1727 Molly

[List 3 A, B] Molly
Captain: John Hodgson
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Deal
Arrival: Philadelphia, 30 Sep 1727

70 Palatines men over 16 and their families, approximately 300 people.

Name, Age Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Hans Jerg Huber    
Hans Frantz Stupp, 52
Maria Margretha (Gressler)
Jerg Andreas, 25
Anna Barbara, 24
Maria Agnes, 20
Anna Elisabetha, 19
Anna Margaretha, 16
Anna Catharina, 14
Hans Stuber    
Hans Jacob Bender
Johann Jacob, 6
Johann Caspar, 4
Hans Jerg Kelb    
Hanns Jerg Horger    
Johann Ludwig Dederer
Anna Barbara
Bur1983 To New Hannover, Montgomery, PA.
Andreas Baerns    
Ludwig Borz    
Hans Adam Soulder    
Hans Michael Schmidt    
Johannes Schneider    
Johann Andreas Illig, 34
Philippina (Nord)
Bur1983 Ilg, Ilgen. To Tulpehocken (Stouchsburg), PA.
Johann Burckhard Hoffmann
Anna Elisabetha (Saltzgeber)
Bur1983 To Red Hill, Montgomery, PA.
Felix Guth
Anna Margaretha
Anna Barbara, 25
Regina, 23
Margaretha, 21
Hans Georg, 20
Johann Jacob, 18
Fronecka, 16
Ulrich, 14
Regina, 10
Bur1983 To Skippack, PA.
Johannes Kraus    
Wyan Diell    
Johann Michael Sebastian, ca. 22 Bur2000 To Montgomery Co., PA.
Hans Ulrich Schumacher, dead    
Augustin Georg Hieronimus Widder, 36 Bur2000 To New Holland & Trinity in Lancaster Co., PA.
Hans Leonhard Hofmann    
Johannes Steger
Ursula Maria
Johann Michael, 4
Johann Matthäus, 2
Georg Christian, 1
Bur2000 To Hanover, Montgomery Co., PA.
Hans Michel Guth    
Martin Hauser
Anna Margretha (Schäfer), 24
Johann Martin, 1 (died on ship)
Bur1992 Note in church book that this wife died in America 12 Jan 1775. To Goshenhoppen, Canawago, & Skippack, PA; MD; and Bethabara & Bethania, NC.
Hans Heinrich Bernhard
Anna Catharina
Anna Margaretha, 7
Anna Catharina, 5
Johann Georg, 3
Anna Barbara, 0
Heinrich Fults, sick    
Johann Georg Dieter, 28
Maria Margaretha (Luttmann)
Johann Michael, 5
Maria Christina, 1
Bur1983 Teter; To Lancaster, PA; Orange Co., VA; Rowan Co., NC; and Pendleton Co., WV.
Marx Fuchs    
Stephan Rebbert, 23
Margaretha (Schneider)
Eva Barbara, 0
Bur1983 To Goshenhoppen, Berks Co., PA.
Hans Kobel    
Georg Ludwig Gesell, 24
Anna Dorothea (Hoffmann)
Jacob Bähr    
Samuel Behr    
Hans Funck, sick    
Michel Frantz    
Johannes Ring    
Peder Gut    
Christian Solderman, sick    
Jacob Horrester, dead    
Hans Jörg Schallenberger, 32
Anna Magdalena (Rudi)
Anna Barbara, 0
Samuel Gut    
Davidt Mardtin    
Jacob Huber    
Jacob Marttin    
Rudolf Landis
Anna Maria Gastwolf
Christina Charlotta, 3
Juliana 1
Bur1983 Mennonite. 5 persons.
Heinrich Kaufman    
Rudolf Been    
Jost Moser, sick    
Christian Moser, sick    
Ulrich Schellenberger   Blacksmith, Mennonite. See Schallenberger listed above.
Martin Kindigh    
Michael Schenck    
Jacob Wanner    
Christian Velte    
Ulrich Leib    
Hans Moser    
Christian Müller    
Jacob Scherer    
Hans Hoogstadt    
Henrich Kryebiel    
James Müller    
Johann Martin Kirstätter, 30
Dorothea (Frey)
Bur1983 Castator. To North Annville, Lebanon Co., PA.
Johannes Mathias Egener    
Hans Müller, sick    
Hans Michael    
Hans Jerg Feilter    
Henrich Mayer    
Johannes Büller    
Michael Krebiel    
Hans Jer. Folcks    
Samuel Oberholts    
Tobias Schorch    
Felden Gehr    
Christian Wenger    
Hans Jacob Rudt    

The Palatine Project


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