1740 Friendship

[List 75 A, C] Friendship
Captain: William Vettery
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 23 Sep 1740

List of Palatines and Swiss males over 16 years old.

Name, Age


Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)

Friedrich Gerahn   Erach
Johann Cristian   Christy
Jacob Meier   Mires
Andreas Eschenbach  

Eshenback [This is the well-known Moravian missionary, Andrew Eschenbach, who was sent to Pennsylvania to work among the German settlers. See L. T. Reichel, Early History of the Church of the United Brethren, Nazareth, 1888, Ryenard.]

Johannes Kapp   Copp
Johans Thomas Reinnhard    
Rudolf Kuenthlein   Kinsley
Moritz Milhaus   Millhiser
Harmanus Hesseling   Hersling
Bosche Schaub   Shoape
Ludwig Wissinger   Wisinger
Vitus Hartweg   Hardwake
Jacob Lübeck   Lebeck
Martin Schaug   Shalk
Heinrich Roh[r]er   Rorer
Claus Brodtbeck   Brobeck
Heinrich Brobeck   Brobeck
Niclaus Spanhauer   Spainhower
Jacob Spanhuer   Spainhower
Johannes Seiller   Sailer
Gottlieb Briegner   Brickner
Heinrich Spehnhauer   Spainehower
Hans Jorg Schneider   Snider
Hans Fry   Frey
Fredrick Fry    
Hiney Wagner    
Martin Raupp Hac1980, Bur1996 Raufft
Johannes Süss   Seas
Lönert Witz   Werts
Heinrich Rickenbacher   Rickembacker
Hans Michel Bitterley   Peaterly
Hans Flebacher   Flubacker
Jacob Flebacher   Flubacker
Samuel Rickner    
Heinrich Jeger, Sr.   Geager
Heirich Geager, Jr.    
Georg Augustus Bern   Spain
Jacob Dägen   Teager
Durs Tschopp   Choape
Jacob Rickner    
Jacob Hansi   Hansey
Mard. Hüfnenfeger   Halfellfinger
Heini Grieger    
Marting Keller    
Jacob Flow    
Jacob Brooker    
Hans Schofner    
Hans Hansey    

The Palatine Project


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