1750 Osgood

[List 157 C] Osgood
Captain: William Wilkie
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 29 Sep 1750

Persons 486. A copy of this passenger list with information from various descendants and other sources has been compiled by Greg Peterman (descendant of Michael Peterman, below) on the website:http://www.gate.net/~greg/Peterman.html/osgood1.html

He has also put part of Gottlieb Mittelberger's story of the voyage to America on his website. Gottlieb Mittelberger was one of the passengers on this ship.

Name, Age


Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)

Henrich Bronk    
Jerg Wisht    
Jacob Wist   To Berks Co, PA. Possibly of Dierbach, Bayern (Pfalz).
Laurentius Wrist    
Jacob Wrist    
Christoph Schmit    
Michael Schmit    
Hans Jorg Hautzenbieler    
Johannes Greiner    
Conrad Toll    
Georg Becker    
Johannes Seyl    
Jacob Clauser    
Henrich Clauser   To Fredrick Co, PA
Johannes Schwab    
Andre Baudemont   Fredrickstown, MD. Possibly of Rohrbach.
Nickolas Burg    
Heinrich Hörner, 41
Anna Maria (Moock)
Johann Nicolaus, 19
Friederich, 17
Maria Magdalena, 15
Anna Catharina, 13
Maria Elisabeth, 11
Margaretha, 9
Johann Matthias, 7
Christoph, 2
Michael, 1/2 year
  Horner; to Berks Co, PA. Possibly of Dierbach, Bayern (Pfalz).
Hans Nicolaus Hörner, 37   Possibly of Dierbach, Bayern (Pfalz).
Friedrich Hörner, 44   Possibly of Dierbach, Bayern (Pfalz).
Valentin Peterman
Anna Elisabeth
Anna Maria Margaretha, about 12
Daniel, about 10
  To York Co, PA.
Michael Peterman, 21   To York Co, PA. greg@gate.net 
Hans Adam Kney    
Wilhelm Humbert    
Georg Dick    
Christian Faas    
Jacob Krebs    
Gabriel Leydy    
Edar Deghe    
Friederich Reif    
Jacob Schleich    
Gottlieb Kauffman    
Mathes Schnepp    
Bartolomeus Eppler    
Hans Georg Zigler    
Johann Martin Neher, 37
Ursula (Jetter)
Anna Maria, 13
Hans Martin, 11
Agnes, 6
Hans Jerg, 4
Bur1983 To Lancaster Co, PA
Johann Georg Speidel    
Johann Frider Sauter    
Christian Stotz
Ludwig, 5
Samuel, 4
Bur1983 With Hans Baltes Stotz, Petter Stotz, and Ludwig Stotz.
Ludwig Stotz, 40
Anna Maria, 11
Magdalena, 6
Johann Jacob, 2
Bur1983 To Northampton Co.
Hans Baltes Stotz, 37
Anna Maria, 10
Lucia, 7
Christoph, 2
Johann Martin, 1
Bur1983 Otz
Petter Stotz, 21 Bur1983  
Jacob Schneider    
F. Schweitzer    
Georg Scheufelen    
Christian Schuhler    
Jacob Scheüfflen    
Rudolph Christy
Maria, 12
Johann Jacob, 10
Johann Peter, 7
Margaretha, 3
Yod1980 Christie; To Nazareth, PA.
Hans Jerg Frietz    
Hans Martin Wolffer, 31
Anna Maria, 8
Jacob, 5
Lucia, 4
Christina, 2
Johann Ulrich, 5 mo.
Yod1980 Passenger with Jacob Koenig
Jacob Koenig, 22 Bur1983,


