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Below is a list of sites that we use daily when conducting U.S. genealogy research.  Visit the International Genealogy Sleuth page.  These are all searchable online databases or informative tools.  This page updated and most links checked on April 15, 2013.  There are more helpful sites located here. Subscription sites are marked $.  Enjoy!

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Family Tree Databases
Family Tree Searcher
Ancestry World Tree
RootsWeb WorldConnect
One Great Family Database $


Miscellaneous Databases
International Genealogical Index
Search RootsWeb Boards
Family Tree Connection Databases $
GenealogyLibrary.com $
Google.com Books 
 Public Records Databases
Real Estate Records Databases
New England HGS Databases $
New England Families


Vital Records
Ancestry.com U.S. Vitals
IGI Batch Numbers U.S.
Social Security Death Index 
Bible Records Online

Alabama Genealogy Databases 
Arizona Genealogy Databases
Arkansas Genealogy Databases
California Genealogy Databases
Colorado Marriages 1869-1915 (Partial) 
Colorado Divorces 1975-2002 
Connecticut Marriages to 1850 $ X
Connecticut Marriages 1959-2001 $
Connecticut Deaths 1949-2001 $
Delaware Genealogy Databases 
District of Columbia Marriages to 1825 $
District of Columbia Marriages 1826-1850 $
Florida Births Christenings 1880-1935
Florida Marriages 1822-1875 1927-2001$  Florida Marriages 1837-1974 
(FL) Broward Marriages 1915-1937
Florida Divorces 1927-2007 $
Florida Deaths Burials 1900-1921
Florida Deaths 1877-1939 X
Florida Deaths 1877-1939
Florida Deaths 1877-1998 $
(FL) Hillsborough County Marriages 1878-1988 
Georgia Genealogy Databases
Hawaii Births Christenings 1852-1933 
Hawaii Marriages 1826-1929
Hawaii Marriages 1826-1922
Hawaii Deaths 1826-1929
Hawaii Deaths Burials 1862-1919
Idaho Births Christenings 1856-1965 
Idaho Marriages 1847-2003 (Partial)
Idaho Marriages 1842-1996 $
Idaho Marriages 1864-1950
Idaho Marriages 1878-1942
Idaho Deaths Burials 1907-1965 
Idaho Deaths 1911-1937 
Idaho (Eastern) Deaths 
Illinois Genealogy Databases
Indiana Genealogy Databases
Iowa Marriages to 1850 $
Iowa Marriages 1851-1900 $ 
Kansas Marriages 1854-1873 $
Kansas Fraternal Order Deaths 1873-1970 
Kentucky Genealogy Databases
LA (New Orleans) Births 1790-1899 $
LA (New Orleans) Marriages 1831-1925 $
LA (New Orleans) Deaths 1804-1949 $
Louisiana Marriages 1718-1925 $
Louisiana Marriages 1851-1900 $
Louisiana Deaths 1900-1949 $
Louisiana Deaths 1911-1956
Louisiana Deaths 1850-1875, 1894-1954
Maine Births 1621-1922 $
Maine Marriages 1705-1922 $
Maine Marriages to 1875 $
Maine Marriages before 1892
Maine Marriages 1892-1996 
Maine Deaths 1617-1922 $
Maine Deaths 1960-1996
Maryland Marriages 1655-1850 $
Maryland Marriages 1667-1899 $
Maryland Deaths 1875-1880
Maryland Deaths 1943-1949
Maryland Deaths 1898-1944
Maryland Vital Records
Massachusetts Genealogy Databases 
Michigan Births 1867-1902
Michigan Marriages to 1850 $
Michigan Marriages 1851-1875 $ 
Michigan Marriages 1868-1925
(MI) Wayne County Marriages 1837-1870 
Michigan Deaths 1867-1897 
Michigan Deaths 1897-1920
Michigan Deaths 1971-1996 $
Minnesota Births 1900-1916
Minnesota Births 1935-2002 $
Minnesota Marriages 1958-2001 $
Minnesota Deaths 1904-2001
Minnesota Deaths 1908-2002 $
Mississippi Genealogy Databases 
Missouri Births pre-1910 
Missouri Birth Records 1851-1931 $
Missouri Marriages 1766-1983 $
Missouri Marriages to 1850 $
Missouri Marriages 1851-1900 $ 
Missouri Marriage Records 1805-2002 $
(MO) Jackson Co. Marriages 
Missouri Deaths pre-1910
Missouri Deaths 1910-1957 
Missouri Death Records 1834-1931 $
(MO) Stillbirth & Misc Records 1805-2002 $
