1727 William & Sarah

[List 1 A, B] William & Sarah
Captain: William Hill
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Dover
Arrival: Philadelphia, 18 Sep 1727

A list of 109 Palatines, along with their families making about 400 persons. No convicts on board. 

Each adult passenger 16 years old or above was counted as one freight. Children 4-15 were counted as half-freights and were charged half the price of an adult for passage. Children under 4 were transported for free. The number listed next to each man's name was apparently the number of freights he was responsible for. If he came alone it was usually only one. If there were 3 freights, it might represent a husband, wife, and two children age 4-15; a husband, wife, and child 16 or older; or some other such combination. These numbers can therefore give a general idea of the size of the family that was transported on the ship. If someone in the family died at sea, they were not counted in the number of freights for that family. 

The abbreviation Con. or Conn. appeared after several of the names on this list was probably indicated they were planning to settle in the Conestoga settlement (listed in the remarks column). Likewise Germt. and Skibach probably refer to the settlements of Germantown and Skippack (also listed in remarks column). 

Those listed at the end of the list may have prepaid for their passage and were not listed on the first list where the number of freights was recorded.

Name, Age (# of Freights) Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Johann Geörg Schwab, 45 (6) Bur1983 Swaep; to Lancaster Co., PA.
Hans Martin Libenstein, 24 (2) Bur1983 Leristeyn Liebenstein; to Lancaster Co., PA.  
Benedice Strome (2)    
Jan Hendk Scaub (3 ½)    
Hans Jerg Schuhmacher (6 ½)   Shoomaker
Abraham Beni (5)    
Hans Martin Schuhmacher (1)   Shoomakr
Johann. Friedrich Hilligas, 42 (4 1/2)
Elisabetha Barbara (Trigel)
Leopold, 13
Hans Adam, 10
(a son), 8
Johan Martin, 6
Eva Elisabetha, 3
Anna Margaretha, 1
Bur1983 Heiligas; Leopold possibly arrived 1730 on the Alexander and Anne; to Philadelphia & Montgomery Co., PA.
Hans Michael Pagman (1)    
Johannes Haberacker    
 Sebästian Gräff (4)   Creef
Alexander Dübendörfer (2)   Diebenderf
Hieronemus Milder, D. (2)    
Johann Wilhelm Mey (2)    
Henericus Bell (1)    
Hans Caspar Spengler, 43 (4)
Judita (Zigler)
Albrecht, 15
Jonas, 12
Philipp, 10
Bernhard, 8
Rudolph, 5
Anna Maria, 2
Bur1983 Springler; to York Co., PA.
Hans Henrich Siegler (3)    
Michael Peitley (4 ½)    
Hans Michael Diel (3 ½)   Tiell
Jan Bernhardt Libenstein, 22 (1) Bur1983 Lerinstey; to Lancaster Co., PA.
Jacob Jost (2)
Eva Barbara (Ries)
Andreas, 11
Bur1983 To Berks Co., PA?
Andreas Zimmerman (8)    
Johannes Huth (3 1/2)
Maria Anna (Sähm)
Fronica, 21
Johann Wolfgang, 19
Maria Elisabetha, 8
Salomae, 7
Johannes, 6
Eva Margaretha, 5
Elisabetha, 2
Bur1983 Hoet; to Montgomery Co., PA.
Daniel Levan (8)   Destination Connestoga
Hans Michael Weider (2)   Destination Connestoga
Leonart Seltenrich, dead (2)    
Hans Jerg Weckler (2)   Wigler
Wilhelm Jürgens (1)   Jurgens
Johann Wester, sick (1)    
Wilhelm Herr   Heer
Hans Adam Milder (2)    
Anspel Anspacher (2 1/2)   Anspag
Henrich Meyer (4)    
Adam Henrich (2)    
Jacob Gons (2)    
Ulrich Steere (3)    
Sebastian Fink (2)
Anna Maria (Meÿer)
Bur1983 Wink, Vink; to Lancaster(kb), PA.
Dionÿsius Meyer, 49 (5)
Anna Maria (Dörr)
Anna Maria, 16
Hans Görg, 11
Anna Barbara, 9
Johann Dieterich, 6
Susanna Maria, 4
Johann Jacob, ½ year
Bur1983 Tonicus; to York Co., PA.
Jacob Schwicker, (1) sick   Swicker
Hans Jerg Hertzel, 41 (4)
Margretha (Conradt)
Hans Georg, 13
Hans Jacob, 11
Anna Margretha, 8
Johann Dieterich, 6
Johann Leonhard, 2
Bur1983 Herzels; to Northampton and Bucks Co., PA.
Hans Bernhard Wolff (6)   Wolf
Steven Frederick (3)     
Ann Floren (1)    
Philipp Fernser (1)    
Hans Jacob Ekman (2)    
Hans Philipp Heysinger (1)    
Henrich Wittser (1)    
Hans Jerg Hoy, sick (1)    
Johann Jacob Bausel, 40 (2 1/2)
