1730 Thistle of Glasgow

[List 11 A, B] Thistle of Glasgow
Captain: Colin Dunlop
From: Rotterdam, June 1730
By Way of: Dover (19 June 1730)
Arrival: Philadelphia, 29 Aug 1730

Seventy-seven Palatines, who with their families, make about two hundred and sixty persons. A study of the individuals and families on this ship, especially those from the region of Ludwigshafen a. Rhein, was made by Fritz Braun and published in Schriften zur Wanderungsgeschichte der Pfälzer Vol. 8 (1959) under the title, "Auswanderer aus der Umgebung von Ludwigshafen a. Rh. auf dem Schiff Thistle of Glasgow 1730." The article was later published in Ship Passenger Lists, Pennsylvania and Delaware (1641-1825), 3rd edition, edited by Carl Boyer (Newhall Calif.: the editor, 1980).

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Johann Georg Ludwig Haas, 29
Anna Margaretha (Stahler), 27
Maria Barbara, 4
Johann Balthasar, 3
Bur2000 Jörch; to Philadelphia, and Lancaster, PA.
Bernhardt Sigmundt   Sighmond; In Philadelphia 1734-1739
Johann Valentin Griesemer, 42
Anna Margaretha (Andreass)
Johann Wilhelm, 17
Casper, 15
Anna Margaretha, 11
Jacob, 6
Anna Maria Gerdraut, 2
Boyer Grisimer; to Berks Co., PA.
Hans Jacob Diehl   Teil
Johann Peter Ohler Boyer Oler; witness to child of Nikel Fiser (see below) 5 Apr 1730 in Hassloch.
Christoff Batter   Bader
Johannes Dunkel   To Montgomery Co., PA.
Leonard Grau    
Christian Lehman
Anna Maria
Johannes, 10
Anna Maria, 8
Susanna, 6
Bur2000 Leman; To Montgomery, PA.
Jeremias Hess, 55
(son), 27
Hans Conrad, 16
Baltasar, 12
Bur2000 This family had gone to England in 1709 and then to Ireland, but did not make it to America at that time and was transported back to Germany in 1711. To Lancaster, and York, PA.
Casper Fiehman   Femen
Stefen Reiner    
Johann Rudolff Drach
Maria Elisabetha
Elisabetha, 2
Bur2000 Draugh; To Bucks, PA.
Johannes Kun    
Wilhelm Heim
Bur2000 To Stoever’s Records, PA. Brother to wife of Hans Philipp Grosskost, below.
Lüdwick Dietman   Ditman
Johan Heinrich Schmitt
Anna Maria (Muin)
Johann Jacob, 1
Bur2000 Smith
Gerhardt Zinn    
Christoph Ankenbrant   Augbrant
Jean Heinrich Fortinaux   Fortne
Michael Thomas, 42
Anna Veronica (Lang)
Christian, 16
Philipp Heinrich, 15
Hans Michel, 11
Gabriel, 9
Johann Valentin, 6
Anna Catharina, 4
Johannes, 2
Christoph, 1
Bur2000 Sick; to Frederick Co., MD.
Johannes Münch
Anna Catharina (Gluck)
Bur2000 Minnigh; to Berks Co., PA.
Dionysius Friederick Reimer
Maria Elisabetha (Weynach)
Elisabetha, 14
Maria Salome, 11
Susanna Elisabetha, 9
Anna Barbara, 6
Johanna Maria, 4
Johann Peter, 2
Bur2000 Reiner; to Philadelphia & Montgomery Counties, PA.
Georg Peter Biswanger, 25 Bur1983 To Stoever’s Records, Germantown, PA.
Johann Nickolaus Füsser
Juliana Sophia (Hautz)
Maria Catharina, 8
Philip Jacob, 6
Anna Catharina, 4
Johan Jacob, 2
Philip Peter, 1/2 year
Bur2000 Fiser; to Lancaster, PA. Wife was sister to Philip Hautz, below.
Johann Casper Schmidt
Anna Agatha (Zinckgraff)
Anna Barbara Catharina Agatha, 3
Bur2000 Smith
Johann Zwinger   Sumger
Jacob Nagel   Nagoll
Ulrich Scherer
Margaretha Apolonia (Walckner)
Johann Friedrich, 11
Bur2000 Sherer; To Philadelphia, PA.
Johannes Scherrer, 33
Anna Barbara
Johann Jacob, 3
Bur2000 To Philadelphia, PA.
Hans Philip Grosskost
Anna Margaretha (Heim)
Wilhelm, 15
Anna Elisabetha, 11
Philipp Daniel, 8
Bur2000 Groscost; to York, PA. Wife was sister to Wilhelm Heim, above.
