1750 Patience

[List 146 C] Patience
Captain: Hugh Steel
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 11 Aug 1750

266 Freights.

Name, Age


Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)

Hans Peter Treger    
Jacob Heckendorn
Anna Barbara (Jung)
Johann Jacob, 6
Stephan Bek    
Hans Peter Grog    
Hans Jacob Groffe    
Peter Groff    
Henrich Lutz    
Johannes Peter Klein    
Johann Nickel Müller    
Johann Nickel Cuntz    
Christoff Bener    
Johann Wilhelm Fuchs    
Andraes Müller    
Georg Schneck    
Johann Jacob Opfertuch    
Jacob Jacoby    
Adam Jacobi    
Peter Jacobi    
Matheis Jacobi    
Johann Peter Fitz    
Jacob Bürckard    
Johann David Jung Yod1980 Jung
Michael Junge    
Peter Junge    
Jacob Conrath    
Jacob Conrath, Jr.    
Johann Henrich Leineweber    
Daniel Müller    
Jacob Reichert    
Johann Conradt Wölffle, 31 Yod1980 Woelflin, To Lancaster Co.
Christian Ulrich Lentz    
Daniel Werner    
Johannes Halm    
Christoph Kettemann    
Johann Georg Kettemann    
Peter Wieland    
Johann Jacob Rappoldt    
Friederich Waltzer    
Georg Friedrich Groh    
Johann Georg Bader
Anna Magdalena
Eva Catharina, 27
Yod1980 To Berks & Northumberland Counties.
Hans Michael Melber    
J. Michael Leidich    
Johann Georg Borner    
Jacob Schwob    
Georg Loadig    
Georg Adam Eckart    
Georg Adam Eckardt    
Johann Christoff Kuntz    
Johann Peter Wohner    
Johann Wilhelm Warm    
Johann Arnolt Reinhart    
Johannes Nickel Hennig    
Johannes Peter Hennig    
Balthasar Vetterman    
Johann Peter Schutz    
Johannes Adam Lauch [?]    
Johann Jacob Weirich    
Johann Nickel Bross    
Johann Michael Conrad    
Johann Nickel Herbet    
Johann Jacob Lurber    
Georg Haman    
Johannes Peter Diederich    
Johann Nickel Jung    
Conradt Velten    
Philipp Jacob Maurer    
Johann Friedrich Prell    
Hans Jerg Eslinger    
Jacob Mühleysen    
Nicklas Mühleysen    
Wilhelm Diedrich    
Hans Jerg Sing, 30
Catharina (Hartmann)
Johann Georg, 1
Yod1980 To Chester & Philadelphia Counties.
Johann Conrad Bross    
Johannes Baumgrtner    
Heinrich Reinhardt    
Hans Jerg Nagel Yod1980  
Johannes Roller    
Christoff Fritz    
Georg Friederich Haug, 39
Anna (Negle), 35
Catharina Magdalena, 6
Johann Friedrich, 5
Johann Georg, 2
Jacob Lendel [?]    
Henrich George    
Johannes David Görges    
Christian Meier    
Matheas Oberkirsh    
Nicklas Conrad    
Jacob Deremot    
Abraham Reiland, 30 Bur1985 To Lebanon Co.
Andreas Rost    
Paulus Reylandt    
Johannes Eischly    
Dewald Gerst    
Friederich Gerst    
David Smith    
Peter Poland    
Stephen Poland    
Peter Foltz    
Jacob Dobeler    
Johann Andreas Mühlschälgel, 20 Bur2000 To Montgomery Co.
Johan Adam Satson    
Hans Hawffman    
Johann Philipp Ost    
Johann Mathies Gerge    
Christian Shmith    
Philipp Hierber    
Jacob Kullenthal    
Michael Juncker    
Johannes Palm    
Friedrich Henny    
Johann Reihle    
Johann Michael Lieb    
Caspar Greiter    
David Stadelmayer    
Bartlyme Bentziger    
Johann Adam Setzer    
Johann Abraham Stiehl    
Carl Vollante    
Anton Devittus    
Johann Albert Velten    
Jacob Dannckher, 51
Margaretha (Burger), 35
Johann Georg, 14
Elisabetha Margaretha, 11
Christian, 1
Yod1980 Danneckher, To Philadelphia Co.
Johannes Essewein    
Johan Adam Wentzell    
Johann David Limbeck    
Johann Jacob Müller    

The Palatine Project


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