1727 James Goodwill

[List 2 A, B] James Goodwill
Captain: David Crockett
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Falmouth
Arrival: Philadelphia, 27 Sep 1727

A list of 53 Palatines, who with their families making in all about two hundred persons. Two numbers were listed following most of the men's names. These numbers apparently have to do with the number of freights or price of transport. It may mean the amount of freights prepaid, followed by those still owed, in which case no numbers would indicate the family had prepaid for the entire transport. Perhaps with time it will become more obvious what these numbers mean. Everyone 16 years or older was counted as one freight, 4-15 were counted as a half-freight, and those under 4 were transported for free.

Name, Age (# of freights) Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Michael Sygrist (1-6)   Sigrist,
Michael Daner (1-2)   Tanner
Joseph Schurgh (1-3)    
Hans Häge (1-4)   Haggy
Jurgen Müller (1-5)   Miller 
Hans Leman (1-5)   Leaman
Hans Langneker (1-2)    
Heinrich Eberle (1-5)   Aberlee
Reinhardt Jung (1-3)    
Jacob Wiggerdt   Wygart
Johann Wilhelm Wigardt (2-2)   Wygart
Hans Theobald Lederman (1-6)
Anna Maria (Engler)
Hans Peter, 16
Catharina Barbara, 11
Hans Daniel, 9
Johann Melchior, 6
Anna Catharina, 4
Johann Nickel, 3
Bur1992 Leatherman; to Falkner Schwamm and Lancaster Co., PA.
Hans Michael Kuntz   Kunts
Jurg Michael Kuntz (2-4)   Kunts
Uhly Staufer (1-6)   Ulrich Stoupher
Ulrich Zug (1-4)    
Peter Zug (1-4)    
Bartholomeus Sigrist (1-4)    
Abraham Ebersohl (1-4)   Aberholt 
Jacob Fritz (1-3)    
Adam Kinner (3-9)   Kiener
WilhelmUlrich Kiner (3-9)   Kiener
Hans Kiner (3-9)   Kiener
Christian Weber (1-4)   Webber
Margaret Heislern (4)    
Hans Michael Fiedler (1-3)    
Hans Philipp Schauffelberger, 45 (1-5)
Anna Margaretha
Bur1983 Schafberger, Schaberger; to Lancaster Co.
Henrich Wolff (1-2)   Wolfe
Jerg Steinieger (1-7)   Steiniger
Johann Jost Klapp
Anna Maria
Anna Catharina, 20
Anna Margaretha Johann Ludwig Klap
Bur2000 Clap
Johann Adam Völpel   Philple
Jörg Valentin Klap, 6 14   Clap; to Oley (Stoever’s records)
Ludwig Klap   Clap
Christian Müller    Miller
Hans Georg Koch   Coch
Johan Jacob Waldter , Sr.   Walter
Jacob Walder, Jr. (2-6)   Walter
Christoph Kirchhoff (1-5)   Kirchofe
Jacob Siegel (1-6)    
Hans Jacob Gass, Sr., sick    
Jacob Gass, Jr. (3-6)    
Friderich Gass    
Johannes Müller     Miller
Joseph Müller (3-9)   Miller
Hans Müller    Miller
Jacob Arnet (1-3)    
Hans Paulus Heim
Anna (Volcker)
Anna Maria, 17
Johannes, 15
Bur2000 Hein; Anna Maria bp. 1713 in Ireland; to Coventry? (Stoever’s records)
Hans Heim (2-6)   Hein
Bastian Müri (1-1)   Merree
Michael Leiberth (1-3)   Lybert
Jurg Zeng (2)   Zengh
Jacob Gangwyer (1-1)    
Heinrich Schultz (1-1)    
Hans Michael Forster (1-1)   Foster

The Palatine Project


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