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Below is a list of sites that we use when conducting International genealogy research.  Visit the United States Genealogy Sleuth page.  These are all searchable online databases or informative tools.  There are more helpful sites located here.   If you find a record online marked X for which you'd like a copy of the original, please contact us, because we have access to these records.  Subscriptions sites are marked $.  This page updated and all links checked on 2 November 2010.  Enjoy! 

Country Specific Sleuths
Canadian Genealogy

Great Britain Genealogy

Hungarian Genealogy

Irish Genealogy

Polish Genealogy


Family Tree Databases
Family Tree Searcher


Ancestry World Tree
RootsWeb WorldConnect
One Great Family Database


Miscellaneous Databases
International Genealogical Index

Search RootsWeb Boards

Family Tree Connection Databases
Irish Family Research Databases
Scots Origins Database
English Origins Database
England and Wales Databases
Irish Central Signposting Index

United Kingdom and Ireland Records

National Archivist (UK)


IGI Batch Numbers
Channel Islands
Germany I
Germany II
Germany III (in German)
Ireland (Eire)




Canada Vitals
Quebec Searchable Databases
Canadian Parliamentary Divorces
Canadian Divorces 1841-1968
Canadiana Online
Acadia French Catholic Church Records (Drouin) 1670-1946
(Acadian) St. Jean-Baptiste, Anapolis Royal 1702-1755

British Columbia, Canada Vitals
British Columbia Deaths 1872-1979
Châteauguay, Quebec Church Registers
New Brunswick Delayed Births 1810-1906

New Brunswick Births 1801-1899

New Brunswick Marriages 1887-1926

New Brunswick Deaths 1920-1951
Nova Scotia Births 1864-1877
Nova Scotia Marriages 1864-1930
Nova Scotia Deaths 1864-1877, 1905-1955
Ontario Births 1869-190
9 $
Ontario Marriages 1857-1922
Ontario Marriages 1800-1924
Ontario Marriages 1803-1865
Ontario Marriages 1857-1924
Ontario Deaths 1869-1934
Ontario Canada Deaths 1869-1932
Ontario Deaths 1869-1947
Ontario French Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection) 1747-1967
Saskatchewan Births to 1905
Canada Archives Search


Canada Quebec Vitals
(PRDH) Parish Registers 1621-1799
Marriages 1779-1858
Marriages Lac-Sainte-Marie (Comté de Gatineau) 1881-1963
Marriages l'Enfant-Jesus de la Pointe-aux-Trembles 1674-1975
Notarial Records (Collection) 1647-1942
Misc. French Records (Collection) 1651-1941
Early U.S. French Catholic Church Records (Drouin) 1695-1954
Vital and Church Records (Drouin) 1621-1967

France Vitals BMD
Allier, France, Births (Naissances) 1560-1909
Allier, France, Marriages (Mariages) 1568-1913
Allier, France, Deaths (Décès) 1598-1909
Alpes-Maritimes, France Births (Naissances 1575-1906
Alpes-Maritimes, France Marriages (Mariages) 1572-1906
Alpes-Maritimes, France Deaths (Décès) 1587-1905
L'Oise, France, Births (Naissances) 1600-1907
L'Oise, France, Marriages (Mariages) 1600-1907
 L'Oise, France, Deaths (Décès) 1600-1902
Marne, France Births (Naissances) 1501-1907
Marne, France Marriages (Mariages) 1529-1907
Marne, France Deaths (Décès) 1547-1907
Marseilles, France Marriages (Mariages) 1810-1915
Paris, France Births (Naissances) 1700-1899
Paris, France Marriage Banns (Publications des bans) 1860-1902
Paris, France Marriages (Mariages) 1700-1907
Paris, France Deaths (Décès) 1707-1907
Paris, France, Death Notices (Faire-part de décès) 1860-1902
Saône-et-Loire, France Births (Naissances) 1546-1905
Saône-et-Loire, France Marriages (Mariages) 1540-1903
Saône-et-Loire, France Deaths (Décès) 1574-1902
Upper Berry, France Births (Naissances) 1557-1907
Upper Berry, France Marriages (Mariages) 1561-1907
Upper Berry, France Deaths (Décès) 1564-1907
Upper Brittany, France Births (Naissances) 1501-1907
Upper Brittany, France Marriages (Mariages) 1536-1907
Upper Brittany, France Deaths (Décès) 1540-1907

