1683 America

Ship: America
Captain: Joseph Wasey
From: Rotterdam (Gravesend 6 June) 4 June 1683
By Way of: 
Arrival: Philadelphia, 20 Aug 1683

Pastorius, who was associated with the Frankfurt Company, was a leader of the colony. He wrote a letter describing his journey to America and settlement at Germantown, which was published in Governor Pennypacker's "Settlement of Germantown" pp. 133-151 in Proceedings of the Pennsylvania German Society, Vol. IX.

Pastorius came earlier in 1683 to prepare for the larger group that was emigrating to Pennsylvania the same year. Shortly after the later group arrived, Germantown was founded on 24 October 1683. 

Name (occupation), Age Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Francis Daniel Pastorius
Jacob Schumacher, servant
Frances Simpson, English maid
Called the pioneer of the German immigration to Pennsylvania. He was the first educated leader in Germantown.
Georg Wertmüller  
Isaac Dilbeck
Thomas Gasper  
Conrad Bacher (Rutter)  
Cornelius Bom (Dutch Baker)
(daughter) Agnes

The Palatine Project


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