Nova Scotia

From 1750-1752, twelve ship loads of Germans arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as part of an attempt at colonization of the territory by protestant Germans. The most comprehensive study of these Germans was done by Winthrop Pickard Bell and published in his book, The "foreign Protestants" and the settlement of Nova Scotia : the history of a piece of arrested British colonial policy in the eighteenth century, 1961. Much of the genealogical information on the colonists that he used in his study is found in four volumes in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (MG 1, no. 109-111, but also on microfilm at the Family History Library #1421430).

Copies of the passenger lists, victualling lists, military lists, lists of inhabitants in the colonies, and historical information on the Lunenburg and Halifax German colonies of Nova Scotia is also available on the Internet! Check out the following interesting and valuable websites:


Using the Bell Register, the ship lists from the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (MG 4, no. 83, but also on microfilm at the Family History Library #1376197, item 6. Note: a typed transcript of the passenger lists is also available in the appendix to the book Historic Saga of Leheve (LaHave) by Ruth E. Kaulback, 1970, FHL #1036002, item 20), and original German church records, will be used to reconstruct the complete passenger lists for the following 18th century German passenger ships can be compiled which will be linked below. Brigitte Burkett has also recently published copies of these passenger lists in the book Even More Palatine Families by Henry Z. Jones Jr. & Lewis Bunker Rohrbach (Rockport, Maine: Picton Press: 2002, pp. 2006-2035). (If you have additional information from other sources or links to websites for these families, please let me know):

  Ship Name Date of Arrival
  Charleton, Canning, Winchelsea, Merry Jacks, Roehampton 1749; 1752 Cornwallis 1749
  Ann 1750
  Alderney & Nancy 1750
  Speedwell 1751
  Gale 1751
  Pearl 1751
  Murdoch 1751
  Speedwell 1752
  Betty 1752
  Pearl 1752
  Gale 1752
  Sally 1752
  Unknown Emigration 1753-1784


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