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¡Bienvenidos! So you’re ready to trace your Mexican roots? Mexico is a country rich in culture and history, and tracing your family tree will no doubt be an exciting adventure! Mexico is a great place in which to conduct genealogical research due to the many records that are available. However, there are some challenges that can sometimes make research difficult. 

At ProGenealogists, we have experts who are familiar with all aspects of Mexican research. We have assisted many of our clients in tracing their ancestry in Mexico and in other Latin American countries. Our close proximity to the world renowned Family History Library in Salt Lake City makes it easy for us to have access to many of the records we need to be successful in Mexican genealogy.

This page will help you in becoming more familiar with the different record sources that are key in Mexican research, so feel free to explore and learn more about genealogical research in Mexico!

First Steps

In order to begin tracing your roots in Mexico, it is vital that you have an exact place since most records were kept on a local level. For ecclesiastical records, the common level of jurisdiction is the parish, while civil jurisdiction is found on the municipio level. If your ancestors immigrated to the United States or another country, then you will first need to begin looking in the records of that country. For immigrants to the U.S., here are some helpful tips that can be of assistance to you in finding the ancestor’s exact place of origin:

Family Records

  • Communicate with other relatives who may remember details about your family.
  • Search for family documents such as birth, marriage, death or church christening and confirmation certificates.

Vital Records

  • Death and marriage records from the U.S. may list an exact place of birth for an immigrant.
  • Birth records of an immigrant’s children may also provide this information.

Naturalization Papers

  • Typically, U.S. Naturalization records after 1890 list an immigrant’s exact place of birth.

Mexican Border Crossing Records

  • These records are indexed on While many immigrants from Mexico are not recorded, and the records are in poor condition, this source is still a very good resource to check. The index will supply an immigrant’s last place of residence, which was often their place of birth as well.
  • Explore Mexico Border Crossings 1903-1957 at (fee required).

Next Steps

After you have identified an exact place of origin and have collected other details about the family such as birth, death and marriage details, then you’re ready to begin searching in original records! The following record sources are not the only records that are used in Mexican research, but they are the most common.


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