(MO) St. Louis Marriages 1804-1876 $
(MO) St. Louis Deaths 1850-1908 $
Montana Marriages 1864-1895 (Partial)
Montana Deaths 1860-2007 $
Montana Deaths to 2002 
(NE) Omaha Marriages 
Nevada Marriages 1862-1959 (Partial)
Nevada Marriages 1860-1987 $
Nevada Marriages 1956-2005 $
(NV) Clark County Marriages 1988-2010
Nevada Divorces 1968-2005 $
New Hampshire Births early-1900 
New Hampshire Deaths 1901-1937 X
New Jersey Marriages 1666-1799, 1848-1867 
New Jersey Marriages 1684-1895 $
New Jersey Deaths 1878-1884
New Mexico Marriages 1727-1900 $
New Mexico Death Index 1899-1940
New Mexico Deaths 1889-1940 X
New Mexico Deaths 1889-1945
New York Genealogy & Vital Records
North Carolina Genealogy & Vital Records 
North Dakota Deaths 1881-2008
Ohio Genealogy Databases
Oklahoma Marriages to 1980 
Oklahoma Deaths 1908-1926 
Oregon Births 1862-1920
Oregon Marriages 1846-1996 (Partial)
Oregon Marriages 1906-1920 $
(OR) Multnomah Co. Marriages 1855-1908
Oregon Death Index 1903-1998 $
Oregon Deaths 1903-1930
Pennsylvania Genealogy Databases
South Carolina Marriages 1641-1965 $
South Carolina Marriages 1688-1799 $
South Carolina Marriages 1800-1820 $
South Carolina Deaths 1915-1958 
South Carolina Deaths 1915-1944 X
South Carolina Deaths 1921-1955 $
South Carolina Deaths 1950-1952 $
South Carolina Deaths 1944-1955 
South Dakota Births to 1909
South Dakota Births 1856-1903 $
South Dakota Marriages 1905-1949 $
South Dakota Deaths 1905-1955 $
Tennessee Marriages to 1825 $
Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900 $ 
Tennessee Marriages 1980-2005 
Tennessee Divorces 1800-1965 $
Tennessee Divorces 1980-2005 
Tennessee Deaths 1908-1928
Tennessee Deaths 1914-1949 X 
Tennessee Deaths 1949-2005 
(TN) Shelby County Births 1874-1906 
(TN) Shelby County Marriages 1820-1912 
(TN) Shelby County Deaths 1848-1945 
Texas Genealogy & Vital Records
Utah Births 1898-1905 X
Utah Marriages 1854-1966 (Partial)
Utah Deaths 1898-1905 X
Utah Deaths 1904-1956 X
Utah Deaths 1905-1951 $
Utah Deaths 1904-1956
Vermont Births 1909-1954 X
Vermont Births 1981-2001
Vermont Marriages 1909-1954 X
Vermont Marriages 1981-2001 $
Vermont Divorces 1891-2001 $
Vermont Deaths 1909-1954 X
Vermont Deaths 1981-2001 $
Virginia Births 1853-1896
Virginia Marriages to 1800 $
Virginia Marriages to 1824 $
Virginia Marriages 1740-1850 $
Virginia Marriages 1851-1929 $
Virginia Death Index 1853-1896 X
Virginia Wills to 1800 
Washington Births 1891-1907 $
Washington Births 1907-1919 $
Washington Births 1907-1948 X
Washington Marriages 1840-1915 (Partial)
Washington Marriages 1802-1902 $
Washington Deaths 1891-1907 $
Washington Deaths 1907-1952 X
Washington Deaths 1907-1960
Washington Deaths 1940-1996 $
West Virginia Births 1816-1929 
West Virginia Births 1853-1930
West Virginia Marriages 1784-1970 
West Virginia Marriages 1853-1970
West Virginia Marriages 1863-1900 $
West Virginia Deaths 1853-1973 X 
West Virginia Deaths 1853-1954 
West Virginia Deaths 1853-1970
Wisconsin Births 1820-1907 $
Wisconsin Marriages 1835-1900 $
Wisconsin Marriages pre-1907 $ X
Wisconsin Marriages 1973-1997 $
Wisconsin Deaths 1820-1907 $
Wisconsin Deaths 1959-1997 $
Wisconsin Vital Records
Wyoming Marriages 1867-1950 (Partial)

Deaths of Americans Abroad 1835-1974 $
Western States Marriages
Death Indexes $
Funeral Cards


Land Records
BLM East General Land Office
Illinois Public Domain Land Sales
Kentucky Land Warrants, Patents & Deeds
(NC) Guilford County Deeds
(OH) Cuyahoga County Land Deeds
Texas Land Grants
Texas (Bexar County) Land Deeds
(VA) Brunswick County Land Deeds 
Virginia Tax Lists 1790 and 1800 
Wisconsin Deeds 
U.S. General Land Office Records $

 Search Engines
Geneanet Index
Internet Family Finder
I Found It!


