1749 Two Brothers

[List 131 C] Two Brothers
Captain: Thomas Arnot
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 14 Sep 1749

312 Persons, from the Electorate Palatine & Trier.

Name, Age


Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)

Johann Gerhard Schneider
Maria Catharina (Stamm)
Johann Jacob
Veronica Catharina
Veronica Maria
Johann Wilhelm
Johann Heinrich
Anna Maria
Johann Jacob
Anna Maria
Bur1989 Snyder
Weigand Schneider
Anna Catharina (Biehl)
Maria Margaretha (Fetthäuer)
(daughter), 22
Johann Mattheus
Eva Maria
Anna Eulalia
Eva Catharina, 10
Eva Catharina, 5
Anna Elisabetha, 2
Johann Hermann, 4 mo.
Bur1989 Snyder, brother with Johann Theiss Schneider
Johann Theis Schneider
Eva Clara (Schneider)
Bur1989 Snyder, brother with Weigand Schneider
Johannes Petter Schneider   Snyder
Johann Peter Schneider
Eva Catharina (Puderbach)
Christian Humbold   Humbel
Jacob Gruber Bur1989 Grubert
Wilhelmus Jacobus Gruber
Charlotta Wilhelmina (Crollius)
Christina Friderica Charlotte, ca.33
Johannetta Catharina, 23
Johannes Elias, 21
Wilhelm Jacob, a twin, 19
Anna Elisabetha, 14
Johann Georg, 10
Johann Ernst, 5
Bur1989 Grubert
Johann Conrad Revin
Eva Christina (Clahr)
Anna Margaretha, 3
Maria Elisabetha, 4 mo.
Bur1989 Reffie, Reft, To Bucks Co.
Matthias Revin Bur1989 Reffie, Refy, To Bucks Co.
Adam Hennrich Prentz   Preins
Johannes Hermanus   Herman Hutier
Michael Reiffener
Anna Catharina, (Schlotter)
Elisabetha Maria Müller
Johann Anthon
Elsa Catharina, 10
Bur1989 Reifenaar
Peter Reiffner
Eva Christina (Dick)
Anna Catharina, 4
Johann Adam, 2
Bur1989 Reifenaar
Henrich Wagner
Clara Maria (Kohlbach)
Johann Henrich
Bernhardus, 4
Johann Peter, 3
Bur1989 Wagenaar
Johann Henrich Wagner Bur1989 Wagenaar
Peter Amos
Maria Christina (Jung)
Bur1989 Amoes
Philippus Löhr
Anna Christina (Hundhäuser)
Johann Peter, 6
(son), 4
Anna Margaretha, 1
Bur1989 Leür, To Lehigh Co.
Hans Peter Löhr, 24
Anna Maria (Mart)
Bur1989 Leur, Lehr, To Bucks Co. Many different possibilities because of several references.
Johannes Eßler
Maria Catharina
Maria Elisabetha, 10
Johann Henrich, 8
Maria Christina, 4
Johann Matthias, 2
Johannes Henrich, 6 mo.
Bur1989 Asseloer, Oseler
Johann Jost Blecher   Bleiker
Johann Peter Müller   Miller
Johann Herman Niss   Nies
Johann Jost Fischer
Anna Magdalena
Johannes Wilhelmus, 2
Bur1989 Fisser, Fiessler
Christian Hülpusch
Anna Maria Reiffner
Johann Peter Hülpusch
Maria Christina (Ströder)
Maria Dorothea
Johann Christian, 7
Bur1989 To Philadelphia & Montgomery Counties.
Johann Haubrich Löhr
Eva Christina (Schumacher)
Maria Catherina
(daughter), 9
Johannes Anthonius, 7
Bur1989 Leur, To Bucks Co.
Johann Christ. Böhmer, 23 Bur1989 Bemer. *Christ. & Peter appear together on the ship in 1749; no other mention of them in the Maxsain records occurs after that date.
Johann Peter Böhmer, 26 Bur1989 Bemer. *Christ. & Peter appear together on the ship in 1749; no other mention of them in the Maxsain records occurs after that date.
Christian Birckenbeuel
Maria Elisabetha (Schumacher)
Johannes Henricus, 13
Anna Eva, 11
Anthonuiß, 8
Christophel, 4
Anna Elisabetha, 3
Johannes Henrich, 2
Johann Ernest, 2nd day on ship
Bur1989 Bierkenbeyl, Birkingbey, To Philadlephia Co.
