Bavarian Gazetteer

by U. Petra Suess & Daniel Schlyter

Select your listing of Bavarian place names from the index below, or select from the list to the right. As always, if you see errors, or you would like to add to this site, please contact us.

A, Adel, Aic, Ait, Alt, Alter, Amb, Angern, Arb, Aschb, AuAuf

Baa, Ban, Berg, Bi, Birk, Bode, Bre, Brug, Buck


D, Det, Döb

E, Eden, Eham, Ek, Eng, Erkel

F, Fick, Fr, Fries

G, Geise, Gl, Gra, Gro, Gründ

Ha, Hags, Hana, Hasl, He, Hem, Hil, Hir, Höd, Hög, HösHofHohn, Hom



K, Kair, Kam, Kas, Kellerm, Kir, Kl, Kleinl, Klo, Köhl, KolKro

L, Langf, Lee, Lenk, Lied, Lob, Lohn, Leo

M, Mall, Marx, Mehl, Mild, Mo, Moosf, Muhl

N, Neudr, Neuh, Neurit, Nidern

O, Oberen, Oberla, Oberp, Oberw, Oes

P, Pechr, Pfahl, Pl, Pox


R, Ram, Rathg, Reib, Reidb, Reis, Rep, Ris, Rohrm, Rothf

S, Sandb, Sax, Schan, Schi, Schleg, Schmer, Schoc, SchrSchwaiga, Schweinf, Seidm, Sig, Son, Spit, Stap, Stein ,Steinh, Sterp, Stocke, Straß, Streith

T, Thal, Tief

U, Unterl, Unters


W, Walh, Wasl, Weih, Weing, Westh, Wild, Winkl, Wolfb




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