1700-1726, Miscellaneous Other Early PA Emigrants

Several German families apparently emigrated to Pennsylvania prior to 1727 when the Strassburger/Hinke passenger lists start. This list is a first attempt to identify these emigrants and establish their approximate date of arrival in the New World. It is hoped with time that this list will grow and be improved upon, eventually identifying unpublished passenger list sources and other materials. Information could be added here by studying German settlements besides Germantown and Skippack which were settled prior to 1727. To begin with, this will be a fairly incomplete list.

Date Arrived in PA (ship) Name (occupation), Age Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
1704 Hans Groff  To Lancaster Co., PA.
1706 Heinrich Zimmerman Carpenter; To Lancaster Co., PA.
about 1710 Daniel Harman To Lancaster Co., PA.
about 1710 Hans Herr To Lancaster Co., PA.
about 1710 Hans Mylin To Lancaster Co., PA.
about 1710 Martin Kendig To Lancaster Co., PA.
about 1710 Wendell Bowman To Lancaster Co., PA.
1717 Felix Landis To Lancaster Co, PA.
about 1717 John Landes Ephrata, Lancaster, PA.
about 1717 Hans Hess To Lancaster Co., PA.
1719 Jacob Bear To Lancaster Co., PA.
about 1720 Jacob Rudolph Bollinger To Lancaster Co., PA.
by 1726 Heinrich Mohler
To Lancaster Co., PA.

The Palatine Project


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