1731 Pennsylvania Merchant

[List 15 A, B, C] Pennsylvania Merchant
Captain: John Stedman
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Dover
Arrival: Philadelphia, 10 Sep 1731 (two signed lists dated Philadelphia 11 Sep 1731)

57 Palatines, total number of Men, Women and Children 175.

[Abbreviations: o16 = over 16 years old, u16 = under 16 years old]

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Michael Feder, 27
Maria Catharina (Weber), o16
Johann Michael Feder, 13
Anna Catharina Feder, 11
Anna Catharina Feder (sister), 24
Maria Magdalena Feder (sister), 20
Bur2000 Philadelphia, Berks, and Montgomery Co, PA.
Johanna Fetter, o16    
Johann Nickolaus Remle, o16 Bur2000 Philadelphia, PA. Reymel, Reimel, Remely. Werner Hacker's Rheinpfalz u. Saarland.
Baltzer Seyler, o16
Anna Barbara, o16
Bur2000 Mongtomery Co, PA. Sähler, Sailor.
Johann Jacob Wöltzhoffer, o16
Anna Catharina (Schultheis), o16
Anna Catharina Wöltzhoffer, 4
Bur2000 York Co, PA. Vilsover, Welshover. Wife was sister to Hans Martin Schulz (listed below).
Hans Martin Schultz, 35
Anna Catharina (Krämer), 21
Bur2000 York Co, PA. Schültheis. Wife daughter of Hans Adam Krämer listed above.
Hans Adam Krämer, 52
Maria Elisabeth (Wolff), o16
Maria Elisabetha Krämer, 17
Eva Krämer, 14
Christian Krämer, 10
Christina Appolonia, 1 1/2
Bur2000 York County, Pennsylvania. Daughters married Martin Schultz and Jacob Lanius. Kremer.
Jacob Lanius, 23
Juliana (Krämer), 20
Bur2000 York Co, PA.
Johann Michael Moll, 33
Rosina, o16
(Hiob 1)
Bur2000 Montgomery Co, PA.
Christoffel Moll, o16
Margarite Moll, o16
Anlyas Moll, o16
Conrad Moll, u16
Margarite Moll, u16
  see above Johann Michael Moll
Johann Bartel Gucker, o16
Catharina (Schmidt), 35
Laurence Laufer, 12
Christian Laufer, 8
Bur2000 Montgomery, Northampton, Westmoreland, and Berks Co, PA; Kooker, Lauffer. (Sister to wife of Hans Michael Horlacher, listed below)
Hans Michael Horlacher, o16
Maria Fronica (Schmidt), 33
Maria Horlacher, u16
Bur2000 Montgomery and Lehigh Counties, Pennsylvania. Wife was sister to Hans Bartel Gucker's wife, listed above.
Abraham Sahler, 26 Bur2000 Montgomery Co, PA.
Hans Adam Eichelen, o16
Maria Barbara (Wollschläger), 28
(Johann Geörg 4)
Bur2000 Montgomery Co, PA. Eychelen, Eukling, Euchlin.
Conrad Koch, o16
Anna Barbara (widow of Lippert), o16
Johannes Koch, 12
Anna Juliana Koch, 8
Bur2000 Koog(h)
Johann Berndt Arendt, 39
Anna Maria (Decker), o16
Abraham Arendt, 9
Jacob Arendt, 6
Catharina Arendt, 3
David Arendt, u16
Bur1985 See, Story of the Arndts by John Stover Arndt, Philadelphia, 1922.
Michael Gebert, 28
Anna Sabina (Nellinger), o16
Gottlieb Gebert, u16
Bur1983 Coventry, PA.
Friedrich Willheit, 44
Lucretia (Hafner), o16
Maria Magdalena Willheit, 19
Maria Barbara Willheit, 17
Maria Elisabetha Willheit, 13
Georg Frederich Willheit, 8
Bur1983 Lancaster and Codorus, PA; Frederick, MD. Wulheyt, Wulheit
Friedrich Gebert, 32
Susanna Catharina (Boger), o16
Elisabetha Dorothea Reiner, 17
Juliana Reiner, 12
Johann Bernhard Ludwig Reiner, 9
Sabina Gebert, 6
Mathias Gebert, 3
Bur1983 Brother to Michael Gebert listed above.
Martin Boger, 28 Bur1983 Berks Co, PA.
Jerg Henrich, 25 Bur1983 Lancaster Co, PA.
Hartman Hunsaker, o16
Anna Hunsaker, o16
Frena Hunsaker, o16
Eliz. Hunsaker, o16
Anna Hunsaker, u16
Ursul Hunsaker, u16
Meyer Hunsaker, u16
Hannes Hunsaker, u16
  Huntseker; RockCatt@aol.com 
Peter Schmidt, o16    
Christian Schmid, o16    
Christian Schmidt, o16    
Johan Henrich Schmidt, o16    
Johannes Georg Schmidt, o16    
Margarite Schmidt, o16
Anna Schmidt, o16
Anna Schmidt, o16    
Katarina Schmidt, o16    
Rosina Schmidt, u16    
Hans Georg Kelchner, o16
Crete Kelgenna, o16
Frederick Kelchner, u16
Jacob Steiner, o16    
Christian Weisser, o16    
Johannes Diehl, o16    
Abraham Freeman, o16    
Friedrich Strubel, o16
Clove Strubel, o16
Johann Georg Meyer, o16    
Johann Görg Bergströsser, o16    
Valentine Schultz, o16

