1744 Aurora

[List 105 B, C] Aurora
Captain: Robert Pickeman
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 8 Oct 1744

Name, Age Place of Origin (Town, Province) Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Johann Christ Kell Melsbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Three different possibilities of Kells. More intensive research is needed to firmly establish just which of the Melsbach Kell families was on the Aurora in 1744
Johann Wilhelm Kall     see above note
Johann Georg Kall     see above note
Johann Adam Hürter
Maria Margaretha (Hartenfels)
Johann Christ
Anna Maria, 16
Eva Catharina, 14
Johann Peter, 12
Eva Maria, 5
Johann Peter, 4
Johann Philip, 2
Goddert, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Hierte, Hirt, Hirte
Johann Henrich Bock Rückenroth, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johan Adam Schnug
Anna Eva
Anna Maria
Johann Wilhelm
Johann Peter
Nordhofen, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Shnog, Schnook, To Frederick Co, MD
Johann Christ Wirt, 38
Anna Gertraudt
Anna Elisabetha
Anna Elisabetha, 1
Höchstenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Adam Wagner
Anna Maria
Anna Eva, 7
Raubach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 this surname is quite common, so an exact match with known American data is difficult
Hans Wilhelm Ströder
Anna Catharina (Scholtes)
Anna Maria
Anna Catharina
Anna Margaretha
Nordheim, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Streder
Johann Görg Müller Feldkirchen, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Adam Meyer      
Jost Frevel
Johanna Elisabetha (Schneider)
Anna Christina, 3
Johann Wilhelm, 5 mo.
Heuwied/Heddesdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Vrevel
Johann Hermanus Frevel      
Johannes Peter Sheaf     Sheeff
Johann Wilhelm Gonderman      
Johann Henrich Rörich     Next to Conrad Rörich on list, but no specific information is given as to how they are related, or if they are related.
Conrad Rörich, 21 Puderbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 To Morris Co., NJ?
Joerg Wilhelm Berger
Anna Catharina
Johann Christianus, 20
Anna Elisabetha, 15
(daughter), 14
Johann Herber,
(son), 7
Fritz Henrich, 3
Dierdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johan Christian Berger, 20 Dierdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Thiel Selbach      
Johann William Tröller
Maria Gertraud (Voss)
Maria Magdalena
Anna Margaretha
Hordhofen, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Troller
Johann Philipp Fost      
Daniel Fost     Foost
Johann Wilhelm Sayn
Elisabetha Christina
Johann Wilhelm
Eva Catharina
Jacobus, 14
Rückeroth, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Frantz Willhelm Kaulbach
Margaretha (Hürter)
Rücheroth, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Kulbach
Johann Pauls Krebs
(child), 6
(child), 4
(child), 1
Raubach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Jacob Henn
Eva (Thomas)
Johann Peter
Johann Wilhelm, 29
Matthias, 27
Urbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Peder Henn      
Johan Kunrad Weyer      
Johann Wilhelm Lentz
Anna Veronica (Klein)
Linkenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Lands, Hunterdon Co., NJ?
Johann Christ Kohl
Maria Catharina, (Göddert)
Höchstenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Wilhelm Haugh     Hogh
Peter Schäffer, 32
Anna Maria (Jung), 29
Johann Peter, 1
Maxsain, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Schefter * more research is required to determine if indeed this Maxsain man was the man who emigrated in 1744, as the name is so common.
Johann Peder Weingardt(en) Puderbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Weingart * (Edinburgh, 1784?)
Johann Henrich Dornbach
Elisabetha Maria
Anna Gertraud, 29
Johann Theiß,
Johann Adam, 25
Johann Peter, 21
Johann Philip, 20
Johann Peter, 19
Anna Catharina, 15
Höchstenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 To Berks Co.
Johann Theiß Dornbach
Elisabetha Catharina
Anna Maria, 2
Höchstenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 To Berks Co.
Johannes Dornbach
Christina Catharina (Fasteneuer)
Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 *Probably not related to Joh. Heinrich & Joh. Thieß
Bernhard Neizert
Maria Catharina (Neizert)
Johannes Antonius, 5
Johannes Christianus, 2
Puderbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Neytzert, To Lancaster Co.
Johann Peter Neitzert Dierdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Neytzert
Pierre Aeries     Aries
Johann Peter Feußer
Catharina Margaretha
Johannes Thieß
Johan Adam, 26
Elsa Maria, 22
Anna Catharina, 20
Elisbetha Catharina, 17
Johann Peter, 14
Johann Matthias, 12
Johann Henrich, 9
Johannes Martinus, 7
Veronica Kunigunda, 5
Borod, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Feyser
Johannes Becker     Baker
Johann Peder Weyer
Christina Catharina (Reinhardt)
Johann Peter
Johann Adam
Hachenburg/Altstadt, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Christoph Stiegler
Elisabetha Gertraud (Geyer)
Johannes Georg, 19
Elisabetha Catharina, 15
Johann Sebastian
Johann Jacob, 10
Kunigunda Elisabetha, 8
Anna Maria, 6
Elisabetha Gertraud, 5 a twin
Höchstenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Steegler
Johannes Görg Stiegler Höchstenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johann Bastian Muller     Miller
Johann Besiger Geyer
Anna Catharina (Schneider)
Christina Margaretha
Johann Henrich, 19
Johann Adam, 18
Johann Jacob, 16
Eva Margaretha, 13
Elisabetha Maria, 10
Johannes Wilhelm, 9
Johannes Peter, 6
Elisabetha Maria, 4
Winkelbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johannes Höchstenbach
Anna Elisabetha (Klein)
Maria Elisabetha, 5
Johann Adam, 3


