1684 Telner Emigration Party

From: Holland or England, about Aug/Sep 1684
By Way of: 
Arrival: New York, by 12 Dec 1684

On 10 Mar 1682 William Penn conveyed to Jacob Telner of Krefeld, Jan Streypers of Kaldenkirchen, and Dirck Sipman of Krefeld each 5,000 acres of land in Pennsylvania. Jacob Telner was a merchant in Amsterdam and had contacts with the Quakers in London and some people in New York. After being granted the land in Pennsylvania he began to advertise extensively. In 1683 he accompanied the 13 families that emigrated on the Concord to Rotterdam. He recruited many emigrants to join him to Pennsylvania the following year from Mülheim and was a key figure in the 1684 emigration. 

In Mülheim (Ruhr) Theodor Undereyck, who had studied in England among the Presbyterians, Baptists, Quakers, and others, was the pastor during the 1660s. His successor, the reformed pastor Arnold Siebel, visited William Penn in Duisburg in 1677. Four years later (1681) Penn was granted Pennsylvania by King Charles II. The teacher Labadie from Holland also taught new doctrines in Mülheim. There was a group of dissidents in Mülheim as a result of exposure to these new ideas which included the schoolmaster Backhaus and the tailor Verfohren of Styrum. Among the people here Jacob Telner and offers from the Frankfurt Company were able to entice emigration of many to Germantown in 1684, 1687, and 1696, including at east 33 emigrants. [From "Die auswanderung der Mülheimer nach Pennsylvanien" (The Emigration of Mülheimers to Pennsylvania) in Zeitschrift des Geschictesvereins Mülheim a.d. Ruhr (Periodical of the Mülheim a.d. Ruhr History Organization), Vol. 32, Dec 1938 No. 3 by Karl Broermann. Translated by Rosalie N. Castleberry; FHL 974.811/G1 W2b]

In 1684 several Germans came from Mülheim, Mörs, Nenwied and Köln (Cologne) to Germantown.

After arriving in New York 12 Dec 1684 Jacob Telner wrote a letter to Jan Laurens of Rotterdam. The trip to New York took 12 weeks.

Date Arrived in Germantown (ship) Name (occupation), Age Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
by 8 Nov 1684 David Scherkes ?Veit Scherkes of Krefeld, Rheinland
by 8 Nov 1684 Walter Simons Brother to Johann Simons who came the previous year.
by 8 Nov 1684 Isaac Jacobs Van Bebber 1704 to Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co, Maryland
Dec 1684 (to NY) Jacob Telner, 29
(daughter) Susanna
1684 Jan Willemse Bochenogen, cooper  
1684 Ewert Ind den Hoffen
1684/5 Gerhard Levering
Wigard Levering
1684 Änneke Klosterman (widow), 35
1684 Jan Linderman, silversmith  
1684/1702 Michael Renberg
(son) Dirck
1684, by 1691 Hermann Op de Trapp Trappman; drowned 1693 in Philadelphia.
1684 Hermann Rennier Reinier
1684/5, by 1691 Klass Jansen
Dirck Jansen, servant from Bergischen
Settled in Skippack 1702.
1684 Heinrich Buchholz
1684 Lewin Harberdink  
1684 Arnold Stork  
1684 Marie Margarete Zimmermann (widow)
about 1684 Art Klinken Probably brother to Abraham Klinken who emigrated in 1683.
1684 Hermann Doors, 21  

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