1685-1703, Various Ships

After the initial settlement of Germantown in 1683 many Dutch and German emigrants joined the new colony. Some of these may have been from further north and had come over to the New Netherlands settlement, but others came directly from Germany (see below). A large number of these emigrants  were from the area around Krefeld and Mülheim in the Rheinland Province and near the border to Netherlands. They used a form of patronymics, taking the father's given name as a surname both in Germany, Netherlands, and Pennsylvania during the late 17th century.

In Mülheim (Ruhr) Theodor Undereyck, who had studied in England among the Presbeterians, Baptists, Quakers, and others, was the pastor during the 1660s. His successor, the reformed pastor Arnold Siebel visited William Penn in Duisburg in 1677. Four years later (1681) Penn was granted Pennsylvania by King Charles II. The teacher Labadie from Holland also taught new doctrines in Mülheim. There was a group of dissidents in Mülheim as a result of exposure to these new ideas which included the schoolmaster Backhaus and the tailor Verfohren of Styrum. Among the people here Jacob Telner and offers from the Frankfurt Company were able to entice emigration of many to Germantown in 1684, 1687, and 1696, including at east 33 emigrants. [From "Die auswanderung der Mülheimer nach Pennsylvanien" (The Emigration of Mülheimers to Pennsylvania) in Zeitschrift des Geschictesvereins Mülheim a.d. Ruhr (Periodical of the Mülheim a.d. Ruhr History Organization), Vol. 32, Dec 1938 No. 3 by Karl Broermann. Translated by Rosalie N. Castleberry; FHL 974.811/G1 W2b]

Most of the people listed below may have actually come to Pennsylvania by way of New York. In 1701 there were 60 families besides single persons in Germantown.

[nat. = naturalized]

Date Arrived in Germantown (ship) Name (occupation), Age Place of Origin (Town, Province) Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
20 Mar 1686 Johannes Kassel (weaver), 47
Krigsheim, Hessen  
20 Mar 1686 Sarah Schumacher (widow)
Kriegsheim, Hessen (Bayern-Pfalz) Shoemaker
  Hendrick Pannebecker (born 1674)   Married in Germantown 1699. Settled in Skippack 1702.
1687 Jacob Isaacs Van Bebber
(son) Matthias Jacobs Van Bebber
  Jacob in Philadelphia. Matthias back to Europe 1701/2, resided in Philadelphia & Cecil Co., MD.
1687 Arent Klincken Dalem, Netherlands  
1687-1706 Jan Streypers Kaldenkirchen, Rheinland (Krefeld)  
1687 Jan Duplouvys (Dutch Baker)    
1688 via. NY Dirck Keyser (silk merchant) Amsterdam, Netherlands  
by 1689 Paul Wolff (weaver) Fendern in Holstein  
by 1689 Jacob Jansen Klumpges Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1689 Cornelius Siverts Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland (Friesland)  
by 1689 Hans Millan Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1689 Johann Silans Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1689 Dirck Van Kolk Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1689 Hermann Bom Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1689 Hendrich Sellen
(brother) Dirck
Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland (Krefeld) Made trip back to Germany 1698.
by 1689 Isaac Schaffer Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1689 Ennecke Klostermann Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1689 Jan Doeden    
by 1689 Andreas Souplis   to New York
by 1691 Reynier Hermanns Van Burklow   1704 to Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co., Maryland
by 1691 Peter Klever Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1691 Caspar Kleinhof Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1691 Anthony Loof    
1691 Paul Küster
Gertrud (Doors)
Arnold, 22
Johannes, 20
Matthys, 19
Reiner, 16
Krefeld, Rheinland (Kaldenkirchen) Kastner. Wife sister to Tonis Junders and Peter Kürlis wife's and Reiner Theissen who all came over in 1683.
by 1691 Andreas Kremer    
by 1691 Jan Williams    
by 1691 Hendrick Kasselberg Backersdorf (Brugge)  
by 28 Aug 1692 via New York James De la Plaine    
by 1693 Johannes Pettinger    
by 1693 John Van de Woestyne    
by 1693 Paulus Kuster (mason)
(wife) Gertrud (Streypers)
Krefeld, Rheinland  
1694 Georg Gottschalck Lindau, Bodensee  
1694 Christian Warmer    
1694 Martin Sell    
1695 Isaac Ferdinand Saroschi Windsheim, Bayern? (Hungarian) Returned to Europe after only about two years.
1696 Levin Harberdinck    
1696 Wilhelm Rittinghaus, paper-mill, 42
Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland (Broich a/d Ruhr) Rettinghaus, Rittinghouse
1698 Jan Linderman Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
nat. 1698/9 Johann Neuss (silversmith)
(brother:) Hans Neuss
Krefeld, Rheinland Their father married Elisabeth Lucken in 1695, younger sister to Johann Lucken who emigrated in 1683.
nat. 1698/9 Willem Hendricks    
nat. 1698/9 Frank Houfer    
nat. 1698/9 Paul Engle    
1698-1699 (nat. 1698/9) Reynier Jansen (lace-maker)
Tiberius Reyniers
Joseph Reyniers
Alkmaer, Netherlands Friend and power-of-attorney from Cornelius Siverts.
by 1699 Evert In den Hoffen
Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
summer 1700 Harmen Karsdorp
Hamburg Mennonite
summer 1700 Claes Berends
(father-in-law) Cornelius Claesen
Hamburg Mennonite
summer 1700 Isaac Van Sintern
Hamburg Mennonite
summer 1700 Paul Roosen
Hamburg Mennonite
summer 1700 Heinrich Van Sintern Hamburg Mennonite
summer 1700 Trientje Harmens (widow) Hamburg Mennonite
1700 Georg Müller    
1700 Justus Falkner    
by 1700 Isaac Karsdrop   Mennonite
by 1700 Arnold Van Vossen   Mennonite
by 1700 Richard Van der Werf    
by 1700 Dirck Jansen    
by 1700 Sebastian Bartlesen    
1701 Heinrich Lorentz    
1701 Christopher Schlegel    
1702 Dirck Jansen, unmarried Bergerland working for Johannes Kuster
1702 Ludwig Chrisian Sprogell, bachelor Netherlands  
1702 Johannes Rebenstock   Revenstock
1702 Philip Christian Zimmerman    
1702 Peter Bun    
1702 Isaac Petersen Guelderland, Netherlands  
1702 Jacob Gerritz Holtzhooven Guelderland, Netherlands  
1702 Willem Hosters (weaver) Krefeld, Rheinland Mennonite
1702 Jacob Classen Arents Amsterdam, Netherlands  
by 1702 Jan Krey
Helene Krey (mentioned 1708)
Wilhelm Krey
Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland Settled in Skippack 1702.
by 1702 Johann Scholl Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
by 1702 Marieke Speikerman Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland  
1702 Heinrich Tübbe Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Rheinland Tibben
1702 Johann Conrad Cotweis   to NY by 1709
1702 Jacob Gaetschalck   Mennonite preacher
1703 Anthony Gercks    
1703 Barnt Hendricks    
1703 Hans Heinrich Meels    
1703 Simon Andrews    
1703 Hermann Dors, 44 (unmarried) Krefeld, Rheinland  
1703 Cornelius Tyson Krefeld, Rheinland  


John Rebenstock - I have just found that John Rebenstock is my ancestor. Other records indicate that Henry Tibben /  Tübbe / Tübben's wife was Sibilla "Revenstock," who is believed to be a sister to John/Johannes. Now if I could just locate them in European records.

--Rick Saunders, fzsaund@ix.netcom.com

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