Anna Catharina (Schwab)
Agnesa Barbara, 11
Johann Georg, 9
Bur1983 Pause, Pausel; to Jumping Run.
Andreas Saltsgerrer (1)   Destination Connestoga
Hans Jörg Wolff (2)   Wolf
Jacob Milder, dead (3 1/2)    
Hans Jerg Baumann, 27 (1) Bur1983 Bowman; to Skippach, PA.
Johannes Wester (1)    
Johannes Storm's boy (1)    
Hans Jerg Anspacher (2 1/2)   Anspag, Anspach
Hans Philipp Schweikhardt (2)
Susanna Elisabeth (Hauser)
Bur1983 Swyger; to Lancaster Co., PA.
Christopher Milder, dead (2)    
Elias Maÿer, 29 (3 1/2)
Louisa Frieder. (Globman), 28
Christoph, 6(d. young?)
Heinrich, 4
Agnes Barbara, 2
Maria Eva, 1
Bur1983 Meyer; to Lancaster Co., PA.
Peter Spingler (1)    
Martin Prill (3)    
Johannes Tobias Serveas (1)    
Johann Peter Seitz (4 1/2)   Seyts
Johannes Eckman (4)   Ekman
Johannes Heinrich Geiger, sick (2)   Gyger
Christopher Labengyger (2)    
Johannes Berret (4)   Johannes Barth
Andreas Holtzbaum (4)
Barbara (Danner)
Maria Ursula, 18
Johann Adam, 4
Bur1983 Holtspan; to Lancaster Co., PA.
Andreas Holsbacher 4    
Jacob Schwarts 4   Swarts
Hans Jerg Schwab (3)
Anna Maria (Keÿdel)
Anna Maria, 7
Anna Catharina, 6
Johann Michael, 1 ½
Bur1983 Destination Connestoga; Schaub; to Lancaster and York Co., PA
Hans Michel Pfautz (5)
Ursula (Mühlhauser)
Anna Margretha, 17
Bur1983 Destination Skippack; Phauts; to Lancaster Co., PA.
Christian Schneider (2)   Destination Germantown. Snyder.
Bastian Schmidt (2)
Anna Barbara (Fessler), 26
Bur1983 Smith; to Trappe and Montgomery Co., PA.
Johanes Barteleme (1)   Johannes Barth
Tobias Frey, 43 (4)
Anna Maria (Peter), 39
Martin, 17
Conrad, 12
Gottfried, 6
Anna Maria, 4
Bur1983 Frye; to Lancaster (church) & York Co., PA.
Johannes Tiebenderf (4)   Destination Connestoga
Jacob Mast, Skipach (4)    
Joseph Albrecht (3 1/2)   Aelbragt
Nicolaus Adam (2)
Juliana Bernhardina (Schweickhardt)
Jonas Paul, 2 ½
Bur1983 Adams; to Lancaster Co., PA.
Jacob Meyer 2    
Johannes Leib, 31
Margretha (Hiertzel)
Johann Jonas, 2
Bur1983 Leyb, Leipp; to Lancaster and York Co., PA.
Johanes Balt (4)   Destination Germantown.
Conrad Müller, sick (5)   Miller
Christopher Walter (4)    
Ulrich Hertzel, 22 (4) Bur1983 Hertsell; Skippach; to Montgomery, Bucks & Philadelphia Co., PA.
Hans Adam Stoll (3)   Destination Connestoga
Hans Jerg Geiger (4 1/2)   Destination Connestoga; Guyger
Hans Martin Wilder (2 1/2)    
Hans Jerg Vögelle (6 1/2)   Viegle
Johann Georg Arnoldt, 31 (dead)
Anna Catharina
Bur1983 Arldnold; to Goshenhoppen, Philadelphia(kb), and Berks Co., PA.
Hans Görg Krämer (3)
Anna Barbara (Brenneÿsen)
Hans Georg, 15
Susanna Barbara, 11
Johann Leonhard, 9
Bur1983 Cremmer, Cramer; to Philadelphia Co., PA.
Hans Jerg Reter (2 1/2)    
Albert Schwoap (1)   Swoap
Henrich Gouger, sick (3 ½)    
Johann Dietrich Rudi, 25 (1) Bur1983 Roede; to Montgomery & Bucks Counties, PA.
Hans Jerg Roedebas (2)   Destination Skippack.
Hans Adam Beinder (4 1/2)    
Christopher Wittmer (1)    
Johann Henrich Hartman (3)    
Clement Eirn (2)    
Philippus Jacob Rheinlender (5)   Reylender
Johannes Mien Peekell (1)    
Hans Ernst Rudi, 45 (1)
Anna Catharina (Doll)
Johann Conrad, 20
Maria Margretha, 16
Johann Jacob, 12
Anna Barbara, 10
Bur1983 Roede
Philipp Zigler (5 1/2)   Seigler
Philipp Roedeull (2)    
Rudolph Wilkes (3)   Rutolff Wellecker
Hans Jerg Milder (1)    
Abraham Farn (4)    
Ulrich Steffan (3)
Anna (Altorffer)
Anna, 14
Bur1983 Staffon; to Philadelphia Co., PA.
G. M. Weis V.D.M    
Rudolff Leib
Maria Agnes(Orth)
Bur1983 Beyl; to York and Lancaster, PA.
Michel Böttle    
Jerg Peter
Margaretha (Böhler)
Rudolph, 5
Barbara, 2 
Bur1983 To Lebanon Co., PA.
Hans Martin Weller    
Hans Adam Müller, 27 Bur1983 Miller; to York and Lancaster, PA.
Johan Jacob Cuntz    
Philip Rudisile, 30
Anna Maria (Schopff)
Georg Philip, 2
Bur1983 Rutschly, Rudi Sili, Sily, Sÿlÿ; to Lancaster, PA
Hans Gerg Welcker    
Johann Tiderich    
Rudi Hans    
Hans Georg Ziegler    
Hanns Martin Mill    
Christoph Walter    
Henrich Sippen    

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