Johann Casper Büttner
Maria Elisabetha (Münch), 27
Johann Henrich, 1/2 year
Bur2000 Bittner
Johann Paul Düttenhöffer, 24
Anna Maria
Johann Christoph, 1
Bur2000 Titenhaver, Dittenhöffer, To Lancaster, PA, and Frederick, MD.
Johann Nickel Cuntzer, 14 Yod1980 Kinser
Frantz Scherrer, 40 (prob. died at sea)
Anna Regina
Johann Augustus, 19
Johannes, 16
Bur2000 Sherer; To York, PA. cnev@sbcglobal.net 
Hans Georg Hoffman   Holman
Johannes Hoffman   Holman
Johann Philipp Hautz, 22 Bur2000 Hauts; to Lancaster & Lebanon Counties, PA. He was a brother to Nikolaus Füsser's wife, above.
Lorentz Hoff   Post; to Lancaster Co., PA. espero2003@msn.com 
Abraham Trentsols
Anna Margaretha (Müller)
Anna Katharina, 8
Johann Philipp, 5
Bur2000 Transu; to Montgomery & Lehigh Co., PA.
Caspar Hartmann
Hans Thomas Hamman, 30
Susanna (Mussbach)
Johann Görg, 3
Bur2000 To Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA.
Johann Christian Schram
Anna Maria (Stocker)
Maria Magdalena, 12
Johann Michel, 8
Anna Maria, 5
Christian, 2
Hans Jacob Stiefel
Catharina (Stocker)
Bur1992 Sterfell; To Germantown, PA.
Rudolf Andreas
Anna Catharina
Anna Barbara, 9
Johann Martin, 6
Johann Michael, 2
Bur2000 To Bucks, PA.
Georg Freidrich Pfeifer, 31
Christina (Schaffer)
Maria Barbara, 7
Leonhard Kepplinger
Maria Elisabetha
Johannes, 17
Johann Georg, 11
Johann Paul, 9
Johann Leonhard, 6
Maria Elisabetha, 4
Bur1983 Caplinger; To Berks, PA.
Johannes Wolfersberger
Anna Margaretha (Entzminger)
Johann Peter, 9
Jacob Friedrich, 3
Bur1992 To Lancaster, and Dauphin, PA.
Velten Beitelmann
Anna Clara (Biermann)
Maria Elisabeth, 24
Elias, 23
Elisabetha, 21
Johann Leonhard, 14
Johann Jacob, 10
Bur2000 Beydelmann; To Berks, PA.
Johann Deitrich Beitelmann, 24 Boyer Nephew to Velten Beitelmann, above
Jacob Ammon Boyer  
Ulrich Steyner   Styner
Thomas Hess    
Henrich Hess    
Johann Ekel Lukenbill    
Hans Simon Mey   Morce
Henrich Lückenbill   The name Luchenbiehl comes from the area around Ottweiler in Landau & Zweibrücken and originally comes from Bern, Switzerland.
Henrich Gutt    
Johann Caspar Krieger
Anna Christina (Hoffert)
Philipp Caspar, 1
Bur1983 Criger; To Stoever’s Records, PA.
Peter Trawiener   Travinger
Bernhard Renn
Maria Christina (Bommel)
Philippina, 1
Bur2000 Ren; To Montgomery, PA.
Dietrich Kober, 22
Susanna Catharina (Hubelin)
Bur1983 Cover; Left after marriage to America. To Stoever’s Records, and Lebanon, PA.
Ludwig Mohler, 25
Ludwig, Jr., 4
Bur2000 Moler; To Cocalico Valley, PA. www.lancemohler.com; carsonjnb@comcast.net; jmbradford@attbi.com. A Heinrich Mohler taxed in 1726 in Pennsylvania.
Ludwig Hertzel   Hurtzell
Jorg Hertzel   Hurtzell
Peter Federolf, 31
Anna Maria (Rothermel), 18
Boyer Fetherholf; to Lehigh & Berks Counties, PA. Wife daughter of Johann Rothermel, below.
Johann Rothermel, 42 (died at sea)
Sybilla (Zimmermann)
Johann, 8
Boyer To Berks Co, PA.
Leonhard Hochgenug   Hooginunk
Johann Peter Müller, 20 Bur1985 Moller, Miller; studied theology in Heidelberg 1725; to Ephrata, Lancaster Co., PA.
Friederich Lünberger   Lenkenberger, Lienenberger
Carl Valentin Michaels   Michell
Christoph Heinrich, 18 Bur1983  
Hans Matteis Theiss
Susanna Barbara (Hirstein)
Johann Michel, 2
Bur1985 To Lebanon, Dauphin, & Berks Counties, PA.
Georg Undertenerd    
Colin Dunlop    

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