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At ProGenealogists, we have expertise in immigrants from Germany, and working in the variety of available German records to locate your German ancestry. You may read about our experts here. In the 2000 census, German ancestry was listed as the most common for U.S. residents. This could mean that you too have German ancestry!

Want to know where you came from? Want to walk the same ground as your German great-grandparents? The earliest clues to your German place of origin are found in U.S. records. The 1900, 1910 and 1920 U.S. Federal Censuses each asked your ancestor when they arrived in the United States. In pursuing your immigrant, these dates of arrival, combined with other records created about them in the U.S. - church records, cemetery records, naturalizations (citizenship), vital records (births, marriages and deaths) and many others - will be essential for finding their German origins. It takes a detective to combine these clues and accurately identify the place of origin. We can help you, using these clues, to choose the best strategy for your research to find that place of origin.

When did your German ancestors arrive in the United States? Was it in the 1800s? Or was it much earlier, in the 1700s? What port did they leave from? Were they Catholic or Protestant? Or did they belong to another small denomination and came for religious freedom? Searching for immigrants in both of these time periods requires a knowledge of the records that are available, and the techniques needed to be sure that you are researching the correct family. These are important questions about your family that we can help you answer.

Those just getting started on their quest to learn about their German ancestors will enjoy the "how-to" articles on this website. You can find them on our professional German research articles page. These articles hold a wealth of genealogical information including emigration sources, Internet sites, research in various provinces of Germany, and much more.

If your German immigrant arrived in North American in the 1700s, you might find them in our Pennsylvania Germans (Palatines) from 1700s Project. The Palatine Project uses sources from German-speaking countries, as well as early colonial American sources, to reconstruct the passenger lists of those Germans who came to America. 

Professional German genealogists and those who are more fully immersed in their German ancestry research will enjoy these tools, among others:

We are excited to introduce you to the historical world of your German ancestry! Whether they arrived in the 1850s, or settled in Pennsylvania in the 1700s, your German ancestors are a core part of your ancestry. We know that this research can be challenging, and we are ready to help you learn the origins and lives of these ancestors. You can begin by asking us for a free estimate, where will we help you know what records and strategies we will need to use together to find your ancestors.

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