1749 Good Intent

[List 145 C] Good Intent
Captain: Benjamin Boswell
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 9 Nov 1749

76 Persons.

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Hans Jerg Bösmer
Anna Barbara
Johann Caspar, 10
Maria Elisabetha, 9
Cordula, 5
Dorothea, 3
Christina, 1
Johann Christoph Besmer    
Johannes Haussmann
Johann Georg, 1
Yod1980 To Northampton Co. Arrived with Joseph and Paulus.
Joseph Hausman    
Paulus Hausman    
Johann Adam Kurtz    
Friedrich Mertz    
Johannes Greiner    
Peter Sitzer    
Johannes Hemminger
Johannes, 21
Georg Friedrich, 18
Sophia, 7
Andreas, 1
Yod1980 Heiniger, To Berks Co.
Jacob Heininger    
Matheas Plieninger
Catharina (Hohlscheit)
Yod1980 Plenninger
Ludwig Stumb    
Jacob Mäsner    
Hans Jerg Kuntzelman
Margaretha (Rausenberger)
Catharina Barbara
Johann Georg
Yod1980 Conzelmann
Christianus Pfingstag
Anna (Eberwein)
Rosina, 1
Michael Jung
Yod1980 Hug
Georg Heinrich Reinöhl
Eva Catharina
Yod1980 Reinoehl
Georg Meyer    
Jacob Reinholdt    
Peter Mattern    
Johannes Syrutscheck    
Friedrich Bassler    
Johannes Kessler    
Ludwig Zwiecrantz [?]    
Henrich Seyder    

The Palatine Project


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