1734 St. Andrew

[List 36 A, B, C] St. Andrew (Galley)
Captain: John Stedman
From: Rotterdam, March 1734
By Way of: Plymouth
Arrival: Philadelphia, 12 Sep 1734

Eighty-nine Palatines, who with their families, making in all two hundred sixty-one persons. 

The originals of lists 36A and 36B are preserved in the Schwenkfelder Historical Library at Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)

Christopher Wigner 
Susanhah Winer 
Rosina Winer


Christoph Wiegner

Melcher Hübner 
Melchior Hiebner 
Maria Hiebner



George Hübner 
Georg Hiebner



Christopher Krieble, sick
Maria Krieble



George Kribel
Georg Krieble 
Susannah Krieble
Anna Krieble 
Christopher Krieble 
Maria Krieble 
Rosina Krieble



David Hiebner, sick 
Maria Hiebner 
Rosina Krieble
Christopher Hiebner



Baltzer Jäckel
Regina Jackie
Anna Jackie
Susannah Jackie 
Maria Jackie
Rosina Jackie



Georg Jackle
George Jäckel



Christoff Schubert
Barbara Schubert 
David Schubert
Anna Maria Schubert 
Susanhah Schubert


Christoph Shoebart Shubart Christopher


Melchior Kribel, Sr.
Maria Krieble 
Susannah Krieble 
Georg Krieble


Melchior Krieble

Caspar Kribel


Casper Krieble

Jurge Anders
Maria Anders


George Ander


Balthasar Hoffmann 
Urcilla Hoffmann
Anna Hoffmann
Rosina Hoffmann
Christopher Hoffmann


Balsher Hoveman


Melchior Kribel, Jr.
Anna Krieble



Abraham Jäckel
Maria Jackle 
Susannah Jackle 
Rosina Jackle



Görge Hoffman, Sr.
Urcilla Hoffmann


Jörge, Georg Hoveman

Balthasar Hoffman, Jr.
Barbara Hoffmann 
Susannah Hoffmann


Balser Hoveman

Georg Reinwald, sick
Barbara Reynald 
Susannah Reynald 
Christopher Reynald


George Reynald

Georg Reynald, Jr.



Hans Wigner
Anna Weigher 
Melchior Weigher 
Maria Weigher
Rosina Weigher


Hans Wiegner,Weigher

Georg Weigner, Sr.


George Wiegner


Melchior Weigner



David Jackie, sick 
Susannah Jackie



Balthasar Jäckel


Baltzer Jackie

Caspar Jäckel


Casper Jackle

Jeremias Jäckel



Christoff Jakele


Christian Christopher Jackie

Gregorius Meyster 
Maria Meyster 
Christopher Meyster
Anna Meyster
Maria Meyster


Meisther Mester

Christoph Reinwalt
Susannah Reynald 
Barbara Reynald


Christopher Reynald

Hans Heinrich Jäckel
Susannah Jackle 
Balthasar Jackie


Hänrich Jackie


Georg Mentzel
Urcilla Mentzle 
Barbara Mentzle 
Anna Mentzel 
Barbara Mentzel




Melchior Mentzel


Melcher Mentzell

Melchior Neuman 
Maria Neyman


Melcher Neiman Newman

Anna Warner



Tobias Harttranfft 
Barbara Hatranf 
Maria Hatranf 
Georg Hatranf 
Abraham Hatranf 
Melchior Hatranf 
Rosina Hatranf


Hertteranfft Hatranf; Tobias is the ancestor of John Frederick Hartranft, from 1873‑1879 Governor of Pennsylvania.|

Georg Weys 
Anna Weys



Caspar Heydrick 
Eva Heydrick
Rosina Heydrick 
Christopher Heydrick



Balthasar Heydrick


 Baldthasar Heidrich

Christoph Neuman 
Susanna Neiman 
David Neiman


Christopher Neiman, Nevman

Matthias Jäkel 
Rosina Jackie
Maria Jackie
Regina Jackie


Matthus Matias Jackle

Georg Scholtze 
Susannah Scholtze 
Anna Scholtze 
Susannah Scholtze 
Maria Scholtze 
Barbara Scholtze



Christopher Weigher 
Susannah Weigner 
Susannah Weigner 
Maria Weigner 
Abraham Weigner 
Georg Weigner 
Rosina Weigner


Wiegner, Wigner

Christoph Jäckel
Regina Jackie


Christopher Jackle; Christoph is the ancestor of John Frederick Hartranft, from 1873‑1879 Governor of Pennsylvania

Georg Anders 
Anna Anders 
Urcilla Anders



David Seibt 
Judith Seibt
Caspar Seibt


Seibb; For a letter of David Seibt, describing this journey, see The Pennsylvania German, Vol. IX (1908), pp. 367-370.

Christoph Seibt


Christopher Seibb

Georg Heydrick 
Abraham Heydrick



Gregorius Scholtze 
Rosina Scholtze 
Susannah Scholtze 
Rosina Scholtze



David Meyster 
Eva Meyster
Anna Meyster



Georg Drescher  
Maria Drescher
Rosina Drescher
Maria Drescher



Christoph Drescher, Jr.


