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How often have we wished we knew more about our parents or grandparents, only to have them pass away before we could talk to them and learn more about their lives? It seems that we are just too busy. Sometimes we don't think our parents had a life before we came along. Its hard to think of our parents as children, dating in High School, or struggling with the same problems we all experience in life. How helpful would it be to future generations to read that our great grandparents overcame some of the same difficulties we face? How wonderful it would be to read about how our ancestors faced the great depression, fought in the Great War (WWI), read about what they thought of the airplane, TV, and space travel?

At ProGenealogists we feel that gathering the memories of the living is just as important as discovering the lives of our ancestors. Our ancestors can not talk to us, they can't help us through our hard times or share the joys we feel when we succeed in life. It is therefore tremendously valuable to gather the memories of our family elders and be able to revisit their counsel whenever we feel the need for their words, voices, and images.

We often inherit family photos when our loved ones pass on, but in many cases we have no idea who the people in the photos are! Another advantage of these interviews is that we can get the data on these old photos first hand and record this information for future generations. We no longer will say we don't know who the people in the photos are.

These personal history interviews will be detailed and will cover your entire life, beginning with what you remember about your grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, and your aunts and uncles. Then we’ll discuss your (or your parents' or grandparents') childhood, elementary school years, high school, college, courtship, marriage, work, children, and grandchildren. We will record about 8-10 hours of audio, in your home or office, (about one hour for each topic), and scan your family and ancestral photos. The photos will be added to the finished interview book providing great insight into the events of your life.

The interview will then be transcribed and edited. An edited copy will be returned to you to make sure that we have names, dates, and places spelled correctly. At this time you will be given the chance to remove anything that, upon hindsight, you wish to delete. We will take the corrected manuscript and add the photos to prepare for printing. The manuscript will then be professionally layed out and sent to the printer where it will be hardbound with a dust jacket. You will then let us know how many copies of the hardbound book you would like to have. Although we can print additional copies at a later date it is much more cost effective to print all the copies you think you will need at one time.

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I thank you and your colleagues so very much for your research into my Weathers/Jones/Wilson lines - and actually on Eliza Davis, too.…(more)


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