Danish Parishes

The country of Denmark is divided into various levels of jurisdiction. The parish and county levels are the most often referred to and used in research. However, a district level also exists. The basic hierarchy can be defined as follows: parish-district-county-country. The parish is the basis for recordings of birth, marriage, death, moving-in/out, and other similar information. The district is usually necessary when researching probate records after 1793. The counties house the parishes and districts, and is the first primary jurisdiction when utilizing a library catalog. County boundaries and names changed in 1793, so caution must be taken when searching military levy rolls and other records involving this jurisdiction and time period.

This site houses a complete alphabetical listing of all of the parishes in Denmark showing the district, different county names, different military levy districts, and date the earliest church records start for each parish. Eventually links will also be made to the various parishes that have databases or other resources available on the Internet. If you know of a good link to a parish resource, let me know. The following links can be used to access this register:


County Abbreviations


AN = Assens KR = Kronborg SO = Sorø
AS = Antvorskov KS = Korsør SP = Svendstrup
BH = Bornholm LN = Lundenæs SS = Sejlstrup
BL = Børglum MB = Maribo ST = Storstrøm
BV = Bøvling MG = Mariager SV = Svendborg
DB = Dronningborg MN = Møen SÆ = Sæbygaard
DH = Dueholm NB = Nyborg  = Sønderborg
DX = Draxholm NJ = Nordjylland TD = Tønder
FB = Frederiksborg NK = Nykøbing TK = Tranekær
FY = Fyn OD = Odense (Odensegaard before 1794) TS = Thisted
HA = Hald PR = Præstø TV = Tryggevælde
HB = Holbæk RB = Ribe (Riberhus before 1794) VB = Viborg
HD = Haderslev RD = Randers VD = Vordingborg
HG = Haureballegaard RK = Ringkøbing VS = Vestsjælland
HH = Hirtsholm RO = Roskilde VL = Vejle
HJ = Hjørring RU = Rugård VV = Vestervig
HL = Hindsgavl RS = Ringsted ØR = Ørum
HS = Halsted SB = Skanderborg ÅB = Åbenrå
JP = Jægerspris SG = Silkeborg ÅH = Ålholm
KA = Kalø SH = Stjernholm ÅK = Åkær
KB = København (Copenhagen) SJ = Sønderjylland ÅL = Ålborg (Aalborghus before 1794)
KH = Koldinghus SK = Skivehus ÅR = Århus
KL = Kalundborg SL = Schleswig/Slesvig ÅS = Åstrup

A = County 1660-1794
B = County 1794-1970
C = County 1970-Present

NOTE: Cities were their own jurisdiction and were not generally part of a district (herred). The cities, BH, and SL were also exempt from military conscription, so no military levy district number is listed for them. SL-Holstein had good military conscription rolls after 1864, kept according to the German pattern. For maps showing the county borders at different times, see the maps page of this site.

Because of the size of this file, we have divided the parishes into smaller files which can be accessed through the following links. Links to databases and other information on the internet will be linked to these lists from time to time. 

A-B  ,  C-E  ,  F-G  ,  H  ,  I-K  ,  L-N  ,  O-R  ,  Sa-Sk  ,  Sl-Så  ,  T-U  ,  V  ,  Y-Å


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