1742 Robert & Alice

[List 95 C] Robert & Alice
Captain: Martley Cusack
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 24 Sep 1742

Name, Age


Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)

Philippus Börgeres    
Johann Georg Christ    
Jorg Caspar Rausch    
Johann Jacob Metzger
Anna Barbara (Mähl)
Christina Sophia
Bur1985 To Lancaster Co.
Johann Nicklas Hyl    
Johann Jacob Benedick
Maria Sara (Scheyd)
Maria Elisabetha, 13
Johan Peter, 11
Johannes, 4
Elisabetha Catharina, 1
Bur1985 To Lancaster Co.
Cornelius Miller    
Hans Adam Christ    
Simon Jacob Diel, 36
Johann Simon, 4
Johann Peter, 1
Bur1985 Theil, To Bucks Co.
Friedrich Müller
Maria Elisabetha
Johannes, 2
Bur1985 To Lancaster & Philadelphia Co.
Ludwig Miller    
Johann Georg Schissler    
Conrad Pooff    
Philipp Fackenthal   This is the ancestor of Dr. B. F. Fackenthal, Jr., of Riegelsville, Pa.
Valtin Paul    
Hildebrand Heckeman    
Johann Philipp Kercher    
Johann Christoffell Pister    
Jacob Stübigh    
Hans Rubi    
Johann Jacob Bome    
Friederich Becker    
Simon Peter Diehl
Susanna Maria
Anna Margretha, 13
Maria Sara, 10
Elisabetha Catharina, 8
Anna Maria, 6
Johannes, 3
Johann Friderich Heimer    
Michel Axer    
Michael Wolff    
Heinrich Heydt    
Johann Henrich Werner    
Peder Geres, 44
Elisabetha Catharina, (Zimmer)
Johann Philip Daniel, 18
Simon Peter, 15
Maria Catharina, 10
Maria Elisabetha, 6
Bur1985 Geres, To Bucks Co.
Philip Geres, 27 Bur1985 Geres, To Bucks Co.
Nicklas Hartt    
Johan Simon Drum, 26
Anna Elisabeth Barbara (Suter)
Paulus Hang    
Johannes Runckel    
Adam Gucker
Anna Margretha (Jung)
Anna Maria Catharina, 32
Johann Sebastian, 28
Christian, 18
Bur1985 Arnold Guckert
Christian Gucker, 18 Bur1985  
Wilhelm Weiss, 19 Bur1985 Michael Weiss
Johann Jacob Schmitt    
Henrich Staud
Maria Catharina (Buss)
Bur1985 Stawe, To Lancaster Co.
Johann Caspar Schell    
David Schmitt    
Durs Ziegler    
Johannes Ziegler    
Johann Michel Koch    
Johann Nicklaus Brosius Bur1985  
Jacob Weber
Anna Cecilia (Reichhard)
Anna Catharina, 20
Maria Catharina, 18
Maria Elisabetha, 12
Johann Nicolas, 9
Maria Charlotta Margretha, 7
Johann Jacob, 2
Jacob Stein    
Johann Abraham Brosius Bur1985 To Berks Co.
Johann Georg Riess    
Lorentz Riess    
Johann Jacob Riess    
Johann Jacob Wagner    
Peter Herber    
Johannes Herber    
Hans Adam Holdt    
Hans Adam Fuctig    
Friederich Schmit    
Johann Jacob Zervin    
Philipp Jacob Eschenfelter    
Andraes Honetter
Maria Dorothea
Maria Margaretha, 2
Bur1983 Harter, Hatter* He is possibly the "Andres Harter" who arrived on the Robert & Alice, 1742
Adam Furctig    
Johannes Forch    
Matheas Meyer    
David Striel [?]    
David Mackly    
Johannes Krape    
Johann Paulus Reuther    
Hans Peter Woost    
Andreas Kessler    
Michael Danher    
Hans Georg Katzenstein    
Dietrich Danner    
Hans Michael Spaar    
Peter Maus    
Mattheis Heinrich    

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