Anna Eva (Schmidt)
Anna Catharina, 5
Anna, 4
Eva Catharina, 2

Urbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 *Another Höchstenbach family with this surname should be investiatged
Johann Henrich Höffer     Häffer
Johann Adam Geyer      
Johann Henrich Flemer
Maria Magdalena (Schmidt)
Anna Maria, 1
Heupelzen, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 *many Possibilities of Flemers. This is the most likely.
Johann Georg Schuster     Shooster
Johann Jorg Heyster      
Johannes Vester Cramer
Johann Henrich
(son), 21
Almersbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Matthias Meyer      
Matthias Meyer, Jr.      
Nich. Meyer      
Jean Baron      
Johann Jacob Reiman
Anna Elisabetha
Johann Ludwig, 15
(daughter), 13
(daughter), 11
(son), 6
Diefdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Reyman
Johannes Ludwig Reiman Diefdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Reyman
Johann Michael      
Philippus Fackert
Anna Catharina (Breusing)
Johann Wilhelm, 33
Maria Elisabetha, 31
Maria Catharina, 29
Anna Catharina, 27
Johanna Philippina, 25
Paulus, 24
Rodenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Paulus Weinen Gönnersdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Winer,
Mattheis Henn Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 *Probably not related to earlier mentioned Peter or Jacob Henn, because they were separated on the list.
Gorg Weber
Anna Elisabeth (Klein)
Kroppach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Johan Theis Roler      
Johann Marthin Köhler      
Godhard Löre
Anna Catharina (Hachenburg)
Johann Peter, 11
Conradus, 9
Johann Georg, 2
Almersbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Leer, To Philadelphia Co.
Johann Wilhelm Meys      
Andreas Schuöster      
Johann Peter Strunck     Strunk
Johann Peter Jung Selters, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Jacob Scheyer      
Anton Noll
Magdalena (Brental)
Elisabetha Margreth
Gönndersdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Matthias Noll
Elsa Catharina
Gönndersdorf, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 To Lancaster Co.
Johan Adam Schumacher
Maria Christina
Jerg Adam, 24
Johann Michael, 21
Johann Bathas, 14
Nordheim, Baden

Hachenburg/Altstadt, Hessen-Nassau



*Information is Bur1989 differs from Yod 1980
Bernhart Neitzer     Neyzart
Johann Dennis Schmidt      
Johann Wilhelm Weyer, 31
Anna Elisabetha (Enders)
Anna Elisabetha, 2
Johann Herbert, 1
Urbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989  
Marcus Enders
Anna Demuth (Rodenbach)
Anna Christina, 13
Moritz, 10
Anna Maria, 9
Matthaeus, 6
Anna Magdalena, 1
Urbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Anders
Johann Matthias Dexter
Anna Elisabetha (Herlickhausen)
Höchstenbach, Hessen-Nassau Bur1989 Texter, To Montgomery Co.


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