1742 Catharine (Snow)

[List 91 A, B, C] Catharine (Snow)
Captain: Thomas Gladman
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: London, 15 Mar 1742
Arrival: Philadelphia, 7 Jun 1742

Members of the colony, called by Moravian writers, "The First Sea Congregation." The original ship list was lost. This list is taken from Moravian sources. It was printed in Abraham Reincke's A Register of Members of the Moravian Church, Bethlehem, 1873, pp. 49-54. The Englishmen onboard were not required to signed the oath of allegiance as they were not regarded as foreigners.

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Henrich Almers
David Bischoff
Ann Catherine
Peter Boehler
Johannes Brandmüller   Brandmiller
Johannes Brucker
Mary Barbara
Georg Harten
Robert Hussey
Adolph Meyer    
Michael Micksch
Anna Johanna
Paul Daniel Pryzelius
Regina Dorothea
Owen Rice
Elizabeth Rice
Joachim Senseman
Ann Catherine Senseman
Michael Tannenberger
Ann Rosina
John Turner
Elizabeth Turner
David Wahnert
Mary Elizabeth Wahnert
Thomas Yarrell
Ann Yarrell
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell
Single Men:


Andrew, a negro    
Johann Georg Endter    
Hector Gambold    
Johann C. Heydecker    
Johann Christoph Heyne    
Johann Michael Huber    
Georg Kaske    
Jacob Lischy    
Johann Philip Meurer Bur1992 To Bethlehem, PA.
Joseph Möller   Moeller
Johannes Okely    
Wilhelm Okely    
Christoph Friederich Post    
Gottlieb Pezold    
Johann Reinhard Ronner    
Georg Schneider    
Leonard Schnell    
Nathaniel Seidel    
Joseph Shaw    
Christian Werner    
Georg Wiesner   Wiessener
Matthias Wittke   Wittgie, Wittke

The Palatine Project


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