International Vitals BMD
(AU) New South Wales Births 1788-1905
(AU) New South Wales Marriages 1788-1954
(AU) New South Wales Divorces 1873-1930
 (AU) New South Wales Deaths 1788-1978 
Barbados' English Settlers 1637-1800
Denmark Church Records
(UK) Pallot's Baptisms 1780-1837
 (UK) Pallot's Marriages 1780-1837 $
England & Wales Births 1837-1983
England & Wales Births 1984-2005
England & Wales Marriages 1837-1983
England & Wales Marriages 1984-2005
England & Wales Deaths 1837-1983
England & Wales Deaths 1984-2005
Free BMD England 1837-1901
(UK) Cheshire England Births Marriages Deaths 1837-
(FR) Paris Vitals 1500s-1902

Germany Baptisms 1700-1900
Germany Marriages 1700-1900
Irish Records Extraction Database
(NL) Dutch Civil Registration 1800-
(NL) Dutch Zeeland Archives
(NL) Dutch Frisian Archives
Norwegian Parish Registers 1733-1966
Norway Baptisms 1700-1900
Norway Marriages 1700-1900
Noway Burials 1700-1900
Italy Palermo Birth Records 1876-1885
Italy Calabria Civil Registration 1810-1936
Poland Geneteka Index (B,M,D)

Poland Rzeszów Vitals 1777-1936
Poland Jewish Records Indexes
Poland Pomeranian Baptism
(PL) Pomeranian Marriages

(PL) Pomeranian Deaths

(PL) Poznan (Posen) Marriages 1820-1899

Poland Marriages to 1899
Portuguese BMB
Scotland Online (BMD)
Scotland Vitals from Newspapers 1833-1987
Swedish Church Records

Tasmanian Pioneer Families
Victoria, Australia Divorce Index 1861-1900








WorldGenWeb Regions
AsiaBritish Isles
Central Europe
Eastern Europe
Middle East
North America
South America 
Search the WorldGenWeb Archives

Ireland Genealogy Sleuth 
U.S. Genealogy Sleuth
Rootsweb Search Thingy


Place Names & Maps
British Gazetteer
British Gazetteer (ABC)
Canadian Gazetteer
Canadian Atlas

Canadian County Atlas Project Maps
Enter a Zip Code & Find Place
Fuzzy Gazetteer Global
Global Gazetteer
Ireland Townland Database
Scotland Gazetteer
U.K. Old Maps Online
Streetmap U.K.
Portals to the World Info
Swiss Cities and Maps
World Maps
World Place Names


Find Living People

Canada Phone Search

Directory Assistance Plus

Find Living People USA

Infobel International

French White Pages


Melissa Search
 $ (International)


Reference USA 102 Million

Search Bug

Super Pages

Telephone Directories

U.S. Search
(U.K.) British Telecom
U.K. Phonebook
 Virtual Gumshoe
White Pages USA




  Find Day of the Week  
Genealogy Search Advice
Relationship Chart
Scottish Handwriting (Paleography)
The Soundex Machine
This Day in History
Time Line Generator
What Type of e-File is it?


Dates and Currency
Calendar Conversions
Current Value of Old Money
Currency Converter
Inflation Calculator

The World Clock Time Zones

Directories and Archives
(CA) Montreal City Directory 1842-1999
England Directories 1750-1919
England Phone Directories 1880-1984
(DE) Berlin City Directory 1799-1943
Periodical Source Index (PERSI)
Intl. Catholic Parish Directory

  Naturalization & Passenger Lists  
Australia Passenger Lists
Australia Assisted Immigrants 1839-1896
Canada Immigration 1801-1849
Canada Immigration 1748-1906
Canadian Immigration 

Canada Immigrants Grosse-Île 1832-1937
Canada New Brunswick 1816-1838
Canadian Naturalizations 1915-1932
(CA) Quebec Passenger Lists 1908-1910
(CA) Likacheff-Ragosine-Mathers Russian Consulate Collection
Danish Emigration Archives
Ships Transcriber Guild
(DE) Baden-Württemberg Emigration Index
  (DE) Württemberg Emigration ~1770-1900
  (DE) Baden Emigration Index, 1866-1911 $ 
Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934
Hamburg Handwritten Indexes 1855-1934
Irish Passenger Lists 1847-1867
Prussia Brandenburg Emigration
Saxony Roots Ships Database
Swedish Emigration Records 1783-1951
Swiss Arrivals at Ellis Island
United Kingdom Departures 1890-1921
U.S. Passport Applications 1795-1925

Order Passenger Lists $ X
The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives


Court, School & Land Records
Australia Orphan Schools 1817-1833 

Australia Asylum for Destitute Children 1852-1915

(CA) New Brunswick Land Grants 1765-1900
(CA) Quebec Land Petitions 1764 and 1841
(CA) Saskatchewan Homestead Index 1872 to 1930
(CA) Western Canada Land Grants 1870-1930
(Germany) West Prussia Land Records 1772-1773
Ireland's Freeholder's Records