Johan Albert Stecker    
Albertus Herk    
Wilhelmus Strickhausen
Maria (Schneider)
Bur1989 Strickhauschen
Jacob Cambeck, 22 Bur1989 Kambeck, To Lancaster Co.
Johann Jost Schäffer   Schefer
Wilhelm Pfeiffer, 23 Bur1989 Peifer, To Northampton Co.
Johannes Henrich Hoffman
Anna Gertraud
Anna Maria
Johann Matthias
Bur1989 Hofman. Due to the name being so common, it is difficult to establish just what happened to this particular Henrich Hoffman.
Johann Henrich Fuchs, 29
Anna Veronica (Wirth)
Johann Petrus, 2
Bur1989 Fox, To Montgomery Co.
Johannes Henrich Schmit   Smith
Johann Adam Fuchs, 33
Anna Margaretha (Roemelt)
Johannes, 5
Elisabetha Clara, 3
Eva Maria, 1
Bur1989 Fox
Johann Beisbeker   Baeker
Georg Jacob Wirth, 20 Bur1989 Werth, Wird, To Northampton Co.
Christian Matheis Göbeler
Anna Margaretha (Lenzbach)
  Gubler. Possibly of Hemmelzen, Hessen-Nassau.
Johann Henrich Keuler
Anna Magdalena
Johann Conradt, 3
Johann Phillippus Sauer Bur1989 Souer
Henrich Jong    
Johann Peter Lupp    
Peter Humrich
Anna Maria (Hofman)
Anna Elisabetha
Anna Catharina
Anna Sophia
Anna Maria
Bur1989 Homerick, To York & Lancaster Counties.
Simon Höller
Eva Maria (Hümmerich)
Johannes Gerhardus, 31
Anna Catharina, 30
Anna Christina, 25
Maria Amalia, 22
Bur1989 Hueller
Johann Philippus Leiss Bur1989 Liest
Johann Peter Leiss
Anna Elisabetha (Koch)
Anna Margaretha, 24
Anna Elisabetha
Johann Philip, 17
Catharina Margaretha, 13
Bur1989 Lies, To York Co.
Johannes Ernst Krämer
Anna Eva (Linck)
Johann Gerhardt, 2
Bur1989 Kraemer
Johan Venusbaker   Baeker
Johann Balthasar Schiedt   Smith
Friedrich Schmid    
Henrich Weller
Maria Elisabetha (Schneider)
Bur1989 Willer
Friederich Gotttried Schmidt    
Johann Balthasar Schmit    
Johann Christ Klein
Anna Kunigunda (Geyer)
Maria Catharina, 9
Maria Catharina, 7
Anna Catharina,
Maria Christina, 3
Johann Peter Schönman   Schiuman
Johann Christoph Ullrich   Hulbes
Johann Martin Schmitgen
Maria Catharina (Pfeiffer)
Anna Maria, 9
Anna Gertraud, 7
Anna Catharina
Johann Adam, 3
Johann Friederich, 1
Bur1989 Smitten
Johann Adam Schmitgen, 24 Bur1989  
Johann Ludwig Spieß, 36
Veronica Gertraud
Hermann Friederich
Eva Maria, 8
Johannes Petrus, 6
Maria Christina, 3
Bur1989 Spies, To York Co.
Johann Wilhelm Mallert
Anna Maria (Dick)
Johannes Hermannus, 16
Anna Catharina, 11
Johannes Peter, 7
Bur1989 Maeler
Johann Martin Gress   Grys
Johannes Ernst Greis
Anna Margaretha (Schneider)
Bur1989 Grys
Mattheas Trawn   Traen
Johannes Jacobus Hoffman, 19 Bur1989 Hofman
Wilhelm Kutsch
Maria Gertrude (Kohl)
Johann Peter, 29
Philips, 14
Johanna Maria
Maria Magdalena
Bur1989 Koets, Kusche, To Montgomery Co.
Henrich Böhme Bur1989 *This is an extremely complex family. So much research remains to be done on this difficult family, and so many questions remain unanswered.
Johannes Böhme Bur1989 Bemer *This is an extremely complex family. So much research remains to be done on this difficult family, and so many questions remain unanswered.
Ernst Schäffer   Schiefer
Wilhelmus Dietz   Dieds
Johannes Peter Jung   Jong
Johann Adam Jung
Maria Elisabetha (Müller)
Johann Daniel, 19
Bur1989 Jong
Matheas Baker   Baeker
Johann Christ Badenheimer, 27
Elisabetha Gertraud (Böhmer)
