans Georg Schneider    
Jost Stroh
Anna Margaretha (Müller)
Johannes, 14
Johann Nicolaus, 11
(Probably) Johann Georg, 9
Johann Daniel, 4
Bur1992 To Lancaster Co.
Michael Dannerinborgen    
Michael Dannerinborgen    
Mattes Finch    
Johannes Zimer    
Hans Caspar Strudter    
Lorentz Shiney    
Joseph Riebell    
Hans Michael Koonts    
Georg Arbengast    
Michael Soremer    
Georg Adam Wickersheim    
Matthias Sumer    
Michael Slauter    
Hans Michael Algyer    
Hans Jerg Huber    
Franciscus Eidier    
Johannes House    
Philipp House    
Michael Bower    
Lorentz Fisher    
Jerg Fisher    
Anthony Schydner    
Georg Sifridt    
Hans Michael Seafredt    
Hans Jerg Seafredt    
Michael Kintz    
Bartholome Heist    
Hans Haysh    
Hans Schiff    
Joseph Kautz    
Michael Reeby    
Hans Michael Blanck    
Hans Geörg Yundt    
Jerg Beck
Anna Barbara (Karcher)
Johann Nicolaus, 17
Catharina Margaretha, 15
Anna Barbara, 13
Johann Nicolaus, 10
David, 4
(child), 1
Bur1992 Georg Beck, possibly on this ship, but sufficient data has not been located to actually verify their emigration. One George Beck, Northampton Co.
Jerg Baker    
Georg Bewer    
Andreas Straub    
Jacob Walder    
Michael Kürmann    
Georg Kirmann    
Marx Kürrmann    
Johann Jacob Vogt    
Jerg Mertz    
Georg Pfotzer    
Matthias Kürrmann    
Hans Schott    
Michael Kann    
Johannes Rotenberger    
Johannes Schüttülerlin    
Hans Jerg Holdeintz    
Hans Georg Bower    
Joseph Slater    
Martin Schlatter    
Hans Görg Ullrich    
Johann Georg Aumüller    
Hans Jerg Num    
Jacob Scheterly    
Andreas Schutterlin    
Jacob Müller    
Matthias Hess    
Peter Descher    

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