Free Forms
Free Family Charts (Standard)
Free Family Tree Chart (Decorative)


Genealogy Software
Ancestral Quest
DoroTree (Jewish Specialty)
Legacy - Free Trial
The Master Genealogist
The Next Generation of Sitebuilding


Scanned Books
Internet Archive
Google Books
Ancestry.com Local Histories
BYU Scanned Books



Miscellaneous Historical Data
 Burned Counties of the U.S.
Colonial Connecticut 1636-1776
Territorial Kansas Online 
Seeking Michigan
Texas Republic Claims 1835-1846




US GenWeb Sites
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oklahoma/Indian Territory, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Search the USGenWeb Archives
Search the USGenWeb All Pages
American History & Genealogy Project
State and County QuickFacts 
Rootsweb Search Thingy



Place Names & Maps
Ancestry's U.S. Public Records Index $
Color Landform Maps U.S.
Convert Township Names to Twp & Range 
Earth Point Tools for Google Earth 
Enter a City, State & Find County
Enter a Zip Code & Find Place
Expedia.com Maps 
Getty Thesaurus Place Names
Goldbug Sitefinder
Google Maps by Zip Code 
Google Maps Historical Boundaries 
Historical County Boundaries Maps
HomeTown Locator
Norman Leventhal Map Collection
United States Digital Maps Library
U. of Minnesota U.S. Map Collection 
USGS Geographic Names System 
World Place Names


Find Living People
Directory Assistance Plus
Find Living People USA
Melissa Search $
Numberway.com (International)
Reference USA 102 Million
Search Bug
People Finder 
Super Pages
Telephone Directories
U.S. Search $
Virtual Gumshoe
White Pages USA

Census Population Growth 1790-1970
Email Search
Find Day of the Week
Genealogy Electronic Citation Guide
Genealogy Search Advice 
Guide to Grammar and Style 
How Many In Your Tree?
Relationship Chart
Scanning Images for Archival Use 
Surname Variations 
The Soundex Machine
This Day in History
Time Line Generator
Online Translation Tools
Vital Records Assistant
The Wayback Machine Archive
What Type of e-File is it?


Dates and Currency
Calendar Conversions
Currency Converter
Current Value of Old Money
Inflation Calculator


Funeral Home Directory
(NY) Rochester City Directories 
(OH) Cincinnati City Directories 1819-1934 
(PA) Pittsburgh City Directories 1815-1945 
Periodical Source Index (PERSI) $
U.S. Catholic Parish Directory
U.S. Roman Catholic Parish Locator

Definitions & Encyclopedias
Abbreviations in Genealogy
Bouvier Law Dictionary
Tools & Implements of Old
Occupations Cyndi's List
Archaic Medical Terms
Copyright Law Chart
Copyright & Genealogy
1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

Name Research
Surname Search
Surname Springboard
GenForum Boards
Surname Helper
Surname Profiler (Great Britain)
Surname Finder
Meanings of First Names
Top First Names 1880-1997


Court, Estate and
Probate Records

Connecticut Colonial Records 
Colorado Court and Probate Records 
Delaware Probates 1680-1925
(IL) Carroll County Probate
Login ID is probate / Password is cccc
Maine Probate Records 1640-1760 $
Massachusetts Essex County Wills
New Hampshire Probates 1635-1753
New York Wills 
North Carolina Wills 1760-1800 $
Pennsylvania Foreign Oaths of Allegiance $
Pennsylvania State Archives $
Texas Probate Records to 1940s
Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish in Virginia
State Statutes Online