Keanigh, To Berks Co.
Andreas Herther    
Jacob Glosser    
Johannes Moritz    
Lorentz Dobler    
Ludwig Rietweil   Readwile. Possibly of Freckenfeld, Bayern (Pfalz)
Johann Michel Rietweill    
Johann Arnolt Kuntz    
Gerch Uhlrich    
Philipp Jacob    
Johannes Dinges    
Conrad Mittman    
Gottlieb Mittelberger   To Montgomery Co, PA, returned to Germany. Author of Journey to Pennsylvania, 1750. Possibly of Enzweihingen, Württemberg.
Durst Contick    
Nicolaus Haugendobler   To Lancaster Co, PA. Possibly of Hessen-Darmstadt or Switzerland.
Johan Wendel Ackherman , 47
Anna Maria (Schick)
Johann Henrich, 24
Johann Georg, 22
Maria Barbara, 18
Georg Balthasar, 14
Maria Christina, 11
Friderich Ruoss    
Michael Bile    
Johann Georg Ackermann    
Ludwig Bitzer, 47
Anna Maria
Agnes, 17
Ludwig, 10
Johannes, 8
Friedrich, 5
Anna Maria, 3
Anna, 1
Yod1980 "Called Big Ludwig". Gottlieb Mittelberger was a fellow-passenger.
Johannes Bitzer, 18
Yod1980 A fellow-passenger with Ludwig Bitzer and Gottlieb Mittelberger.
Hans Caspar Eberhard    
Lorentz Marquedandt    
Ludwig Eisele    
Hans Jerg Murr    
Hans Jerg Marti    
Andreas Knödler Bur1989 To Lehigh Co.
Hans Matthias Spohn
Lucia (Biezer)
Anna Maria, 7
Martin, 4
Hans Jerg Kurtz    
Ludwig Moritz    
Christian Kurtz   on board
Johann Christoph Niedt    
Sebastian Kayser    
Friederich Gauss    
Hans Georg Schnawffer    
Johann Georg Ludwig
Anna Margretha (Wildt)
Bur1983 To Berks Co, PA
Hans Michael Dentzer    
Hans Martin Waltz    
Johann Daniel Bosch    
Johannes Wolfer, 36
Anna Maria, 5
Margaretha, 3
Anna, 1
Bur1983 Fellow-passenger with Hans Martin Wolffer and Jacob Keanigh.
Johann Jacob Bosch    
Christian Schmoller    
Johann Michael, Jr.    
Hans Jacob Binder    
Hans Jerg Gutekunst
Barbara (Braun)
Philipp Jacob, 20
Barbara, 19
Paul, 17
Yod1980 Hutekunst; to Northampton Co, PA.
Johann Friedrich Binder    
Christoph Albrecht   Possibly of Kandel(?).
Johann Georg Gauss    
Johan Peter Bender, 50
Anna Barbara
Johann Peter, 30?
Johann Georg, 27
Maria Margaretha, 25
Maria Elisabetha, 23
Maria Eva, 20
Conrad, 16
Anthony Schneider   Schnyder
Johann Peter Benter    
Jacob Frasch    
Conrad Bender    
Matheas Meyer    
Johannes Schmoll    
Hans Georg Meyer    
Johann Philipp Mosser    
Hans Martin Kientzein    
Valentin Heygis, 46
Anna (Luippold)
Johann Gerog, 14
Anna Maria, 10
Johannes, 2
Bur1983 Heigess; to York Co., PA.
Hans Martin Kintzein, Jr.    
Jerg Heigis, 23 Bur1983 Heigess; to York Co., PA.
Michael Reisinger    
Hans Ludwig Zimmerman    
Johann Heinrich Lüder    
Hans Jerg Mekhel    
Heinrich Dietmar    
Hans Ludwig Stein    
Johann Christian Freindel    
Mattheis Müller    
Johann Gottfried Richter    
Hans Martin Müller    
Christian Iserloh    
Johann Gottlob Hoppe    
Bernhard Wüst
Barbara Jacob Friedrich, 2
Yod1980 Wuest
Hans Georg Koberstein, 24
Anna Catharina (Glassbrenner)
Jacob Epele    
Johann Martin Kast    
Philipp Joseph Schilling    
Emanuel Breitscheidt    
Hans Georg Bach, 29
Agnes Elisabetha (Schmeltzer), 24
Bur1996, Hac1980 Manumission 1744.
Jacob Friederich Kümmerle   Possibly of Kraigau.
Jacob Liebheim    
Hans Georg Fackler    
Jacob Uhllerik    
Christian Heusler
Eva Elisabetha
Maria Elisabetha, 22
Eberhardina, 16
Christian, 12
Bur1983 To Berks Co., PA
Andreas Kertcher    
Hans Jerg Gnödler
Maria Elisabetha (Heussler), 20
Bur1983 To Northampton & Berks Counties, PA; wife was daughter of Christian Heusler (listed above).
Hans Jacob Schanker    
Michael Heinrich    
Louis Grizet    
Hans Georg Schweigerth    

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