Christopher Dresher

Regina Paynter



Melchior Meyster


Melcher (O) Meishter

Melchior (O) Masters

Balthser Anders
Anna Anders
Georg Anders


 Baltzer Anders

Georg Scholtze



Melchior Scholtze



Christoph Scholtze


Scholtz, Sholtze; For the diary of Christopher Schultz, regarding this journey, see Brecht, Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families, pp. 45-50.

Caspar John



Friedrich Schöps
Veronica Schoep


Frederick Schöp,Scheps

Andreas Warmer, sick



Hendrich Ludwig Urckhaus


H. L.,  Fredk Lodwk Urdans

Bernhardt Steinbach


Bernard Stenback

Georg Bänsche


George Boemsh Bausch

Christoff Pauss


Christopher Paus

Johannes Hübner 
Maria Hiebner
Anna Hiebner
Hans Hiebner
Melchior Hiebner


Hans Hiebner

David Schubert 
Susannah Schubert 
David Schubert


David Shoebart,Shubart

Wilhelmus Pott 
Gertraud Pott
Johann Willhelm Pott 
Catrina Gertraud Pott 
Johannes Pott


Wilhelm Port ; Cartrout, Gadrout

Degenhart Poet



Wilhelmus Witten



Johannes van Dubke


Van Dobgen

Peter Schumacher



Jacob Friedrich Rieger


Hendrick Riegher

Johann Jörg Ruitz 
Georg Hendk Roots


Georg Roots


Johann Valentin Unruch, 24
Maria Catrina


Unruh, Humief, Veltin; to Berks Co, PA. 

Nicklaus Deck 
Anna Deck
Johan Hendk Deck 
Johannes Deck
Anna Barbara Deck



Georg Niclaus Wunder
Anna Maria 
Anna Maria, 12 
Andreas, 9
Anna Margaretha, 6  
Maria Elisabetha, 4
Maria Catharina, 10 mos.  


Winder Wender

Johannes Wildfang
Maria Elisabetha 
Georg Michael
Johann Sebastian, 1 ¾


Woolfang; in Stoever’s Records; to Berks,Philadelphia & Lebanon Co, PA. 

Jacob Wilhelm 
Anna Catharina 
Johan Jacob, 6 
Johan Valantin, 2 ½  


Willhelm Wilhemi; to Berks & Lancaster Co, PA. 

Ulrich Spiess
Maria Dorothea 
Maria(Anna) Barbara, 5
Johann Jacob, 3 
Maria(Anna) Elisabetha, 1 ½ 


Spies; Treyster; Johann also Hans; Troesters are children of Maria Dorothea’s first husband; to Berks Co, PA.

Hans Martin Tröster, sick 
Fredrick Tröster


Children of Maria Dorothea Spiess. To Berks Co, PA. 

Peter Jäger, 24



Caspar Stanner 
Catrina Stanner 
Johan Nicholas Stanner 
Johan Jacob Stanner 
Maria Magdalena Stanner


 Johan Caspar (K) Störller

Hans Georg Meyer
Maria Urcella Meyer 
Maria Ann Meyer



Johannes Senger 
Anna Catrina 
Anna Catrina, 1 ¾  


Singer Sanger; in Stoever’s Records; to Montgomery Co, PA.

Conradt Fray


 Conrad Conradt Frey

Peter Frederich Freidel
Anna Veronica 
Maria Engel, 7 
Johann Philip, 4
Georg Theobald, 2


Peter Freytle

Petter Freidel Frytle

Matthias  Marker


Matias Margar, Mattisias Marcker

Valentin Thiel


Tiel Dihl

Abraham Tiel



Henrich Rumpfelt


Hendrick Romfield Rumpfeld; to Lehigh Co, PA.

Peter Loobach



Johann Jacob Rumpfelt
Anna Catharina (Foltz)
Catharina Margaretha, 6 


Romfiel, Rumfeld, Anna Catharina is the widow of Joh. Jacob Fruhmann; remarried to Johann Jacob Rumfeld. Jacob Rumpfelt was a shoemaker; to Lehigh Co, PA.

Anna Barbara Fruhmann, 19
Anna Catharina, 17 
Johan Jacob, 15   
Susanna Margaretha, 10


Freeman, Theeman; the Fruhmann children are step-children of Johann Jacob Rumpfelt. To Lehigh Co, PA.

Maria Ferey



Maria Catrina Hunrof



----- Willhelm



Maria Catharina Prining 
Maria Elisabetha Prining



Anna Barbara Felkerin 
Hans Georg Felkerin 
Maria Eva Felkerin 
Maria Sarah Felkerin



Maria Kellering



Marills Martin



Catrina Hildebrand alias Timberman 
Catrina Hildebrand 
Johann Jacob Hildebrand 
Johann Elisabetha Hildebrand



Dorothea Beitler



Odoren Dupee 



Margaret ----



Clement Dupark



The Palatine Project


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