Naturalization, Passport, & Passenger Lists
Alaska Alien Arrivals 1906-1956
BYU Immigrant Ancestors 
British Isles Departures 1890-1960 $
California Passengers & Crew 1893-1957 $ 
California Naturalizations 1887-1949 $
Canadian Border Crossings 1895-1956 $
Canadian Immigration 1925-1935
Canadian Immigration
Ellis Island Immigration
Ellis Island Advanced
Ellis Island History
(DE) Baden Immigration 1866-1911 $
(DE) Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934 $ 
(DE) Hamburg Handwritten Indexes 1855-1934 $ 
(FL) Miami Alien Arrivals 1930-1942 $ 
German Emigrants Database $
Great Migration: New England 1620-1633 $
(HI) Honolulu Passengers 1900-1953 $
Indiana Naturalizations pre-1951
Irish Famine Immigrants
(LA) New Orleans Passengers 1820-1945 $ 
(LA) New Orleans Naturalizations 1838-1861 $
(MD) Maryland US District Naturalizations 1906-1930 $
(MD) Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1948 $
Massachusetts Crew Lists 1917-1943 $ 
(MA) Massachusetts Naturalizations 1906-1929 $
(MA) Boston Passenger Lists 1820-1948 $
Mexico Border Crossings 1903-1957 $
Michigan Naturalizations 1837-1903 
Michigan Passenger and Crew Lists 1903-1965 $
(MI) Detroit Border Crossings 1905-1957 $
Minnesota Naturalizations 1854-1957 $
Moravian Immigrants Database 
Morton Allan Steamship Arrivals 1890 to 1930 
(MO) St. Louis Naturalization 1816-1906
(NY) Albany Naturalizations 1821-1906
New York's Castle Garden
New York's Castle Garden Advanced
(NY) Brooklyn Naturalizations
(NY) Eastern District Naturalizations 1865-1956 
(NY) Emigrant Savings Bank $
(NY) Naturalization Petitions Index $
New York Co. Declaration of Intent 1907-1924 $
New York Co. Naturalization Petitions 1907-1924 $
(NY) Passenger Lists 1820-1957 $
(NY) Irish Arrivals 1846-1851 $
(NY) Southern District Naturalizations 1906-1959
North Dakota Naturalizations
(OH) Summit County Naturalizations
Oregon Passenger & Crew 1888-1957 $
Philadelphia Naturalizations 1789-1880 $
(PA) Philadelphia Passengers 1800-1945 $ 
(PA) Early Immigrants 1680s-1726 
(PA) Naturalizations Eastern District 1795-1930 $ 
(PA) Naturalization Middle District 1906-1930 $
(PA) Naturalizations Western District 1820-1930 $
(PA) Naturalizations Western Circuit 1820-1911 $
(PA) Palatine Immigrants
Rootsweb Passenger Lists
Ships Transcriber Guild
(TX) Galveston 1896-1948 $
(TX) Galveston 1844-1951
Utah Naturalizations 
United Kingdom Departures 1890-1921 $
(United States) Passenger Lists 1500-1900 $
U.S. Passport Applications 1795-1925 $ 
U.S. Naturalization Records Indexes 1794-1995 $
Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666 $
(WA) Seattle Passengers and Crew 1882-1957 $
Wisconsin Crew Lists 1925-1969 $

Order Passenger Lists $ X
The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives 

Native American and Ethnic Sites
 (Native) Abenaki Indians Western Maine
(Native) American Indian Tribe Directory
(Native) AccessGenealogy Native Links
(Native) Cyndi's List Native American Links
(Native) Family Tree Magazine Native American Links
(Native) Genealogy Branches Native American Links
(Native) Rootsweb Native American Sources 
(Native) U.S. Native American Censuses 1885-1940 

 African American Sites
African American Genealogy 
Digital Library American Slavery 1775-1867 
(IL) Emancipation Records 1722-1863 
(VA) Unknown No Longer

Jewish Sites
American Jewish Joint Distribution
Jewish Given Names Dbase 
Jews in Colonial America 1650-1850 $
Jewish Shoah Foundation Holocaust Survivors 
Jewish Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial 
Jewish Servicemen Questions 1918-1921 $
Jewish Servicemen Cards 1942-1947 $
(NY) Hebrew Orphan Asylum 1860-1934 $
(NY) Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum 1878-1969 
World Memory Project

Tons o' Links Sites
Cyndi's List
About.com Genealogy Links


 DNA Databases
FamilyTree DNA
Sorenson Molecular Foundation
Cyndi's List of DNA Sites


