1704-1709, Early Settlers to Skippack, PA

The German settlement at Skippack was an outgrowth from the Germantown (Krefeld) settlement, most of the early settlers being Mennonites. This settlement is in present-day Perkiomen Township, Montgomery County near the village of Evansburg. The original settlers of 1702 came earlier to Germantown (Hendrick Pannebecker, Johannes Kuster, Johannes Umstat, Klas Jansen, and Jan Krey). Those listed as coming later may have come directly from Germany to Skippack and are therefore listed here.

Date Arrived in Skippack (ship) Name (occupation), Age Place of Origin (Town, Province) Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
1704 John Jacobs    
1706 John Newberry    
1706 Thomas Wiseman    
1706 Edward Beer    
1706 Gerhard In de Hoffen    
1706 Herman In de Hoffen    
1706 Dirck Renberg    
1706 William Renberg    
1708 William Dewees    
1708 Hermannus Kuster    
1708 Christopher Zimmerman    
1708 Johannes Scholl    
1708 Daniel Desmond    
1709 Jacob Kolb (weaver) Wolfsheim, ?Hessen  
1709 Johannes Kolb (weaver) Wolfsheim, ?Hessen  
1709 Martin Kolb (weaver) Wolfsheim, ?Hessen  
1709 Andrew Strayer    

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