Genealogy Software
Ancestral Quest

Ancestry Family Tree
 - Free
DoroTree (Jewish Specialty)

Legacy - Free Trial

The Master Genealogist

The Next Generation of Sitebuilding



DoroTree (Jewish Specialty) 

Istanbul (Turkey) Jewish
Jewish Links
World Memory Project


Polish Surnames Distribution


European Databases
Galicien Databases
Polish Databases


Tons o' Links Sites
Cyndi's List Genealogy Links





Cemetery and Probate Records
Australian Electoral Rolls 1901-1936
Australia Estates of Deceased 1880-1923
Australia Intestate Estates 1823-1861

Australia Early Probate Records
Cemetery Interment Lists
(UK) London's Deceased Online 
Find A Grave

Tombstone Transcription Project
Canada British Columbia Cemetery Aid
Canada Ontario Cemetery Aid
Canada Montreal Catholic Cemetery
England National Memorial Inscriptions
England & Wales National Burial Index 1538-2005
Norway Cemeteries

Scottish Wills Website

Census Sites
Census Online Directory
Denmark Censuses
Canada 1st Census Quebec 1666
Ancestry's U.K. Censuses 1841-1901
1828 Australia New South Wales Census
1841-1891 British Isles Censuses
1602-1911 Irish Census & Census Substitutes
1841 (Canada) Prince Edward Census
 X down 
1841 Australia Census
1851 Canada Census
1851 Canada Census
1851 Canada
1851 (Ireland) Dumfries & Galway Census
1861 Canada
Norway 1865, 1875, 1900 Census
1867 Mecklenburg Census 
$ X
1841-1891 (England) Cornwall Census
1871 (Canada) Ontario Census
1871 (Canada) Ontario Census 2
1871 Canada
1881 Canada Census
1881 Canada
1881 (Canada) Prince Edward Census
 X down
1890 Sweden Census
1890 Mecklenburg Census
1891 (Canada) Alberta Census
1891 (Canada) Prince Edward Census
1891 Canada
1900 Mecklenburg Census
1901 (Canada) Alberta 
Census X
1901 Canada Census Index
1901 Canada Census Images
1901 (Canada) Alberta
 Census X
1901 Canada Census Index
1901 Canada Census Images
1901 Scotland Census
1906 Canadian Northwest Provinces
1906 Canadian Northwest Provinces
1911 Ireland Census
1911 Canada Census Images
1911 Canada Census Index
1911 Canada Census (Index & Images)

Coroners, Criminal, Homicides
Convict Central
(England) Proceedings Old Bailey 1674-1834
(AU) Convict Savings Bank Books, 1824-1886
(AU) New South Wales Convict Records 1823-1869
(AU) New South Wales Settlers & Convicts 1787-1834
(AU) New South Wales Convict Musters 1806-1849
(AU) New South Wales Convict Pardons & Tickets of Leave 1834-1859



Military Military Records
Australian War Records
Australian WWI Nominal Roll
Australian WWII Nominal Roll
 Canadian Expeditionary Force WWI 
(CAN) Canadian Soldiers WWI 1914-1918
(CAN) Canadian WWII Armed Forces Dead
(CAN) Loyalist Muster Rolls
(UK) Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920
(UK) Army WWI Medal Rolls 1914-1920
(UK) Army WWI Pensions 1914-1920
(UK) WWI Records
(UK) Royal Naval Casualties 1914-1924


Newspapers, Obituaries &

Canadian Biographies
(CAN) New Brunswick Newspaper Index
England - Liverpool Newspapers 1811-1834
England - London Gazette 1914-1920, 1939-1948
England - London Times 1758-1820
England - Old Bailey 1674-1834
Irish Times 1859-1996
Obituary Daily Times
Obituary Links
Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families
(UK) The Guardian and The Observer

Surname Research
Surname Springboard


Surname Helper

GenConnect at RootsWeb

Surname Search
Surname Finder
Swiss Family Name Handbook


Library Catalogs 
Family History Library
Canada Digital Library
NARA Archival Research Catalog

UK Public Record Office

Library of Congress 
DAR Library
Libweb - Library Servers Online
Maryland State Archives
Allen County Public Library

Libraries of Europe
Public Libraries of U.S.
Making of America Library Search
Library of Virginia
Librarians' Internet Index
World Cat


Miscellaneous Historical Data
United Kingdom Archives Documents


Occupations, Old and New

Archaic Medical Terms
Scotland Glossary Archaic Terms


Free Forms
Free Family Charts (Standard)

Free Family Tree Chart (Decorative)


Search Engines
Geneanet Index

Internet Family Finder

I Found It!



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