Cemetery Sites
African American Cemeteries
(CA) California Los Angeles Burials 
(CA) Early South California Burials 
(KY) Kentucky Cemetery Database
(MA) Jewish Cemetery Association 
(MN) Minnesota Veterans Graves Index
 (NY) Green-wood Cemetery Brooklyn, early-1873
(NY) Green-wood Cemetery Brooklyn 1850-Present
(NY) Mount Zion Maspeth Queens 
(OH) Dayton Woodland Cemetery 
(OH) Gravestones Project 
  (RI) Rhode Island Cemeteries
(MO) St. Louis Missouri Catholic Burials
  (SD) South Dakota Cemetery Records pre-1940
(TX) Texas State Cemetery 
  (UT) Utah State Cemetery Records 
(WI) Brown and Oconto Cemeteries
(WI) Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries 
Cemetery Interment Lists
Find A Grave
National Cemeteries War Veterans
Nationwide Gravesite Locator Veterans
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Sons of the Confederate Army Graves
Tombstone Transcription Project
United States Veterans



Census Sites
U.S. Censuses 1790-1930 $ 
U.S. Native American Censuses 1885-1940 
Census Online Directory
USGenWeb Census
USGenWeb Census Transcriptions
U.S. 1890 Census Substitute $
California Voter's Lists 1900-1960 $
Colorado State Census 1885 $
Florida State Census 1885 $ 
Florida State Census 1885 
Florida State Census 1935
Florida State Census 1945  
Georgia Military Census 1864 $
Iowa State Census 1885 $
Iowa State Census 1895 $
Kansas State Census 1855-1915 $ 
Massachusetts State Census 1855 
Massachusetts State Census 1865 
Michigan 1870 Federal Census
Minnesota State Census 1849-1905 $ 
Minnesota City Directories 1859-1917 
Mississippi State Census 1792-1866 $
Missouri State Census Collection 1844-1881 $
Nebraska State Census 1885 $
Nevada 1860-1920 Federal Census
Nevada State Census 1875 $ 
New Jersey State Census 1885 (partial)
New Jersey State Census 1895 $
New York State Census 1865
New York State Census 1892
North Dakota 1885 State Census 
Oklahoma State Census 1890 $
Oklahome State Census 1907 $
(PA) Pittsburgh 1850-1880 
Rhode Island State Census 1915
South Dakota Census 1885 $ X
South Dakota Census 1895 $ X 
South Dakota Census 1905 
South Dakota Census 1915
South Dakota Census 1925
Wisconsin State Census 1855 
Wisconsin State Census 1875  
Wisconsin State Census 1885 
Wisconsin State Census 1895 
Wisconsin State Census 1895 and 1905 $ 
Order U.S. Census 1790-1930 X
U.S. Census Mortality 1850-1880 $

Inmates, Homicides, Coroners
IL Cook County Coroner's Inquests 1872-1911
IL Chicago Homicides 1870-1930
Colorado State Penitentiary 1871-1973
Missouri Coroner's Inquests 1842-1932


Slavery, Servitude
Illinois Servitude & Emancipation 1722-1863
Illinois Slavery Era Insurance Policies Registry 
New Orleans 1818-1839 Inward Slave Manifests
Slavery Era Insurance Registry
Slave Registers of British Colonies 1812-1834 $
Slave Narratives $
The Freedmen's Bureau
St. Louis Missouri Freedom Suits


Army Medals of Honor
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors 
Ancestry's Civil War Collection $ 
Civil War Pension Index $
Civil War Wisconsin Volunteers 
Civil War Confederate AL $ 
Civil War Confederate Amnesty Papers $ 
Civil War Confederate TX $ 
Civil War Confederate VA $
Colorado Civil War Veterans 
Colorado Military Records and Pensions 
Confederate Pension Applications TX
Confederate Pension Applications FL
Confederate Pension Applications VA
Illinois Civil War Vets 
New York Military and Naval Records
West Virginia Union Civil War Soldiers
Ancestry's Military Records $
Korean War Missing Personnel
Nebraska Civil War Vets
Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants $
Ancestry's Rev War Pension Index $
Rev War Pension Index X
Revolutionary War Pension Records X 
Revolutionary War Pension Records $
Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions $ 
Utah Mormon Battalion Pension Files $
Vietnam Missing Personnel
War of 1812 Muster Rolls $
War of 1812 Muster Rolls Ohio (down)
War of 1812 Muster Rolls Virginia
War of 1812 Marines & Navy 
Military & Academy Cadet Applications 1805-1908
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
WWI Military Service Missouri
WWII Draft Registration 1942 $
WWII Honor Roll
WWII Service Records 
United Kingdom Military Records 