Elizabeth Schultz, o16

Jacob Schultz, u16

Frantz Krück, o16    
Johann Jacob Krück, o16    
Henrich Krämer, o16

Adam Kremer, u16

Maria Kremer, u16

Johann Nicklaus Steinmetz, o16
Catharina Steinmetz, o16
Johannes Steinmetz, u16
Lenard Steinmetz, u16
Christoph Beyer, o16
Johann Philip Beyer, o16
Andreas Beyer, o16
Margarite Beyer, o16
Maria Beyeren, o16
Henrich Beyer, u16
Jörg Beyer, u16
Catharina Beyer, u16
Catharina Beyer, u16
  Beier; to Montgomery Co, PA; of Dackenheim, Bayern (Pfalz) according to bigbbe@pacbell.net 
Johannes Schenkel, o16    
Valentin Schneider, o16
Barbara Schneider, o16
Conrad Sybert, o16
Anlias Sybert, o16
Marilis Sybert, o16
Catharina Sybert, u16
Georg Sybert, u16
Anlies Sybert, u16
Rulof Casman, o16
Margaret Kusman, o16
Johannes Reymert, o16
Anganias Reymert, o16
Nicklas Fuss, o16
Magdalena Fuss, u16
Maria Fuss, u16
Laurence Rod, o16
Eliz. Rod, o16
Catarine Rood, u16
Margarite Rood, u16
Jacob Mumma, o16
Jacob Mumma, u16
Margaret Mumma, u16
Frederich Mumma, u16
Melcher Wistholtz, o16
Leona Islewood, o16
Adam Sauer, o16    
Michael Giger, o16   Gyger
Johannes Schank, o16   Schaak
Johann Engelbert Lack, o16
Eliz. Lack, o16
Magdalena Lack, u16
Burckhart Kullmer, o16    
Johannes Bischof, o16
Barbel Bischof, o16
Anna Maria Rygen, o16    
Margarite Schilling, o16    
Creeto Car, o16
Catharina Kar, o16
Henrich Kar, u16
Christian Kar, u16
Georg Henrich Kar, u16
  [ed. Jeff Carr <ffejlny-at-juno.com> remarks Christian (on the list) is really Christina]
Charlote Stadleven, o16    
Eliz. Porkholderen, o16    
Maria Kortson, o16    
Magdalena Eselman, o16    
Maria Fobsingaren, o16    
Magdalena Stouden, o16
Catharina Stouden, o16
Maria Milderen, u16    
Maria Stadleren, u16
Catharina Stadleren, u16
Johanna Zeelie, u16
Margarite Zeelie, u16

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