Bur1989 Badenhainer
Johann Peter Aller
Anna Catharina (Hummerich)
Maria Catharina, 25
Johann Peter, 21
Eva Catharina, 18
Anna Maria, 12
Bur1989 Allen *It is difficult to establish with certainty just who among the several similarly named individuals documented in these two Westerwald villages was the Johann Peter Aller.
Johan Peter Braun
Gertraud Catharina (Franz)
Maria Catharina
Bur1989 Broun, To Berks Co.
Johann Petter Hess   Haes
Christian Steltz   Stels
Johan Jacob Barb, 24
Maria Catharina (Richter)
Anna Maria
Eva Maria, 3
Johann Adam, 1
Bur1989 Carl, To Loudoun Co.
Johannes Diewes   Tevis
Johann Georg Schultz    
Johannes Peter Dick
(2nd wife)
Eva Maria, 25
Elisabetha Catharina, 24
Anna Maria, 22
Anna Catharina Simona, 20
Anna Gertraud, 18
Anna Margaretha, 16
Johann Philip, 8
Johann Peter, 6
Maria Eulalia, 4
Bur1989 Du[]
Bastian Braun
Eva Catharina (Schuman)
Anna Maria, 3
Bur1989 Broun, To York or N.Y. Co.
Johan Theiß Dunschman
Maria Catharina (Stein)
Johannes Petrus
Maria Johanneta
Bur1989 Dinsman, Possibly Bucks Co.
Johann Säger   Seier
Johann Jacob Homer
Veronica Catharina (Haaman)
Eva Margaretha, 6
Anna Maria, 4
Anna Catharina, 2
Anna Elisabetha, 1
Bur1989 Humer
Wilhelm Helt
Anna Maria (Braun)
Anna Sophia
Johann Adolf
Johannes Simon
Bur1989 Helm, Heir
Johann Deys Rüb Bur1989 Rueb
Johann Christ Rüb Bur1989 Rueb
Johann Michael Gesel
Anna Christina (Korst)
Anna Maria
Maria Catharina
Johann Peter
Anna Catharina
Johann Henrich
Bur1989 Gessel, Gaßel
Ernst Becker, 23
Maria Catharina (Dunsman)
Johann Matthias, 5 mo.
Michel Dünschmann
Maria Catharina (Stein)
Bur1989 Dinsman
Johann Julius Schick   Smith
Johann Wilhelm Schmidt   Smith
Johann Wilhelm Jäger
Anna Maria (Scheyer)
Maria Margaretha
Johanna Mararetha
Johann Christian
Elisabetha Catharina
Anna Veronica
Johann Peter
Johann Wilhelm
Anna Margaretha
Bur1989 Jaeger
Johann Peter Rath   Hats
Johann Christ Schneyder
Maria Catharina (Zeitz)
Eva Maria
Maria Catharina, 2
Bur1989 Sneyder. *It is difficult to determine the firm origins of this man since this name is so common.
Johan Adam Geymer
Maria Catharina (Stad)
Maria Christina
Anna Christina, 5
Bur1989 Geimer, Gemmer
Christoff Lenhard
Susanna Elisabetha (Stolt)
Maria Gertraut, 2
Bur1989; Bur1996 Leonard, Lenhart; Burkett listed him as Georg Christoph Leonhard of Berghausen, Baden who requested manumission in 1737.
Johannes Petter Seyn
Maria Christina (Kuhl)
Bur1989 Sein. *It is difficult to establish with certainty the background of this passenger.
Hendrick Bemer    
Peter Gimbel    
Christian Schneyder    
Joachim Henn    
Johannes Küm    
Henriches Schmig    
Christian Jong    
Andreas Jong    
Johann Wilhelm Jung    
Johann Theiß Becker
Anna Maria (Allers)
Anna Gertraud, 33
Philipp Wilhelm, 30
Johann Philip, 28
Johann Adam, 26
Anna Catharina, 23
Eva Maria, 18
Bur1989 Bäcker
Johann Philippus Becker, 28 Bur1989 Baeker, To Lancaster Co.
Johann Adam Becker, 26 Bur1989 To Northampton Co.
Christian (Bek) Becker
Anna Catharina (Mallert)
Johann Martinus, 31
Anna Gertraud, 28
Anna Elisabetha
Johann Wilhelmus, 18
Johann Peter Schaaff
Anna Catharina (Schäffer)
Jost Peter
Bur1989 To Lancaster Co.
Johann Peter Müller    

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