Newspapers, Obituaries & Biographies
(AZ) Mesa Obituaries
(AL) Augusta Archives 1858-2000
Arizona Biographies
California Digital Newspapers
(CA) San Francisco Directories
(CA) LA Times Obituary Search 1988-2004 (down)
(CA) LA Library History Index
Colorado Denver Obituary Index
Colorado Historic News 1859-1923 
(CT) Fairfield Citizen Obits 1985-2004 
(CT) Norwalk Hour Vital Records 1983-2007 
(CT) Ridgefield Press Obits 1875-2005 
(CT) Wilton Bulletin Obits 1937-2005 
District of Columbia 1854-1996
Florida Heritage Books Online
Georgia Historic Newspapers 
Georgia Historic Newspapers 2
(GA) Atlanta Constitution 1868-1929 
(IL) Chicago Tribune 
(IN) Biography Index pre-1990  
(IN) Indianapolis Newspaper 1848-1991 
(IN) Logansport Newspaper 1848-1855 
(IN) Marion County Newspaper 1925-1945 (down)
(IN) New Albany 1849-1889
(IN) Valparaiso Obits 1967-1994 
(IN) Vincennes Newspaper 1804-1827
(LA) Biography and Obituary Index 1804-1972
(LA) New Orleans Obits 1978-present 
(MD) Washington County 1860-1865
Michigan Biographical Index
Michigan County Histories 
Michigan Saginaw News Obits 1860-
Michigan Southwest Obituaries to 2000 
(MO) Jefferson County Index 1866-1931
Nebraska Obits 
(NE) Omaha Obituaries 
New Jersey Burlington Mirror 1818-
New York Brooklyn Daily 1841-1902 
(NY) Northern New York Newspapers 
North Dakota Biographies 
Ohio Cleveland Obits 1833-1975
(OH) Cleveland Obits 1975-now
Ohio County Biographies
(OH) Columbus Dispatch Obit Index 
(OH) Hancock County Obituaries 
 (OH) Louisville Obit Index
(OH) Northwest Obit Index
Oregon Index 1985-1995 
Oregon Obituaries
(PA) Scrapbook of Necrology (Civil War Obits) 
(PA) Altoona Blair Co. Obits 1932-Present
(PA) Butler County Obits 1818-2000 
(PA) Pittsburgh Jewish News 1934-1962 
(SD) South Dakota Biographical Index 
Utah Digital Newspapers
Virginia Old Obituaries
Virginia Fairfax County News 1785-2000
(VA) Richmond Daily Dispatch 1860-1865 
Virginia Gazette 1736-1780
(VA) Jamestown Biographies
Washington State Obituaries 
(WA) State Newspapers 1850-1890
(WA) Port Townsend 1903-1910
(WI) Wisconsin History & Biographies
(WI) Wisconsin Obituaries and More 
(WI) Marshfield Newspaper Index 1882-2007 
(WI) Waushara Obituaries 1864-2005 
(WI) Monroe County Obits 1855-1960 
Wyoming Newspapers 1867-1930

Ancestry's Collection of Obituaries $
Ancestry's Historical Newspapers $
American Jewish Biographies 
Chronicling America 1900-1910 
Directory of Newspapers 
FamilySearch Books 
Google News Archive
Marquis Who's Who 
Newspaper Archive 
Obituaries by State 
Obituary Daily Times
Obituary Links 
Physicians and Surgeons Obituaries 
U.S. Newspapers Online 
U.S. Newspaper Archives 


Reading RR Records 1883-1964
Locating Railroad Records


Photo and Yearbook Archives
Ancestry.com Yearbook Collection

Dead Fred
Ancient Faces
Family Old Photos
Ancestor Archive

Library Catalogs  
BYU Online Collections 
DAR Library
Family History Library 
FamilySearch Online Books
Google Books
(IN) Allen County Public Library 
Internet Archive
Librarians' Internet Index
Libraries of Europe
Library of Congress
Library of Virginia
Libweb - Library Servers Online
Making of America Library Search
Maryland State Archives
NARA Archival Information Locator
Public Libraries of U.S.
United Kingdom Archives Catalogue
Utah Local Library Catalog
World Cat

State and Federal Archives
Illinois Archives Databases
Maryland Archives
NARA Archival Databases
Oregon Archives
State Archives Directory
State Government Websites Directory
Washington State Digital Archive




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