Preservation of Your Family's History and Memories

Remember your family's get togethers … the aroma of grandma's home cooking filling the air, colorful relatives, old family stories and traditions? 

Will history remember? 

In earlier times, families lived very near to one another - they worked, laughed, and cried together. They had plenty of time in each other's company with which to share stories of how grandparents, great-grandparents and all those who came before worked to make life better and safer for them. Stories of your ancestors' pioneer persistence, military muster, and flight from fear and poverty in the old country deserve to be known and cherished by all. You are intimately connected to these peoples' lives. Who were your ancestors? What was their heritage? Do you share their strengths, their passion or their physical traits? 

There are several ways to honor and learn more about those who came before you - to find, preserve and publish your family history for generations to come ... Put the ProGenealogists team to work researching, preserving, and publishing your family history!

ProGenealogists is a full-service genealogical research, writing, multi-media, and publication company. We're in a unique position to assist you, as needed, with every step in the process from conception through the stages of research, writing, editing, layout, production, and even distribution. Our team can write a family history for you, interview your parents or grandparents, or compile your family's photos into book or DVD format.

We would be happy to create a lasting memorial about your family - one that can be shared by descendants, relatives, friends and even associates, as desired. Our trained associates will work with you and your budget. We are here to help you preserve your family history.

More Details

Regardless of the nature of the final product, you and your family will want to plan on have some genealogical, biographical, and historical research included. This information will lend to completeness to any family history, and helps your descendants place the family's history in context with the rest of history, in proper historical and social settings.

In order to help you further in making decisions appropriate to your family’s needs, one of our associates would like to visit briefly with you by phone at no cost or obligation to you. This would allow us to better determine if and how our services can fit your family’s needs.

If you are interested in any of our media or publishing services, please feel free to contact us for a free evaluation at 800-596-3230. You may also request an evaluation online. Please be certain to leave your telephone number and best time to contact you. This is the type of service that will be customized to your needs.


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That was fabulous research ... equals the first one you did for me in information and the find of the newspapers brought some of the people to real life. It was particularly great! ... Thanks again for some of the MOTHER LODE here.…(more)


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