1747 (no name listed)

[List 116 B, C] (no name listed)
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Leith
Arrival: Philadelphia, 20 Oct 1747

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Hans Conrad Beck    
Johannes Gress    
Johann Christian Petersohn Bur1992  
Peter Koch, 25
Anna Catharina, 1
Henrich Bannwart
Elisabetha (Bendel)
Catharina Elisabetha
Anna Barbara
Bur1992 Bawngwar
Jacob Spring    
Jacob Frey    
Johannes Frey    
Niclaus Lantz    
Wilhelm Dauber Bur1985, To Philadelphia, PA.
Friedrich Dauber Bur1985 To Philadelphia Co.
Philip Henrich Seng    
Jacob Allimang
Anna Maria (Balliett)
Jacob, 18
Johann Jacob, 17
Anna Elisabetha, 15
Christina, 11
Christina, 9
Heinrich, 7
Johann Nicklaus, 4
Bur1992 To Lehigh Co.
Jacob Allimang Bur1992  
Adam Birger    
Hans Scheyer   Shyer
Johann Henrich Schneider   Sneyder
Adam Schmitt    
Jacob Schwanger
Maria (Leyenberger)
Johann Peter, 7
Maria Magdalena, 7
Jacob, 4
Isaac, 3
Catharina, 1
Bur1992 To Berks Co.
Johannes Meyer    
Carl Schmitt
Utilla (Bruah)
Johann Adam, 8
Utilia, 4
Bur1992 *with Simon Gruneus, To Lancaster Co.
Johannes Nicholaus Wenger
Anna Margaretha (Batscheli)
Christian Wenger    
Johann Jörg Schäffer
Anna Utilia (Schneider)
Anna Elisabetha
Hans Georg
Maria Magdalena
(no name listed)
Hans Georg
Johann Henrich
Bur1992 To Berks Co.
Johannes Stumpf    
Ludwig Tecker    
Christoff Gotshalk   Gotchalk
Hans Adam Furny    
Jörg Veith    
Henrich Frantz   Frontz
Abraham Frantz Bur1992 Frontz
Peder Frantz
Eva Elisabeta Martzlof
Bur1992 To Lancaster & Lehigh Co.
Peter Kennel Bur1992  
Hans Jörg Lantz    
Christian Griedimer    
Durs Kürstner    
Hans Philip Baron    
Matthias . . .    
Simon Conrad Grineus
Anna Regina (Lucius)
Bur1992 To Montgomery Co.
Johann Wilhelm Yet    
Henrich Likwilder   Lickwilder
Hans Michael Klein   Kline
Hans Dewald Leyty   Leytey
Nicholaus Wenger    

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